October 10th, 2010 | 339 Entries

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339 Entries for “sunlight”

  1. I hate mornings, with the sun shining through the partially open blinds. The sun sets on my side of the house, of course, and often I forget to shut the blinds in reverse to prevent sunlight from sneaking in. Throughout the day the sun will move across the sky, until its shining through the uncovered window above the front door that I cannot reach even with a ladder. I don’t hate the sun, but it’s pretty darn close.

    By Eavan URL on 10.12.2010

  2. Colours of a setting sun fill my heart with what I can’t explain. An immaculate stain, a compliment that complements my soul, exchanging dull for beautiful, exposed, bathed, enslaved by this bright sunlight – the edge of a knife: delight in this poet’s plight.

    By SheRhymes on 10.12.2010

  3. shining , whispering in the trees , running down the gutters . How i cannot save anyone anymore , please take me away to see the sunlight . I had enough
    no more
    please sunlight
    no more

    By trixieangel1995 URL on 10.12.2010

  4. There is something about the sun that makes me sneeze, I don’t know why, I only know I sneeze. Maybe it is detoxifying, and in rebellion my nose excretes the excess nothing that has taken residence in my nostril cavities.

    By J Black URL on 10.12.2010

  5. bright light summer its the coast we are married yes i love you touch me and we are together, now and for always will you love me forever? can we come here again will i remember this time Jordan you are mine and i am yours i will be better for you.

    By Sydney on 10.12.2010

  6. Makes flowers grow and puts color in my cheeks. I get depressed when there is a lack of it in the winter. Sunlight makes my dogs lazy.

    By Linda Rogers on 10.12.2010

  7. The girl walked like a ghost through the field of flowers, daisies and purple wildflowers brushing against her legs, and her golden hair was radiant. Like a halo, the sunlight shone in the strands and gave her an ethereal look, to match the silent gaze from grey eyes.

    By Shona on 10.12.2010

  8. The sunlight brushes my hair and cheeks as I walk, caressing me in its warmth. The day had not been good, but the sun warmed my soul.

    By Adria URL on 10.12.2010

  9. It’s warm. A perfect shade of bright white tinted with yellow making you smile. That’s the color of sunlight. Warm and smiling.

    By Kristina on 10.12.2010

  10. We carry around items. Phone. Wallet. Keys. Pens. These items serve a purpose and allow us to be as functional as possible. What we must learn to carry, more often than we do now, are the less-tangible items. Sunlight. Perspective. Confidence. These can help as much as things that will fit in your cargo pants.

    By Manata URL on 10.12.2010

  11. my life is nothing compared to sunlight. In my world i have darkness not sunlight. Sunlight doesn’t linger into my window to ask if i can play.It creeps the other corner because it knows darkness is at bay.

    By The Blondester(; URL on 10.12.2010

  12. sunlight lets me feel alive.

    By grace on 10.12.2010

  13. i already wrote a sentence about sunlight and i can’t move on to the next word until i write another one. so here i am, writing about sunlight once again.

    By sicknasty URL on 10.12.2010

  14. you need to put up a new word already

    By amber URL on 10.12.2010

  15. GOSH DARN IT. WHY ISN’T THERE A NEW WORD?!?! Sunlight has been up for 2 days. This site used to update so quickly with each new day. It is so slow now. I don’t have any more to day.

    By Teeps URL on 10.12.2010

  16. I would like a new word.
    I need a new word.
    I have know idea what else to write about sunlight.

    By amber URL on 10.12.2010

  17. the way it peels over my skin, how the grass turns warm during the summer
    she was always barefeet, always
    in those dresses and such, with her hair pulled back and her skin turning darker
    i wish I could remember all of those things I promised her I would

    By Jessica on 10.12.2010

  18. What else can I say about sunlight.
    It’s sun and it’s light.

    By amber URL on 10.12.2010

  19. sunlight comes fro the sun which is in the sky which is higher than the sky is outer space where nothing but what is nothing? there HAS to be something there cant just be nothing.

    By Emma on 10.12.2010