October 9th, 2010 | 114 Entries

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114 Entries for “chatter”

  1. The cacophony of voices fills my head, the swish of the long blue robes as tears are sniffed back behind board caps, and we are left alone for a moment to ponder the fact that it’s all over. Nothing joins us all together now, except that a love that will fade in years to come. Seasons will change, people will grow and one day we might forget this bittersweet happiness that comes with this next stage of life.

    By JMac URL on 10.10.2010

  2. Chatter is words. They come out of people’s mouthes and are sometiems annoying because they chatter too much and they don’t stop talking for like FOREVER!

    By Holly Finlay on 10.10.2010


    Sometimes I wonder if she’s retarded.
    If she were a channel, she’d be the ‘Chatter Channel’.
    If she were a TV show, it’d be called ‘Chatter Away’.

    You should go to and check what Sharu means.
    Chatter would probably show up.
    …Or Shah Rukh Khan.

    By Thong ;D on 10.10.2010

  4. In my head, the chatter never stops. I long for a moment of silence. True silence allowing me to breath in and truly enjoy the beautiful world around me.

    By M on 10.10.2010

  5. Rumbling, thunder, loud claps, fiercely searing laughter, all evaporated to but a whisper when the inner me stepped in.

    By Irene A. on 10.10.2010

  6. meaningless words that spew forth from the mouths of people not really invested in the conversation but just making things up out of boredome.

    By Vicky on 10.10.2010

  7. she slammed the wooden ruler into the depths of the whiteboard, sending a reverberation of wood-against-board thunder across the incessant chattering of the students. they were not shaken, however, and hurling her ruler at the nearest boy, she stormed out, not returning because she wasn’t as forgiving as the last one.

    By GOSHYOUSMELLBAD URL on 10.10.2010

  8. A melhor, mais eficiente e a mais completa e correta aliança de companhias aéreas.

    By JOAO PAIVA FILHO on 10.10.2010

  9. Chatter is something that she did nonstop. Morning, noon, and night she would whisper or giggle into my ear, and I would roll my eyes so she knew I didn’t care about any of it.

    By TLC on 10.10.2010

  10. On and on she went until I thought she’d run out of oxygen. Does she ever let up? I wondered. Still could be worse, could be the silent treatment.

    By lorraine URL on 10.10.2010

  11. When one goes on ad on.

    By Art Opfer on 10.10.2010

  12. Fuck chat.
    Only friends,
    or nice peoples,
    from time to time,
    but not
    too much,
    Take away labbering.

    By Barbara25 URL on 10.10.2010

  13. i hear chatter around me ,
    life goes on
    i miss you when the words travel around my ears and that when i ssee you my life spins around the chatter
    please dont leave me
    the chatter keeps me sane
    beyond the insanity

    By trixieangel1995 URL on 10.10.2010

  14. She didn’t know what to do.
    Everywhere this. Just, a permanent chitter.chatter surrounding her.
    It was better than the other option though, she supposed. She wasn’t very fond of silence.

    By Alex F on 10.10.2010

  15. your endless chatter about how much you don’t love me,could,in fact,never care for me,and why oh why don’t i don’t cum to rescue you,is sooo wearisome to me.but if i die before you,you will go boo hoo hoo and whoa is me..what a drama queen.i say fuck you if you cry when i die

    By i bet you think this song is about you on 10.10.2010

  16. Wrote about chatter yesterday. What else about it: noice, verbal clutter, chitter-chatter,

    By Jane URL on 10.10.2010

  17. I do not indulge in chatter. Every single word I use is carefully chosen and everything I say is done as succinctly and as briefly as possible to give me more time to spend writing great things.

    By Kitty Littertray URL on 10.10.2010

  18. Chatter is everywhere. you hear it on the bus, on the street, in the store, at school. Its impossible to escape in public. why does it make me feel so alone?

    By Miranda Kaiser URL on 10.10.2010

  19. People talking with each other, it’s really cold right now so my teeth are chattering.

    By mariacariza URL on 10.10.2010

  20. my useless chatter has turned me into a used up bitter old man…i refuse to do it anymore…yeah,yeah,yeah,just like the last umpteenth times…how did you you turn me into did i turn into this…not anymore..i will love admire forgive accept guide befriend..the bitterness insude me..i spit out

    By i bet you think this song is about you on 10.10.2010

  21. she couldn’t stop. the questions were just a part of her soul.
    he wanted to limit her.
    like a child playing a game, to 20 a day.
    but, that would be like asking the sky not to rain, or like a dog to stop wagging its tail.

    By Peter Kendall on 10.10.2010

  22. He puts his hands to his ears, trying to drown out the chatter within his head, but only managing to create a weird sort of echo. “What IS this?” he groans, squeezing his eyes shut and hoping the voices will go away soon.

    By Julia A. URL on 10.10.2010

  23. She kept up with her useless chatter for hours during the excursion. In the back of the line, her obnoxious voice carried forward through the small army. So, I asked her what her name was. “Prattle!” she exclaimed.

    By Janna Oakfellow-Pushee URL on 10.10.2010

  24. people tlking and ppl wondering what other people r talking about. loud noises from ppl. non stop talking, yelling, shouting, whispering. baseball games. football games. sports in general. ppl are shouting and confused. ppl alking over one another.

    By jessica on 10.10.2010

  25. She’s a chitter chatter-er. It makes me mad at her. I can’t pay attention, she’s like the mad hatter.

    By Moira URL on 10.10.2010

  26. When I here this, I think of nails on a chalk board. The sound of “those” girls giggling away, and me on the outside- trying to get in. Trying to be a part of it, but never getting there.

    By Olga on 10.10.2010

  27. Your chatter is endlessly offering nothing. Shoosh. Hear that? It’s wisdom whispering, and you’re missing it.

    By TheBess on 10.10.2010

  28. All the waiters, hostesses and bartenders need to be going crazy pretty soon. The eyes going around and around the room. Listening, smiling to pathetic little lives.

    By Ian MacMenamin URL on 10.10.2010

  29. chatter. you hear a lot of it everywhere. it happens all the time about everybody. normal people, celebrities. it’s all bullshit.

    By Scott on 10.10.2010

  30. shut up, I wish you would shut the fuck up.
    it’s always like this. after a fight, you’ll say something. go too far, or I will. and then you won’t shut the fuck up. you just keep talking and talking about shit all.
    learn to apologise, tell me I’m a dick, I don’t care.
    just shut the fuck up.

    By Sammy URL on 10.10.2010

  31. i heard the chatter coming from the bathroom. what the hell do they do in there? why share a moment in a place that smells of piss and spilt beer?

    By shane patrick on 10.10.2010

  32. People who talk too much really do annoy me. I guess it shouldn’t because i talk a lot, myself, but that is clearly not the point. I know when it is time to be quiet.

    By Ciara on 10.10.2010

  33. People chatter. Chattering is talking. People talk. Sometimes a lot. I like to chatter sometimes. To myself even. The end.

    By shane on 10.10.2010

  34. All this false chatter
    You try to use to
    Poison my ears
    Just to change my opinion
    But the truth to me
    Is so clear

    By Just Jes URL on 10.10.2010