October 12th, 2010 | 206 Entries

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206 Entries for “flannel”

  1. flannel shirts are pretty beast.
    you wash them and they soon go sailing in the wind.
    Loggers wear them as the yodel through the woods
    and cute boys wear them while flirting with girls

    By The Blondester(; URL on 10.13.2010

  2. I hate using flannels, they’re kinda gross but practical I guess. When I was little I thought the word flannel was one of those words that my mum made up that no other families used. Flannel shirts are in style these days I guess, I bet they’re soft. Can I have one? Please?

    By Rosie on 10.13.2010

  3. A fan fanned the damp flannel. It flapped as it hung from the racks. For real.

    By Asterios Polyp URL on 10.13.2010

  4. For Christmas 2007 I bought my father a think flannel outdoor jacket to wear when he brings in wood. I was very excited because I knew he would use it for a long time. and he would think fo me. That was our last christmas together. He died that April. I was 18 years old. I don’t know where the jacket is now but I know one day I will find it and I will cry. Thinking of the last Christmas gift I gave my father.

    By Emily URL on 10.13.2010

  5. His favorite shirt was flannel.

    By scrimmie URL on 10.13.2010

  6. His favorite shirt was flannel. I sometimes wondered if he loved it more than me.

    By scrimmie URL on 10.13.2010