January 30th, 2014 | 84 Entries

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84 Entries for “struggle”

  1. conflict-continue-succeed-manage-alive-hope-acheive

    By soso on 01.30.2014

  2. “Why don’t you look? You know you want to look for trouble,” I say. Like Chester the dog, I dance excited beside him as he walks a furious pace, his head down, his ego forever wounded from looking for trouble before and finding me. Silly sod. I dangle the topaz sparkles of trouble just inside his peripheral. I see his eye strain toward it, struggling to turn the whole of him toward it, but he will not. “Come on,” I plead, dead serious, “I will be nice this time…”

    By Miss Alister URL on 01.30.2014

  3. Twisting and turning, she lost her way. Disoriented she stumbled, struggling just to stay on her feet. The wind was calling her name, but she couldn’t quite make it to the shore.

    By esky1118 on 01.30.2014

  4. Water filled his lungs and he choked. His legs kicked wildly in every direction, not knowing where up was. Words flashed through his mind. Drowning. Water. Burning. Struggle. He was blind and deaf and mute. He was exhausted and fading fast.

    By The Lovely Love Lii URL on 01.30.2014

  5. Struggle is nothing but one of my journeys in life.
    I can over come any struggle. It can not stop me.

    By Yolanda Carter on 01.30.2014

  6. learning to deal with problems in life is what keeps us living. struggle may rhyme with snuggle,but it is nowhere near the same thing. what we do with the problem is much more important and significant than the problem itself.

    By jim dale on 01.30.2014

  7. i’ve been wrestling with how to forget you and how to be okay with forgetting you. of course i need to, of course i want to leave it behind. i know it will be better then. but once i do i will have lost connection with you completely. it’s necessary, i know. but part of me doesn’t want to

    By Yasmine on 01.30.2014

  8. Jesse rushed forward to steady Karen- she was struggling to move the heavy boxes on the top shelf and almost toppled over trying to get them.

    By Vivian on 01.30.2014

  9. The alarm goes off
    the cold light of the morning
    shines through my blinds,
    frost forms ice flakes on glass
    windows and I struggle
    to get out of bed.

    By Emily URL on 01.30.2014

  10. Drew touched her shoulder, still struggling to understand what Olivia had just said. Three years of marriage, happy years in his opinion, and she’d just asked for a divorce? No, that wasn’t going to happen. “Listen, I’m sorry…if there’s anything I can do…”

    “Drew…” She turned to face him, blue eyes filled with fresh tears. She pushed a few strands of blonde hair from her face and breathed in deeply. “Just leave me alone, okay?

    Without another word, she shrugged off his hand and walked away. And out of his life.

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 01.30.2014

  11. He struggled to the surface, breaking it with a terrible roar. He flailed, desperate to feel the air in his lungs again. All he wanted was Chex mix. He wanted it so desperatelythat he couldn’t feel anything else.

    By Doug on 01.30.2014

  12. I struggle and struggle, but the plastic zip-tie around my wrists doesn’t give up even a millimeter of space. Looks as though I’ll be stuck here until the police arrive to save me or find my body.

    By Mexichick on 01.30.2014

  13. The struggle of black people, starting from slavery. The hard labor hours, the whippings across our flesh, the abuse, rape, and humiliation. The struggle of having to be separated from our families, to be forced to an unfamiliar country. The struggle of escaping through dangerous parts with slave catchers on the hunt, trying to find food and shelter. The struggle of adapting to a different society, to make something of ourselves.

    By Suhailah URL on 01.30.2014

  14. I’m struggling with my own reflection tonight
    once again, you’d say, stop staring at your fears;
    But I’m not who I should be, I reply, and I look in the mirror.

    There is always something wrong
    in my red dyed hair,
    in my green and pale eyes,
    in my trembling fingertips,
    in my soft hips,
    in my noisy head,
    in my empty heart.

    There is always
    which is
    escaping me.

    By gargouillis on 01.30.2014

  15. theres plenty of it. but if you are persistent, you’ll prevail. it somtimes shapes who are and what we become in the future. it makes us resilient

    By terry URL on 01.30.2014

  16. The two struggle to get the chain off the gate, and as it swings open, an unprecedented burst of cold air as thick as ice sweeps over them, nearly freezing the snot in their noses. Chuck sneezes loudly, grabbing his torch and waving it in front of his face. Tricia stands back, wide-eyed, staring at the scene.



    “I don’t think someone’s lived on this property for a very, very long time.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.30.2014

  17. struggling to pull myself up i weighed the pros and cons of just letting go. if i let go you see, i will fall to my death. but if i keep trying to pull myself up i can live. i was stuck because there was no possible way i could pull myself up alone.

    By dj on 01.30.2014

  18. Many people don’t know what it is to struggle in life. How it feels. How it affects you. The depression, anxiety, stress, and the emotional roller coaster it sends you on. Many people will not feel this in their life time, but i do. and i cant anymore.

    By DJ on 01.30.2014

  19. The rope bit into her wrists as she squirmed, trying to bite through the heavy cloth around her mouth to scream. Blood began to run down her fingers as she rubbed them against the rope, but she needed to be free, she had to escape, or she’ll die.

    By Juliet on 01.30.2014

  20. The struggle to see the top was immense. The fog was covering the mountain top, but our guide had said it wwas only a couple miles away. We had to be close. At the top we could somehow call for help. There had to be some kind of radio tower up there. Something, anything, that could save us

    By Fiona on 01.30.2014

  21. Struggle for air, gasping and pounding the water as if it were a body that could bleed if only you hit it hard enough.

    Struggle for consciousness with the cold overpowering everything else, numbing limbs and pain and everything you should be feeling but just can’t.

    Struggle against the blackness, until it overcomes him and-

    By emma-lee on 01.30.2014

  22. There was always a glint in his eye. A moment that hasnever left him. He can only be a person of being and never of what others see him. He cannot be anything els. Why then try. I havenot got any ideas for this man….you could say I am struggling with his struggles. I suppoose that is a cliche at themoments. What could be the

    By Serife Halil on 01.30.2014

  23. It was such a struggle; trying to get Miley off that damn wrecking ball, that is. She was too busy singing about her troubles that she had lost her clothes and was convinced that a sledgehammer- a sledgehammer- was her latest boyfriend.

    By Kenzie on 01.30.2014

  24. I struggled to hold my breath. It was horrifying. I couldn’t hold any longer. My head was spinning, my blood turned to ice. I felt faint. Then, I did something terrible. I let out a high-pitched scream.

    By Susie on 01.30.2014

  25. why

    I do not want to

    This makes no sense

    when will it get better?

    this is starting to drive me crazy

    crazy… That’s what they are trying to do… THe whispers and the stares

    the poking and the prodding

    But I won’t let them

    I am stronger

    By aaa on 01.30.2014

  26. ‘”the struggle is real”
    the struggle is not real for you
    you don’t understand
    stop taking our language
    you ignorant cunt

    stop taking our culture
    and using it to look cool
    stop taking our pain
    and making us fools”

    Is this how they really feel?

    By Candice URL on 01.30.2014

  27. Being a teenager, the word struggle means a lot. Finding yourself, what you stand for and who you want to be, and finding someone else so you can be socially acceptable with them. Finishing homework, and balancing time. Doing out of school activities so you can get into a good college. All it really is is a struggle for air.

    By Brigid on 01.30.2014

  28. Carrying out his plan would be not so difficult, the only struggle would be to do it so slowly, and with subtlety so that no one would notice it happening. If people noticed what was going on, they might join in, and that would make it complicated.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.30.2014

  29. despite the bounds on his wrist, he still struggled. He knew fairly well that he wasn’t getting anywhere but he needed to feel like he was trying and maybe, just maybe, if he continued long enough, he’d be free

    By Mei on 01.30.2014

  30. Since he was in highschool he always struggle to feel confident around everyone. Everything seemed out of place for him. Every word, persone, book and even himslef

    By Rob on 01.30.2014

  31. Look I’m done with this struggle and I am done listening to your bullshit. Everything is going to be fine, everything is going to be alright. You are going away my love, and I am done with you no matter what you say. Every morning I had to beg to wake up. All day I pushed back tears and did everything I could to make sure you were alright and okay and someday I pray you will see and understand my struggle. Goodbye

    By Madison on 01.30.2014

  32. She was on the strugglebus, for sure. The line of customers was reaching to the door. Her coworkers were moving at the awkward pace of slow but hurried. And here this lady was, trying to tell her that the way she’d said the order was wrong.

    By transientme URL on 01.30.2014

  33. Struggle. Everyday trudging through the snow–another dream deferred in the darkness of student loan debt.

    By Jackee Orozco-Domoe on 01.30.2014

  34. When time bursts
    my creativity bubble
    zip, zilch
    motivation’s gone
    It’s the standard struggle.

    By thedugong on 01.30.2014

  35. Sometimes, the pressure is much to heavy, as if the world – every stone, every tree, everything – were on my shoulders. To get up is a struggle. Sometimes, I can’t even breathe, to sieve all the poison and toxicity and have a fresh breathe is to much of a struggle. Then, I remember his words, “In this world you will have troubles, though fear not. I have overcome the world!”

    By Jose on 01.30.2014

  36. I struggled to get out of the water. I could feel it’s weight tugging at my legs, my arms, my shoulders, pulling me into its unexplored depths. I could not breathe, I could not think, all I could do was make myself sink deeper. Deeper. Deeper.

    By Ally on 01.30.2014

  37. the struggles of life seem a lot more intense than they actually are. has anyone ever thought that their lives are hard, imagine thinking about the lives of others. the difference between the two is the struggles you stumble upon are imcomparable to the struggles of others

    By Mia S on 01.30.2014

  38. fatigue
    i can’t give up yet
    burning—anerobic i think
    battery flashing, vision flickering

    how are they still moving

    By Beth A on 01.30.2014

  39. To struggle- to struggle is to not know you could have possibly been anywhere better; to wonder if things will have ever change. Or have they even changed at all? Was it all just a mistake, a misconception of what you were feeling?

    By Charlotte Keynes on 01.30.2014

  40. Struggle , its my sir name . Its my pathetic identity , my vintage(dollar store purchased) postcard disgusted to make me look like a world traveler ,yet I do not even have the courage to leave the town of my birth ( they automatically know my lunch order at the diner down the street , so I thought that was enough of a reason to stay ) . It is my shaky signature, written in blood , at the end of a suicide letter that I never intended to send in the first place (or kill myself , I just thought it would make for a good music video in my head to a soundtrack that makes me feel empowered (irony ??) . It is the perfume I wear to an empty and cold bed , even though I am betrothed. It is the song in my head that plays obnoxiously over and over again , like a easy listening sound machine that I can here in the next apartment …all night . Struggle is not for the faint of heart , for it is a mechanism in which makes you stronger than an ox , ready to climb the walls and cry out for all that is holy ……….

    By ashlee , just call me ,,,ashlee on 01.30.2014