January 30th, 2014 | 84 Entries

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84 Entries for “struggle”

  1. You don’t know how it is, the struggle with insanity. It is as if I was frozen, on a bridge, while a man in dark clothing conjured large stones from thin air with a flourish of his hand and placed them slowly into my pockets, with a heavy set half man pushing me inch by inch to the edge.

    By Gaia Serene URL on 01.30.2014

  2. I have struggled a lot today.

    By 190636 URL on 01.30.2014

  3. The meanings fall out of his mouth and the soup garbles on the floor. I mean literally, he can look at what has come out of his mouth pooling around his feet. it’s gross, but also beautiful. Letters hit their mark in words, and then they start to shift around. It’s a lazy puzzle of wordless mush. You really can’t get better than this, he think. You really can’t live life and see all it has to offer the moments.
    Bananas spring to his mind. He wants one. He is not hallucinating. He knows this is for real.

    By Nick Roesler URL on 01.30.2014

  4. I struggle everyday. With money, especially. I like to eat out a lot but I should just buy groceries and cook at home. Healthy stuff, you know. But instead it’s coffee and cookies and cupcakes and things that aren’t really good for me. Struggle to survive. Struggle to maintain the balance. I guess I’m doing okay. I guess everyone struggles in this way. Food is a doozie.

    By Brad on 01.30.2014

  5. “Dahlia and…three, no, four others. There was a struggle,” she said, eyes still trained on the ground. “She fought them here…and then here,” she took another half dozen steps, to where the dirt was upturned a thousand times over. Even I could tell there’d been action here.
    “Then what?” I asked.
    She frowned. “They split off. One after the other. I’m not sure if she followed them or if it was the other way around,” she dropped into a crouch, fingers trailing over the soil. “Either way, they matched footprints,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 01.30.2014

  6. to press the correct buttons
    is it 911 or 119?
    the person that answers seems to know
    more about what’s going on than me.
    i babble around, waving my arms
    How’s the weather there?
    Here there’s plenty of blood on the ground.
    I had to bring an umbrella.

    By Kairn URL on 01.30.2014

  7. It’s no fun when they don’t struggle. Just the thought of a victim that excepts their fate takes all the fun and enjoyment out of it. It’s like their last act of defiance is to ruin my glorious, beautiful moment. Fuck them. I’ll make them struggle. They always do.

    By James Byrne URL on 01.30.2014

  8. This internal struggle, this rigorous blockade of emotions, shutting out life and sound and any external movements you can perceive.
    Your heart thunders its way up through your chest, sears pain and blood into your throat, renders you incapable of comprehensible speech, thought–precise, staggering, glitching fragments pieces of puzzles connected to your brain.

    By Jordan on 01.30.2014

  9. My entire life is a struggle. But hey I guess that’s how it’s supposed to go. And hey, struggle is such a magnificent word that I don’t mind adopting it into my life. Struggle. The word itself sounds like a struggle. Struggle struggle struggle. I’m obviously struggling at writing this.

    By MALau URL on 01.30.2014

  10. whoa..struggle…struggle is hard, …after all, it’s struggle…but struggle can be in growth, change transformation….and it also can teach us about perception, as what we see as struggle could be reframed to something different….maybe not struggle, but freedom, flow, let go, let god

    By Dr. Elizabeth URL on 01.30.2014

  11. what to do where to go?
    trapped and you’re on my mind
    but things are great for you, in time
    maybe they’ll be good for me too
    but why do I go where I do not belong
    pushing towards an answer, wrong, all along

    By Josh Miller on 01.30.2014

  12. People are stupid. We hurt others, because we are hurt or we do not like them but we never think of each other. The day you’ll find a bloodbath in your house, not my fault.

    By edouarda on 01.30.2014

  13. It was an epic struggle; one that no one could have imagined

    By Dora on 01.30.2014

  14. omg i’ve started to hate this word. i don’t think i can even take it seriously enough to write about it in a real way. instead i’ll say:

    words become meaningless if you do not measure them out like gold dust. Like the cure to disease. They are precious for their specificity and uniqueness. If you overuse them…they’re just so many rocks in a riverbed.

    By Yona URL on 01.30.2014

  15. They fought.
    With words, their passion unbound itself,
    as they became tangled up in their lust
    a knot of dialogue
    swarming each other
    like bees
    or moths to a flame
    destructive and insignificant.
    And when their conversation was over,
    There was nothing left in either of them,
    but empty dust
    and each calmly walked away.

    By Siege URL on 01.30.2014

  16. It’s a daily struggle, sometimes, to even just get out of bed in the morning. So she lies upon her wrinkled sheets like a layer of dust, waiting for something to come along and stir her into a frenzy once more.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.30.2014

  17. Everyone in this world are going through struggle. Some struggle for food and some for shelter, some for wealth and some for health.

    By UmaDevi URL on 01.31.2014

  18. My scalp aches for your grasp,
    And my body longs for your domination.
    My mouth waters for your intrusion,
    And my skin crawls to feel your sensation
    to spill onto in like lava from an
    exploding force known like no other,
    The whole of me craves
    that celestial feeling of pleasure
    that can only be found in the soul of a lover.
    Over me,
    Under me,
    and buried deep within…
    Satiate my need to feed, I beg of you
    My Master,
    Place on my face a devious,
    Cheshire grin.
    With your skin so smooth,
    Fitted over muscle so hard,
    You make it quite impossible to stop you from
    breaking down my guards.
    But break them down, you may.
    I, Queen, grant you that power…
    By spreading my thighs and gifting to you
    the pleasure of my precious flower.

    By Sarah-Grace URL on 01.31.2014

  19. Sometimes she was so anxious and depressed. Any little symptom was of major concern. She was sure she it was all in her mind but nevertheless it was a continuous struggle to keep on top of her emotions.

    By Alexandra URL on 01.31.2014

  20. He couldn’t help but notice her smell went stale, her eyes no longer glistened with life. Limp, stolen. Her laugh was almost a whispered sorrow. He held her tight, close, always. She thought of other places. Dreams, wishes.. Life.

    Her voice was within a voice, within a voice, struggle… struggling to escape the crevices within. Speak, speak; words. Words come crashing.

    Waves. Words come crashing.. cradling the abyss he created for her…

    By SketchTheMessenger URL on 01.31.2014

  21. struggle

    there’s no need to, just breathe through, i see you, see me, love leaves, never, fall leaves, clever, ever in your favor, i taste lips, savor, flavors, of all kind, your kind, my mind, still think of you, dream true, come through, open doors for you, loves been open, spoken words were just broken

    By lmn URL on 01.31.2014

  22. struggling is what you feel when you are in a stressful environment, it creates stress for you as an obstacle to achieving something you want. its annoying.

    By Jess on 01.31.2014

  23. is all around us, we have to deal with it in many ways but still find it hard to find certain ways to deal with it.. we all have things in our lives hat we struggle with wether its addiction or abuse or just stress.. the trick is not to let it trick you into thinking it isnt worth fighting for, because you have to struggle to succeed and thats the bottom line, in my life anyway it seems sometimes thats how it is
    ya life is funny.

    By Ben Jammin on 01.31.2014

  24. I couldn’t make my body move. I knew, of course, that it was simple: you just, lift your arm up. You throw your legs over the side of the bed. And you go through the rest of your day in the same fashion. But I was willing my limbs to move with my mind, and not my heart. I felt the pressure build up behind my skull and I knew, after many attempts in the past, that my arm wouldn’t move. There was no heart to will it.

    By Ai URL on 01.31.2014

  25. Ohh the Struggle!!
    Trying to come up with a halfway decent paragraph which is both coherent and interesting based on a random single word, day in and day out. Why do i torture myself so?

    By sidd on 01.31.2014

  26. The eternal struggle of sitting next to you for 2 hours and not being able to grab you and kiss your stupid mouth. You laugh like I’m kidding, but there is no struggle more adamant than this. Really. You’re stupid adorable mouth.

    By Brooke Tuinei on 01.31.2014

  27. We struggle with many enemies, many opposing forces, but none are as difficult and magnified as those within ourselves. We feel the consequences of our mistakes and inadequacies first-hand, no delay between ill-action and its effects.

    By Ashi URL on 01.31.2014

  28. “College is hard!” Said the chemist to the mathematician,
    “Summation, combinations, integration, addition!
    Ions and equations,
    All these fucking Asians,
    Higher learning seems a war of attrition!”

    By kyren URL on 01.31.2014

  29. The week has been a struggle. Willing myself to get out of bed becomes an increasingly difficult task, and I find that I’m peeling myself from my blankets and pillows later and later each morning.

    By lauren on 01.31.2014

  30. i feel like this word is starting to define me. this week has felt impossible. i hurt in my bones. i think the key to struggle is a reward, and i hope that part comes soon.

    By marycaroline URL on 01.31.2014

  31. What have you struggled with? You look back and you wonder why you found it so hard in the first place. And that made the struggle worth it, even though you had no choice at the time. And hopefully you’ll remember this lesson, just in time for your next struggle. And you wonder just when that will be and if you’ll remember the lesson you just learned.

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 01.31.2014

  32. it ain’t easy. working two jobs, none of which pay anything. shit, my commute eats up about two hours of pay each day. what they do then, them jerks in washington is tell me that i am not trying hard enough. well, screw them!

    By Lee URL on 01.31.2014

  33. I struggle just to find a way to get the words out. I look up at the roof and think about all the possible combinations. ‘Its not you its me’, ‘I need some time alone’… all the cliches but deep down its just that I don’t care anymore. I look into her deep blue eyes and I can see the happiness so clearly on the surface of her pupils, pushing itself into me. But what can I do? continue with this facade and avoid all conflict like I have done in the past.

    By Luke on 01.31.2014

  34. Wasn’t this the word we had the other day? I’m struggling to remember, because I’m pretty sure it was. Then again, I’ve heard and read and writen so many words over the past few days that they all begin to muddle together.

    By mrsmig URL on 01.31.2014

  35. How… perfect, for that is just what defines my quest for words, for the place of song and beauty that I used to frequent before. Before… Before what? All that is left is a struggle, and I can’t see past it.

    By Taddy on 01.31.2014

  36. mimi was determined to take on Trudy and it was an interesting fight indeed. it was a game of chese at first

    By rayman on 01.31.2014

  37. Molly lives in a bubble. It isn’t transparent, or blue, or plain like the regular ones but it’s equally fragile. On the inside everything is colorful, bright reds, neon pinks, yellows. Things inside the bubble change every second and sometimes it’s bewildering but never boring – no, never boring. She’s tried to let people in, she really has. But every time she describes her bubble to them, they say that funny word – what was it? – schi-zo-phre-nia. It sounds like they’ve made it up, but she’s heard it from so many different people, mostly doctors. Anyway, Molly loves her bubble. It’s her safe space. It’s her happy place. It is definitely NOT a struggle.

    By Saloni Singh URL on 01.31.2014

  38. A struggle is nothing to laugh about. Someone who is struggling should not be made fun of. But they often are. A girl who has difficulty losing weight. A boy who constantly has holes in his jeans, never seems to wear anything new. A man who sits by himself at a table for two. They struggle. In ways you don’t understand. And keep it bottled up inside, What’s your struggle? And why is it locked away from view?

    By Moriah URL on 01.31.2014

  39. I always struggle to wake up on the morning, but never struggle to sleep at night

    By Paul URL on 01.31.2014

  40. Why struggle with the simple things in life, It is nothing to laugh about

    By Rich URL on 01.31.2014