January 29th, 2014 | 91 Entries

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91 Entries for “clasp”

  1. He clasped his hands together, face lit up with inexplicable joy. “We’ve done it, friends.” These friends stared at him, half annoyed, half amused.
    “You weren’t involved. We did all of this,” one of them finally said.
    The man would not back down. “That’s right, you did. But that’s not what the world knows.”

    By Isis on 01.30.2014

  2. the door and walked in to see a new adventure awaiting me my arms tumbled at thought of a new life but i know this what has to be done

    By Ariel on 01.30.2014

  3. hold my hand. no hold it tightly. we are going to go through some rough patches from here on out. please don’t look down. look towards the horizon. just know that i will not let you go. that’s good, hold tight. i can handle it..

    By Lee on 01.30.2014

  4. The clasp snapped tightly as I put on my final accessory. Tonight was the night of my wedding. The happiest night of my life. Why wasn’t I smiling?

    By IsaPinaud on 01.30.2014

  5. it is all too easy
    to clasp hands
    to meet another’s gaze
    and speak words said
    by a hundred hundred other souls

    it is a far more difficult thing
    to sit in silence
    with only the sound of breath
    to remind you of another’s presence
    with no assurance that they will be present tomorrow
    except the knowledge of your own heart

    By Poet Nia URL on 01.30.2014

  6. Seeking only to efface,
    A familial disgrace.
    She sought the chilly clasp,
    Of Death’s enduring grasp,
    And met him in a dark and secret place.

    By kyren on 01.30.2014

  7. i have bipolar disorder . but is trying to help me out to get out this . only doctor is giving tablet to cure . but not other than that like (motivating me ) revealing scerets

    By yogesh URL on 01.30.2014

  8. to hold on to grab ahold and hang on the connection between to hanging and the strong hold. to understand conn

    By pam on 01.30.2014

  9. Clasping at grasping at straws for excuses, clasping to hold everything together when you are running late, unprepared and not where you are supposed to be. Clasping on to the illusion that you have your act together and hoping you aren’t clasped against a wall in your excuses as to why you weren’t where you should be.

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 01.30.2014

  10. As the author contemplated the subject, he clasped his hands while thinking and let the words flow out of him effortlessly. It was an interesting experience. He had never attempted this before but decided to give it a go. He might try it again, but he is not sure.

    By Randell Knight on 01.30.2014

  11. i lose myself in the heat of your body
    skin against skin
    i clasp my hand in yours

    please don’t fall in love with me
    and don’t let me fall for you

    By sarah marie URL on 01.30.2014