January 31st, 2014 | 68 Entries

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68 Entries for “televised”

  1. how will i know when american idol picks their newest victim? every one will watch, every one will have voted, because the night before, all of this was televised. their dream, their one true dream, rides on the line as televised.

    By cailey hale on 01.31.2014

  2. something on TV that people watch for either entertainment, knowledge or pleasure

    By Vickie Shepheard on 01.31.2014

  3. Do you ever just think; damn I’m so funny, why don’t I have my own television series? Because I sure do. I’m freaking hilarious! WHY AM I NOT TELEVISED? I listen to good music, am artsy, and I even sing…. sometimes. YOU could say I’m an actor, but I hate that word. I feel emotions of fictional character, I empathize with them, I become them. Or I act like I do. I act, and respond. Television would be cool, but in all honesty live theater is a billion times better. The feelings evoked with an actor and an audience are better than being televised. The end.

    By Brooke Tuinei on 01.31.2014

  4. hello. live from my living room. It’s saturday night. I have nothing to report. I think the teleprompter in broken, so we are televising this live from new york, impromptu. Here’s to you New York. Happy Saturday Night.

    By Emma on 01.31.2014

  5. It was televised all over the world. It was put on the radio. It was texted and emailed to everyone. By now everyone knew. The end of the world was coming and for once it wasn’t a figure of speech. The rocket blaring for the earth was put on screen for all to see.

    By Brenda Busuulwa on 01.31.2014

  6. Reality television nauseates me. Why do we televise irrelevant bullshit? Why do we throw billions at idiotic people?

    By Kyomarys on 01.31.2014

  7. they televised the event.
    and my vision went blank,
    to die with the pixels
    surrounding a soulless eye.
    I stared into the blackness
    and realized that void is made out of something else altogether.

    By Kairn on 01.31.2014

  8. this televised world we live in
    where we sell our souls to appease the
    companies that “care” and give us
    shit when we don’t love the right lady.
    what the hell are we supposed to do
    when our lives are broadcasted to the world?

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 01.31.2014

  9. I saw her on the screen, and I knew it was face. Her skin wasn’t that light, never that smooth. Her hair wasn’t even blonde, it was definitely a wig with every strand strategically placed. Her blemishes were gone, but what I hated more than her being painted over was how her smile was the most unreal part of her out of all those things.

    By Ai URL on 01.31.2014

  10. It was televised on all the news channels.
    But she hadn’t done it. She hadn’t.
    Did that matter when no one would believe her?
    Tiny dark room, intimidating, hulking questioners
    Making her doubt her own memories.
    Would she be making a false confession?
    Or was she finally stepping out of denial?

    By 1word2wordsredwordblueword on 01.31.2014

  11. we were an entirely scripted romance,
    with the appropriate gestures of love
    and anguish
    (see: fresh lipstick stains, bite marks, dark bruises,
    tousled hair, hands linked, clothes stained)

    we were stars twinkling at the edge of the horizon,
    ready to fall into the abyss but
    at least we’d fall together
    (read: mutually assured destruction, lovers entwined in their
    last embrace, poison passed through lips to eliminate both)

    we were young (old, aging, dying) and passionate (fiery) and
    reckless and in love (with each other, with the idea of loving another,
    with heartache and torture, with the thought of another body
    to claim for one’s own)

    we could have been romeo and juliet, or rose and jack except
    that the tragedies weren’t in the stars or in our eyes—
    the tragedies were inside of us, bubbling up in the pits of our stomachs,
    eating its way through our arteries until it reached our hearts and
    vomited up deep, dark, secrets.

    we were an entirely scripted romance
    except when we weren’t,
    because really, we were just
    (old, dying, passionate, reckless and
    following a script we’d never even read.

    By F URL on 02.01.2014

  12. It might be yet another casualty of this whole damned televised war, he thinks to himself. The cameraman stumbles along behind him, oblivious, trying to capture every last scintilla of action.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.01.2014

  13. Her husband was absolutely sports mad. He would the TV listings all the time to see which sport was being televised

    By Alexandra on 02.01.2014

  14. Horror, drama and tragedy; scenarios that seem utterly horrifying to us. Yet, horrific situations are still televised and sometimes, these scenarios are laughed at. How sadistic. What has our society come to?

    By Rebecca on 02.01.2014

  15. Televised? No I did not realize that what we did was being televised. Can we maybe edit a little bit of–. Well, what the hell. It is what it is. People need to know the truth.

    By MauriceWilliams on 02.01.2014

  16. She had wanted to love him. Stay close. But after they televised her undoing on national television there was little hope. Her dad was a man of simple means. He preferred the predictability of country life. As long as there was beer and cricket he could not find the headspace for her complicated ways. He couldn’t understand her struggle let alone support it, so he put his head down, went quiet and stepped permanently to the sidelines of her life.

    By pip333 on 02.01.2014

  17. It was a day of celebration, of faith and joy. It was different the news today from its usual televised visuals of bombings, and death or bloody bodies that wept for their dead. The screen was filled with fireworks, and mothers buying sweets to take home and children crowding in streets with laughter as the children in the house crowded around the screen to watch on the second day of Eid.

    By Zehra Abbas on 02.01.2014

  18. hey, what are you watching, hyunwoo asks sluggishly. state propaganda, seunghyun replies brightly, smiling. hyunwoo recoils slightly at the empty expression on his lover’s face, and turns away to take another dose of the opium.

    By sp on 02.01.2014

  19. In a world where reality television had completely taken over, every aspect of an individuals life was now televised, via a massive network of not just cameras but a new cognitive insight device, that allowed any given individual’s visual field and train of thought to be remotely accessed at any time. Though initially devised as a method of covert operations, it had been exploited by television networks for the sake of entertainment, dividing society into the watched and the watchers.

    By Dav Matthews on 02.01.2014

  20. what will be televised? i don’t want to put myself out there for anybody to see, i want to be in control. televised feels like something that is done to you. i don’t want anybody to force myself out of my shell. i want to do it at whatever speed i like, not everything at all. please televise more cats and cute animals. thank you

    By Weiss Nicht on 02.01.2014

  21. the revolution is being televised. people in the streets. police in the streets. wars on other continents, where they tweet us the dets.

    By T.F. Krag URL on 02.01.2014

  22. Televised reality shows are not interesting any more.

    By Rich URL on 02.01.2014

  23. we saw dick and jfk on our tv. black and white, pinched around the edges. i’d rather watch the boxers on the gillette cavalcade of sports. sneaking down the stairs to watch a half a round before i was discovered and sent back up.

    By Lee on 02.01.2014

  24. The mans fingers counted down, five… four… three… two…
    He nodded towards me with serious eyes and suddenly the camera was on me, the teleprompter rolling and it suddenly dawned on me that there was no room for mistake, broadcasting to over five million viewers allowed for no hesitation, and yet here I was, wide eyes and slacked jaw, staring absentmindedly down the lens of the camera.

    By Ellie on 02.01.2014

  25. The televised woman walked over to our dirty ragtag band with a smile. But, unlike many others, I could see straight through her. She didn’t care about what happened to us; it was just her job to make others feel sympathy towards us. But I knew if she was asked, she’d help our attackers in a heartbeat.

    By Ally on 02.01.2014

  26. It’s not going to be televised. It turns out that too many people complained about the gratuitous violence. The clown union is protesting the decision but it won’t reach appeals in time.

    By Rover on 02.01.2014

  27. This makes me think of the Daft Punk song, Televison Rules the Nation, i don’t know why… :3
    Maybe because i love them but i gotta say the RAM album is a little bit shitty, just sayin’

    By Marc on 02.01.2014

  28. The nation was on standby . Nothing will be televised tonight. No news. No commercials. No sitcoms. No reality. Dream on. Go to sleep. Or dream your big dreams while you stare at the snow. Electronic snow. You’ll see something sooner or later.

    By Ghostwriter on 02.01.2014