September 7th, 2010 | 166 Entries

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166 Entries for “stroller”

  1. as a child i remember pushing my brother in sister in strollers while walking with my mother, my sister would always unbuckle every buckle. including the car seat. not much about a stroller i have to say

    By V. on 09.08.2010

  2. Strollers are an essential part of every parent’s toolkit. Some forget to get them, though, and everything can break… Marco’s improvisation for one afternoon was a cardboard box on a skateboard.

    His wife was not amused by his creativity.

    By sagewolf URL on 09.08.2010

  3. The mother pushed the stroller through the isle, completely aware that there was nothing living inside. Just the dimond she grabbed from the museum a few blocks back.a

    By Caitie URL on 09.08.2010

  4. the stroller is being used the to walk the child around the park.

    By cassie on 09.08.2010

  5. We strolled down the boulevard, hand in hand. Nothing could bring us down from this high that we gave each other. That night, we were invincible.

    By mariacariza URL on 09.08.2010

  6. confesso que não sei do que se trata a palavra ‘stroller’. eu deveria pesquisar, mas não o farei. também não quero que pensem que meu inglês é tão ruim assim, eu poderia muito bem digitar esse texto em inglês. no entanto, caso o fizesse, estaria ido de encontro ao princípio de ‘não pensar e escrever’ proposto na primeira página do site. sendo assim, vou encerrar por aqui minhas divagações com uma mensagem amável: o amor é uma nuvem e deixem que chova o quanto puderem. simplesmente deixem. paz. do Brasil.

    By Gustavo URL on 09.08.2010