September 6th, 2010 | 169 Entries

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169 Entries for “calling”

  1. This must have somthing to do with fate. I don’t know what my calling is. I don’t know what I want to do in life and I’m not 21 anymore. I guess right now I want to become independent, marry my college sweetheart, and save up while he finishes school and finds his calling.

    By Mary on 09.07.2010

  2. Calling is the name of the hunt, it draws us, pulls us forward. We can’t resist, and sometimes we don’t want to. It calls us home, to our family, to the ones we love. It means joy, and socializing, it means to bring us to our full potential. Why resist? It can’t turn out for the worst, can it?

    By Willow on 09.07.2010

  3. I am calling her, Debbie. but that isn’t her name. her name is Jane. How can i forget that? How can I be so insensitive? She’s crying now, her tears on the floor, now she’s calling me heartless.

    By Ashley on 09.07.2010

  4. I had a calling, it was to be a writer. I could not write. I am confused. If my calling is to be a writer and I cannot write. Is my calling wrong or is it wrong that I cannot write. If I could write do I have to write? If I could write and my calling is wrong is it wrong to write? What should I write about? If my calling is to write than I certainly should know what to write about. Shouldn’t I?

    By Essbee URL on 09.07.2010

  5. The phone starts ringing as I enter the room. I have my hands full and I cannot get to it in time. No problem I think, I will just let it go to machine. I start to put the groceries away and then the phone rings again. And again.

    By Micah Charlson on 09.07.2010

  6. I tried calling you, but you didn’t pick up. I tried to sing to you, but you didn’t listen. I tried to write to you but you refused my words. I tired to live without you, but you have destroyed my world.

    By Jiminy URL on 09.07.2010

  7. i should call love and tell her that now i’m fine, i’m not scared anymore, so she should stick around.

    By Ana on 09.07.2010

  8. phone calls, i like to hear peoples voices in a conversation, and try to guess what their faces look like and later on when i see thm in person i like to hear their same emotion and test to see if i matched the right face

    By val on 09.07.2010

  9. calling can be for a job or

    By hi iampaamb on 09.07.2010