September 7th, 2010 | 166 Entries

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166 Entries for “stroller”

  1. I have no idea what to say about a stroller, except that its a very boring word to write about. What are the little notches at the bottom of the screen anyways? Are they telling me when ten seconds pass or are they telling me when I pause?

    By ubie on 09.08.2010

  2. The stroller broke free from Anna’s hand at the top of the street. She was talking on her cell phone, unaware of the imminent danger. She reached into her purse and when her hand when back for the stroller, it came up empty.
    The stroller was gaining speed as it headed toward the intersection at the bottom of the street. Anna dropped her cell phone and purse and ran after it.
    She ran as fast as she could, but the momentum was too great.

    By djs URL on 09.08.2010

  3. an old woman once found an empty stroller in a park. it was filled with flower petals and a neglected doll lay in its innards.

    By Anita Irsevic on 09.08.2010

  4. an old woman came walking down a barely lit juncture in a park long abandoned. as she wonders without intention, she chances upon an old stroller, rust eating away at the metallic handlebar. looking inside, the old woman can only discern bricks puncturing the stroller’s soft innards.

    By whatever URL on 09.08.2010

  5. Strollers are something to carry babies in when the parents are too tired to actually carry them. They are full of innocence and whatnot. Babies use them to put their babies in. Stroller.

    By heatherb on 09.08.2010

  6. The stroller walked along the streets alone and yet with a mind full of all of the people he loved. Whistling quietly he sang the tune of everyone he ever knew.

    By Kinzley on 09.08.2010

  7. baby children mom shopping cries milk bottles big wheels

    By holly URL on 09.08.2010

  8. she was the kind of girl who alsways knew where she was going.

    By slighte URL on 09.08.2010

  9. or as we would call it in the UK – a push chair. I loved mine – so much easier than the pram and it was great to have the buggy board on the back

    By artygal URL on 09.08.2010

  10. strollerstroller, up the poller
    strollerstroller, down the wave
    strollerstroller, right through the crowd
    strollerstroller, what’s it about?

    By LotteZwo URL on 09.08.2010

  11. That’s the day the sky started falling on her world. The stroller still sits on her porch like she’s waiting to have some one to put in it again; but it is filled with tears and sorrow instead.

    By dangerhaley URL on 09.08.2010

  12. He wasn’t a real runner or even a jogger, more like a stroller, a stumbler, a bumbling stalker forever checking out the firm young flesh exercising in the park.

    By gino on 09.08.2010

  13. She was still in a stroller and she was eight. I stared at her mother as though to teach her the norms of our society but there was no shame in her cold gaze.

    By bananacreempie on 09.08.2010

  14. as i walked through the woods alone i thought how how soft your touch was , how comforting your hug was… the

    By lakeri on 09.08.2010

  15. There are three strollers in my life: the one I rode as an infant, the one I saw my little brother Samuel in on the streets of Calgary, and the one I will push when I have children of my own. May I be blessed and find true love.

    By Daniel Oh URL on 09.08.2010

  16. Clara saw the stroller on the side of the road. It seemed out of place yet totally innocent, but she was scared of it for some reason. She didn’t want to go near it, but she found herself stepping closer despite the growing feeling of dread.

    By Whitney on 09.08.2010

  17. Slowly hey walks along the path to nowhere. Looking around, smiling about something nobody knows anything about. Everybody can see him, nobody can grasp the story behind the smile. He Strolls.

    By John URL on 09.08.2010

  18. stroller. what kind of word is that even? i don’t know. i’m danish so i’ve never heard it before. it sucks ig uess, not to know words. i hate it when i forgert words og experience new words, words that i don’t know anything about. words like stroller. what does it mean? I need to know. i really really need to now. it sucks. it really does.

    By Pernille on 09.08.2010

  19. there is a big difference between strolling and trolling. I like to go strolling under street-lamps, swinging an umbrella. You like to go trolling under neon lights with a bottle of bad cologne.

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 09.08.2010

  20. Miss Crenshaw rocked the baby’s stroller to and fro’ as critically she watched the other children play on the monkey bars. “Honestly,” she complained to the other nannies, peevishly. “If they were meant to play like monkeys, God would have given them tails.” Overhearing this comment, Gabriel Worthington ran up to the nannies and plainly said what was on everyone’s mind. “Wow, Miss Crenshaw, who pissed in your Wheaties?”

    By Izolda on 09.08.2010

  21. I was walking down the street,
    when much to my surprise,
    I wasn’t walking at all,
    I started to shrink,
    reversing in age,
    my mind still alive like an adult,
    my body becoming that of a toddler,
    walking no,
    I was in a stroller,
    being pushed,
    by someone other than my Mom,
    imagine the horror…

    By Sender UpWords URL on 09.08.2010

  22. The red polka dots clashed horribly with the overall orangeness of the baby carriage she had bought for little Missy. But there was nothing else that could be done. Was it her fault that her brother had mistaken the color code for yellow with the one for orange?

    By miatetangco URL on 09.08.2010

  23. Stroller – two lls walking together
    like twins riding double
    imagine having a twin – identical on the outside
    so different on the inside – really?
    are any of us that different?
    It is something to ponder as I stroll beneath the canopy of green waiting for fall

    By Mary on 09.08.2010

  24. Those double strollers are like a vehicle. Seriously, I can barely manage my carry-on suticase with wheels. How do parents manuever their beasts of a stroller and all the kid stuff that accompanies it? Diapers, toys, wipes, food – just going out is like packing for vacation. I saw a movie recently – The Back-up Plan – where there was a wall of strollers. It was comical to see all the options and that one they picked did not even fit in their doorway. Even funnier was that the salesgirl designed custom strollers! Visiting other countries it is rare to see such deluxe baby transporters. Some countries use a piece of cloth to tie the baby on. Is our obsession with monsterous strollers just a commentary on Americans and how we like STUFF?

    By Dr. Lanza URL on 09.08.2010

  25. To be pushed. Pushed. I pushed it. I pushed it too hard. It has been pushed, it has been pushed away from me. It’s rolling, away, away from safety, towards danger. A cry, a wail, a screech, a collision. Pushed. Pushed away.

    By Amy URL on 09.08.2010

  26. A stroller, one who strolls, or the device used by a strolling parent to stroll with their child.

    By KJ on 09.08.2010

  27. He pushed the stroller gently in front of him as he slowly walked down the street. He could not even fathom the change that had just taken place.

    Further and further away he pushed, growing closer and closer to his home.

    “But… be reasonable… don’t…”
    HIs words echoed in his head.

    “That’s it!”
    She was gone.

    “This cannot continue.
    Your missteps…
    Are just too much.

    He might never see her again…
    He couldn’t bear to continue down that vein of thought.

    “Come back…”
    His heart moaned.

    “If I could have another chance…”
    He pleaded with the air in front of him…

    …to no avail…

    “My sweet, sweet child…
    Bring my child back to me!
    Bring her back to me…”

    By Nick Matherne URL on 09.08.2010

  28. I drift through crowds. Like a stroller, I pass by unnoticed. Someday I’ll leave a mark. Just you wait.

    By anabeth URL on 09.08.2010

  29. I am walking by the beach…its nice, really nice…smoking, chilling…brrr..brrrr ups the alarm clock dam..gotta go to work !!!

    By M on 09.08.2010

  30. a baby at a park

    By Megan Ritter on 09.08.2010

  31. babies in a stroller, taking walks in the park, the scratching noise on the sidewalk, people stopping to look at the baby

    By kenzie on 09.08.2010

  32. a baby at a park with a mother walking it. A mother jogging down a street pushing a baby in a stroller.

    By Megan on 09.08.2010

  33. He pushed the stroller down the street with the baby snuggled in.

    By John URL on 09.08.2010

  34. Langsam aber zielstrebig schob sie das quietschende Gerät vor sich her. Der sanfte Herbstwind wehte ihr um die Nase und sie strich sich mit einer gedankenverlorenen Bewegung das nun viel kürzere braune Haar aus dem tränennassen Gesicht.
    Elias strampelte wild mit den winzigen füschen und sah sieh eindeutig unzufrieden an. Er hatte ja recht.

    By gunpi URL on 09.08.2010

  35. He was a stroller. A strider. Each step was twice the length of hers, and she struggled to keep up. He had long legs. Or maybe it was just his anger fuelling him?

    By Raiya Moon URL on 09.08.2010

  36. I had a stroller that my sister got for her twins, it was big and nice and we walked through the neighborhood with it and I eneded up giving it to another couple as well. I rememeber walking with my dog through the block with the little ones and I how great that was

    By Aaron URL on 09.08.2010

  37. I can see the anger, the disdain scribbled all over their faces. They consider us a nuisance. They think we’re pushy. I consider them expendable. Me and my kid and my bulldozer.

    By TheBess on 09.08.2010

  38. Baby stoller. Is all.

    By Hannahem URL on 09.08.2010

  39. babies are very happy to walk around in a stroller, they laugh and giggle and breath in the fresh air, stroller has 4 wheels.

    By RealityRites URL on 09.08.2010

  40. There is a stroller in my backyard. I don’t know how it got there but I know that it is old. It is not my stroller but it makes me think about my childhood when my mother would push me down the street on a sunny day. I miss being so young but I look forward doing the same for my children in the future.

    By Erin D. on 09.08.2010