September 8th, 2010 | 173 Entries

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173 Entries for “tilt”

  1. My world as i knew it tilted off its axis this week. My mother’s health is declining and seeing it sickens me. I wish i could go back to the days of yesterday.

    By Chyara URL on 09.09.2010

  2. and then he tilted. he tilted all the way off the edge of the earth and saw that the world was in fact flat and that this was the end of his world. He has to step down and step off the world and begin a new world. He stepped forward and fell.

    By Kristin on 09.09.2010

  3. It moves from one way to the other. Nudging you in the right direction. Steering you. moving you. It tilts. It’s tilt.

    By John URL on 09.09.2010

  4. tilt that idea, tilt your obsession and see how you can see straight, tilt in the wind your idea of level thought,tilt my friend, and tilt the world.

    By rob on 09.09.2010

  5. Das ist jetzt wirklich getilgt. Wir sind quitt. Ich würg dir nichts mehr rein, auch nicht mit dem Trichter. Schwein! Ups, das ist mir rausgerutscht, kommt nicht wieder vor… getilgt, ich habe alles getilgt, was zu tilgen war.

    By chRIsTinA URL on 09.09.2010

  6. tilt and glid, swirl and move. momentum takes hold and you cant help but feel the pull of gravity. inevitable existence and nothing can stop you from being grounded.

    By Stephanie URL on 09.09.2010

  7. It makes me think of a tilt-a-whirl. Like the time we went in high school and Allyson’s dad got us tickets. She had old faithful then, and we rode in that. I liked Wade, and he came. We had an awesome time. I miss high school sometimes.

    By SAP URL on 09.09.2010

  8. Every once in a while gravity tightens up and I go on tilt! Not to fear though because I have cat like reflects that keep me up right.

    By Peaceable on 09.09.2010

  9. ‘TILT!’ the bank teller yelled at Tommy. ‘Whadaya mean, tilt?’ Tommy was incensed. He slammed the counter with the heels of both hands. Over her reading glasses, the teller locked her fireball eyes on Tommy and yelled ‘TILT!’ at him again. ‘Dammit! Where’s the cash from the check I just handed you?’ Tommy was about to slam the counter again when a balding, paunchy man in tan and brown security garb jabbed him in the ribs with his night stick. ‘You were a master once, Mr. Walker, you oughta know’, he said. ‘You tripped Miss Jane here’s tilt switch and a slam tilt costs you your turn’.

    By Miss Alister URL on 09.09.2010

  10. tilt playing pinball and getting high score. I will be a legend around the arcade. hitting all the bumpers and ringing the bell and oopps tilt.

    By Max Power on 09.09.2010

  11. I saw it, tipping precariously. The angle tilted slighted as our heads followed it, trying to turn it upright as we sat there. I wondered, what if what we thought was tilted was actually standing up straight, and our ways were the ones that were tilted, and others turned their heads to turn our ideas upright.

    By Tiffany F URL on 09.09.2010

  12. Tilting while I’m spinning, I feel like I’m in love, and the world hugs me with gravity. Falling in love is tilting in all directions.

    By Seri URL on 09.09.2010

  13. She tilted the glass in her hands, watching the red whine swirl in its crystal chamber. The party was droll, and she was uninterested. She felt like a captive. Too may people, too much light, too much noise…

    By Seri URL on 09.09.2010