November 22nd, 2009 | 564 Entries

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564 Entries for “stripes”

  1. horizontal

    By Kat on 11.23.2009

  2. zebra, tiger, shirts, polo shirts, ralph lauren

    By Anonymous on 11.23.2009


    By JONATHAN on 11.23.2009

  4. colorful

    By Anonymous on 11.23.2009

  5. There are black lines etched on the outside of the box, as there are here. Everything has the black lines, and everything is scanned. Even me. Even you. There are black lines on all of us.

    By Linnea on 11.23.2009

  6. polka dots, shapes, colours, textures, images, drawing, writing, painting, clothing, making, loving, creativity, victory.

    By anon. on 11.23.2009

  7. Her jacket had stripes and she looked like a pompus ridiculous zebra. Yet I knew that I loved her more then I would love any women. She turned to me, turned up her nose and darted off in the direction of the toilets. I watched her leave. Knowing I had blown it. She would never look my way.

    By Kim on 11.23.2009

  8. MY pink blouse had purplestripes on it, I find it incredibly comfortable and I love the way the colours go together.. I love my blouse. I really don’t know what else to write in this thing.. haha.. this is kindof fun..

    By Brandon on 11.23.2009

  9. Pinstripes on zebra’s bodies. Racing stripes on a vehicle. Stripes are also wounds. Possibly from a bear or lion type creature. Or maybe a liger, since they sometimes have stripes too.

    By Michael on 11.23.2009

  10. stripes of a different color, some days my true colors shine through, some days the stripes are all the same, camouflaged by the blood, muscles, and bones underneath my skin.

    By e on 11.23.2009

  11. they followed me here
    i am like the faded stripes on your favorite shirt,the one you dont wear anymore because it reminds u of me.
    i miss the stripes too.
    in reality i guess, i just miss u.

    By shay on 11.23.2009

  12. cat in the hat.
    wheres waldo.
    starts and stripes.
    bumble bees.
    polka dots.

    By Anonymous on 11.23.2009

  13. The stripes of his sweater accented absolutely nothing. Yet it was the most attractive thing that Brandon had. She always felt so happy seeing him wearing it, for it was the sweater he wore on their first date.

    By Heart on 11.23.2009

  14. I see stripes when I see the dots. Stripes on clothing, the earth, the stripes of flowers and wind. The dots meld to make the stripes of rope that bind my heart to yours.

    By Areianna on 11.23.2009

  15. Fruit Stripe gum is all I can think of. It was usually pretty stale and the taste lasted seconds at best. They sure advertised the shit out of it though. I would like to know how many hours of my childhood were spent watching Fruit Stripe gum commercials.

    By Josh on 11.23.2009

  16. Zebra’s are a beautiful animal resembling a horse. I think they reside in Africa but I’m sure they can be found in other countries. I don’t want to be considered ignorant. I hate ignorance. I like to write stories that make an impact on my audience. This is getting really.

    By Jenny on 11.23.2009

  17. “You earned ’em,” he said as he straightened the badge on my chest.

    By Kev on 11.23.2009

  18. Fuck stripes.

    By Mr. Polka Dot on 11.23.2009

  19. and stars
    on ties
    on roads
    in the sky from a plane only lasting a little while
    the are straight as long as I don’t move

    By Dave on 11.23.2009

  20. tiger from frosted flakes

    By kristie on 11.23.2009

  21. tiger from frosted flakes

    By kristie on 11.23.2009

  22. a line
    a pattern

    By Davey on 11.23.2009

  23. atripes are what zebras have on them and prisoners. some are pretty but some are just black and white like a mime, its cool though cause mimes are talented. i dont like striopes they make you look fat if they are horizontal and just stretch if they are vertical. i like yellow though

    By Anonymous on 11.23.2009

  24. Zebras stood in a single line, waiting for that special time of day.
    A woman wore her pink and black socks high on her thigh, she walked by.
    The zebras were confused. Was she one of them?
    The stripes were so pretty, but so different.

    By Kelly G on 11.23.2009

  25. The fact of the matter is that stripes are my trademark. I never meant them to be. I never meant for this to happen. But I got thrown in. Now I can’t get out. Black and white. I hear inmates in other states wear orange. Must be nice to not look like a poisonous candy cane. I’d like to know how that feels. Then again, I never will.

    By bamas on 11.23.2009

  26. Zebras have stripes. I don’t know whether they are black with white stripes or the other way around. I think they are white with blacks stripes to tell you the truth. I wish some people had stripes. But I wish those stripes made the people look fat. Only the people who did a crime. Maybe thats why they have jailers wear stripes. or they use to anyway.

    By Courtney on 11.23.2009

  27. The way the stripes on her shirt looked was enthralling. All I could do was stare at her stomach, and maybe she saw me, because suddenly she was turning away, mumbling to her friends about a creepy boy looking at her chest and then glaring my direction. However the stripes complimented her eyes, made them look more blue, and that was when I knew that I was in love with her. Even if I’d known her all my life, I knew that she was the one I wanted to be with, and would do anything it took to be with her.

    By Anonymous on 11.23.2009

  28. I like to have sex with girls even though I am a girl. I like to have sex with them after they paint stripes on their bodies with body paint so they look like tigers since they all seem to have those fake tans that make them look orange. It’s really hot cos they yowl and meow and shit and it’s like having sex with a big cat.

    By CATS on 11.23.2009

  29. i think the best wa to be about the truth is to nourish th idea of an universa ethic, which woul bring he whole world to be a better place, less crime, less corrupt governments, and well happier families.

    By Anonymous on 11.23.2009

  30. striped from the light leaked through blinds,
    a beautiful kindness in one another eyes,
    it’s afternoon, and light is just right.

    By rae on 11.23.2009

  31. Yikes! Stripes! Fruit stripe gum!

    By tina on 11.23.2009

  32. Okay so I like striped socks I used to collect them so after a while my favourite animal became the zebra but now it’s back to tigers and they like eat zebras or something and I currently have stripey socks to the max I like the ones that go up to your knee, and my favourite jackets are stripey too. Cant ya just tell I used to be an emo? Thought so.

    By Katie on 11.23.2009

  33. shirts

    By Anonymous on 11.23.2009

  34. my stripes are not yours. my colors are not yours. my stripes make me a real person and I am proud to wear them. Like badges on a cedet. I wear them with pride.

    By Jennifer on 11.23.2009

  35. my blue and grey striped sweater!

    By chelsea on 11.23.2009

  36. zebras run in the wild, hunting for chimps. Grapes are their favorite food, really, but they settle for chimps when it’s hot outside. Zebras have no built-in ait conditions and are therefore very sociable in soltices. the moon also plays a vital role in their mating habits, which are great.

    By I. on 11.23.2009

  37. stripes remind me of a zebra and where’s waldo, usually they are black and white or red and white. american flag. dizzy.

    By heyo on 11.23.2009

  38. I like stripes. They’re flattering, and often help to add pattern to solid colors. They remind me of the times i spent behind bars. Alcatraz is a cruel place. I miss Jim… his warm caress… The lonely prison nights spent together.

    By Benjamin on 11.23.2009

  39. in my fantasy world, i would love to have a closet-ful of striped things i would wear. i would be skinny as vintage french girls are and i would be extremely comfortable wearing stripes.

    By em somera on 11.23.2009

  40. Stripes like strippers? Stripes like streben? Oh, oh, oh, ich denke, mein Englisch ist nicht so gut… Streben, strippen… f

    By Barbara on 11.23.2009