November 23rd, 2009 | 832 Entries

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832 Entries for “spotlight”

  1. a spotlight is a light in spot

    By pau on 11.24.2009

  2. In a certain corner of her mind there is a name, a face–his. Always highlighted…always bright beneath a spotlight.

    By Katie on 11.24.2009

  3. I miss it.

    By Katie A. on 11.24.2009

  4. Lights, camera, action. All eyes on me. This is my time this is my destiny, This is where I belong and its not even on the stage. But its where I feel the best. Now all I have to do is find it.

    By Adrianna Ford on 11.24.2009

  5. i always want to be in the spotlight. sometimes it gets very hot under stage lights. i don’t like sweating under such hot lights, but i love to be on the stage. i once operated a spotlight. it was very hot, and difficult to operate. some people say it’s bad to be in the spotlight all the time, but i love it a lot.

    By Antonia on 11.24.2009

  6. the light that touches my face, even when i don’t want it to. It covers everything, even my sadness.

    By kassie koller on 11.24.2009

  7. The spolight is on. You’re one of us now. Each of us posesses the single, almighty spotlight of life. The one, shining, ultimate light that exist, exists upon each living human.

    By Greens on 11.24.2009

  8. some people love to be in the spotlight. those poeple suck it hard. on the reg.

    By pete on 11.24.2009

  9. A spotlight lit the stage and the performers appeared as if they had been there all along. It grazed each one individually, until it reached the center of attention. She was lovely in all fashions and decked to the gills with finery for show.

    By Arachne on 11.24.2009

  10. Spotlight. That’s what my job was. Spotlight. The most important unimportant job in the entire musical. I sit for FOUR HOURS, waiting for my cue, turn on the light, fuck up, and then do it all again.

    Musical was okay.

    My assignment sucked ass.

    By Kelesb on 11.24.2009

  11. Spotlight. That’s what my job was. Spotlight. The most important unimportant job in the entire musical. I sit for FOUR HOURS, waiting for my cue, turn on the light, fuck up, and then do it all again.

    Musical was okay.

    My assignment sucked ass.

    By Kelesb on 11.24.2009

  12. me I love being in th espotlight. shining star. bright, funny light of heart star sun

    By Anonymous on 11.24.2009

  13. there’s no place in the spotlight for me.
    i prefer to be just outside of it,
    seems safer in the dark,
    don’t you think?

    By ereleichda on 11.24.2009

  14. nothing

    By Anonymous on 11.24.2009

  15. I hope one day to truly have the spotlight. Not in the way I was in high school, with piccolo solos and as Daffodil Princess. But a truly worthwhile spotlight, where people look to me to see something epic and awesome and totally world-changing. Why don’t our famous celebrities ever use their power and spotlight for good?

    By Lauren on 11.24.2009

  16. something that puts you as the center of attention. If it is not you it is some object or way of being. It aims to make an item more present but actually hides more than it reveals.

    By Anonymous on 11.24.2009

  17. the spotlight is something we all want and there is nothing better then to be in it, for as long as it takes to be something better than who we are, the light of a thousand monsters burning for eternity, and so on and so forth, that is the spotlight baby

    By cary lee babcock on 11.24.2009

  18. It’s like a spotlight shines upon you – I saw you from all the way across the campus quad.

    By KT on 11.24.2009

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    By pa on 11.24.2009

  20. a very good store where you can buy maerial and sowing stuff just in edgwater but wold have to go to on a saturday because it is pretty far to drive and takes a lot of time. it is also a light used to see things in the dark

    By joy on 11.24.2009

  21. because it reminds me of mute math
    ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ahahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    the spotlight is on!

    don’t stop believin’
    hold on to that feeeeeeeeeeeeling

    apparently theres a submit button.

    By heather josh and ashlee on 11.24.2009

  22. means to be in the center of all things and somewhat alive it feels good and invigorating sometimes scary for some people but i feel refreshing i love it.

    By lauren carroll on 11.24.2009

  23. this page shines the spotlight on stream of consciousness writing, which is never something i’ve been good at. on stage, in front of thousands, or hundreds, or dozens, or even millions, if the stage is big enough, the Spotlight is what helps you enlighten.

    So in a lot of ways, what’s more important? you or the light on you? I guess it’s mostly in how ya look at it.

    By mark on 11.24.2009

  24. its a motherfucking spotlight man.

    By Anonymous on 11.24.2009

  25. cow bright area error time space how why is there earth light house tom cruise titanic boat sinking helicopter “what is love”

    By dd on 11.24.2009

  26. in the limelight, all eyes upon me. I don’t know what to do, where to go… I feel the clock running… I am feeling the reigns tighten…

    By Ted on 11.24.2009

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    By sumera on 11.24.2009

  28. lorielo i love lorie lorie lorie lorie javy melie ale bbito laura elena martinez moreno

    By laura on 11.24.2009

  29. it’s all on me,
    and all over you.
    the truth demands
    the stage you stand
    and you’ll give
    and you’ll pay
    but somehow
    you’ll never go away

    By Josh Miller on 11.24.2009

  30. “put your hands up your in the spot light” the cop said. ” ok i give in” the robber stated and he let the cops take him away.

    By Braedon on 11.24.2009

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    By bigmac on 11.24.2009

  32. I like being in the spotlight when I feel confident about a subject that I am talking about. I like watching people that I like being in the spotlight and I try to make them feel comfortable. I like watching how people’s personality’s change under a spotlight and see if it changes for the better

    By Anonymous on 11.24.2009