November 22nd, 2009 | 564 Entries

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564 Entries for “stripes”

  1. The stripes on the fish amuse her. Not because the stripes are really anything to laugh at, it’s just because she’s never seen a fish with stripes before. She’s not really sure why she’s looking at fish, since she’ll never have another fish. The first one died of old age, and strangely enough lasted the longest. The bright orange one made her sad when it died, and the goldfish barely lasted two weeks after she got them. She hates fish now.

    By FireKat on 11.23.2009

  2. Las rayas verticales adelgazan,por eso Obelix ten

    By chicadelportico on 11.23.2009

  3. They run down my pants, and I think they look pretty cool. It’s not often you find a good pair of pinstriped pants. Now that I’ve got them, I just need a Tommy gun and an Al Pacino accent and I’m set. Now…say hello to my little friend!

    By Annie on 11.23.2009

  4. why can’t I have stripes like a zebra.
    why can’t i play drums in the white stripes?
    Why can’t I place a tattoo on my tongue from fruit stripes gum

    By Anonymous on 11.23.2009