November 21st, 2009 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “windmill”

  1. i picture a windmill in an open field, with the reeds softly swaying and bending with every soft gust of wind. the windmill slowly turns, within the girl’s hand, while she runs through the field–completely carefree.

    By Gina on 11.22.2009

  2. windmills are things that spin around. Not the windmills themselves but the propellers up on them are what make them work and be useful the way they do. it is in the same way that life rotates in a cycle of life to bring us what we call as humans reality.

    By jesus life on 11.22.2009

  3. fliywing mills flour poower golden withches and fire a little girl getting caught in one. Wheat. Lots and lots of wheat. Windmill cookies!!! i love windmell cookies.

    By Connie on 11.22.2009

  4. The windmills in the distance made the scene entirely picturesque. It was perfect; the light blue water, the little Grecian restaurant. Looking out over the horizon I felt content, peaceful, perfect. Greece was the most amazing place I’d ever been, and I never wanted to leave. But I knew I had. Mykonos had been good to me, but my life was in America.

    By MaryKate on 11.22.2009

  5. When I see the word windmill, I think about Don Quijote and the semester I spent in Spain. He fights windmills because he thinks they’re monsters. Cervantes’ point was that we should be attacking technological change. We saw a lot of windmills when we were in Castilla in Spain.

    By katie on 11.22.2009

  6. windmills create bread they spin round i like them they are made of wood they are mostly in the countryside windmills kingsmill i like them both fresh and wind poewered its economical and free to run since its grreen :) windmills are kingsmill source oof e

    By alex on 11.22.2009

  7. Windmills and tulips, breezes and fields, happiness and pure freedom on a bright summer’s day…is there anything else in the world worth living for? Those moments where you can be free and happy, those are the ones you really live in.

    By Theophano Lykos on 11.22.2009

  8. we have windmills in maine where i live. they are pretty cool. i like photography of windmills. this is overly simplistic writing because i do not have any time to think. windmills are starting to be used to make a greener earth. global warming is upon us. its november in maine and there is no snow on the ground.

    By eric on 11.22.2009

  9. Windmills take all the the wind from the air. bringig them back beyond the sun. The wind is taken from the sky and channeled into a form that is productive and useful. The things I don’t want I throw to the wind, and then the wind becomes helpful. My problems become helpful.

    By David on 11.22.2009

  10. The windmill sits in the middle of the ocean. Or wait, that’s a lighthouse. I mean, the windmill catches the wind. That reminds me of Holland, all the windmills, and the wooden shoes. Those wooden shoes never looked comfortable. Did people actually wear those? And the tulips. Everywhere. Holland is beautiful.

    By ALF on 11.22.2009

  11. air flowing through the air, through the air, through the air. flying floating spinning tumbling through my hair, through the air, around me, through me, through you, through us. help me find the flow of the wind again. i’m stuck beneath the windmill and i can’t hear myself. think.

    By caitlin on 11.22.2009

  12. spinning around. don quixote’s crazy adventures. crazy dreams. driving through eastern washington looking out the window at the future of wind power.

    By Scott on 11.22.2009

  13. the most debated new source of energy aside from nuclear, think of the netherlands and their wooden shoes. A simple idea to harness nature’s gifts and wrestle them for our own use without harming our opponent like a fight with a sibling

    By rshayes on 11.22.2009

  14. wind sweeping across the sky
    feeling free

    By laura on 11.22.2009

  15. i think it’s wonderful how it blows in the wind. Fucking clich

    By Susie on 11.22.2009

  16. not bad, your idea. I was searching on the internet one thing and I found another one, as usual on the internet… great

    By Linapa on 11.22.2009

  17. I spin in repeated circular motions
    up and down and round and round
    and I imagine,
    I used to ride on a Ferris wheel.
    But we keep tearing things down and rebuilding
    so I’ve relocated to a self-built windmill
    of all my own problems I’ve accumulated
    and built into a trap I just can’t jump off of.

    By Helenn on 11.22.2009

  18. nederland don quijot espana romance river sea ireland happiness

    By gokhan on 11.22.2009

  19. The windmill I stood under smoking a joint outside of amsterdam was the best thing I’ve ever seen.

    By Erika on 11.22.2009

  20. wind turbines that will save us energy. the world should be full of these. what’s better than energy formed from nature. it is one of mother natures gifts to us that we use and abuse and even see as a nuisance. it’s time to harness what nature has given us

    By on 11.22.2009

  21. The windmill spinned and the wind made the golf game a little more difficult. George Lopez could only enjoy this, since he was a fanatic at golf and anything that made the game more of a challenge he enjoyed. The challenges is what makes the game so much fun.

    By nicoco on 11.22.2009

  22. As the wind hit the sails, the building seemed to move. No one understood how the elements could affect a nonliving object such as that. It was alive and moving, affected by its surroundings. They moved on.

    By blacklitdogstar on 11.22.2009

  23. Windills make me think of Switzerhand and Heidi and rolling green countryside. I’m not even too sure of thier purpose but I was fascinated with them as a child. Windmills and lighthouses. I wonder what it’d be like to live inside one.

    By Bev on 11.22.2009

  24. The windmill Quixote tilting at windmills big slow arms sweeping in circles endlessly green hills and a brown and white cow with a bell around its neck, a little flower behind one ear, a daisy or a dandelion jane siberry the sun shining and an old

    By quixote on 11.22.2009

  25. When I went to Holland, I was supposed to see the tulips and windmills. Too bad I got so distracted in the city of Amsterdam that I didn’t get out to tour the countryside. My mother is still more disappointed than I that I never saw the windmills in holland.

    By cj on 11.22.2009

  26. Amsterdam, Netherlands…the heritage of my husband’s family. I have a grandmother who at 96 lived through many world wars and the state of things in Europe at the time. She was saved from ruin just days before the Germans reached her town.

    By Volleygirl on 11.22.2009

  27. The windmill isn’t turning any longer. It sits there mourning the feeling of its blades turning as the memory slowly slips into obscurity.

    By goliath on 11.22.2009

  28. peace

    By fee on 11.22.2009

  29. As I walked up the hill, I couldn’t help but think of what would happen. I looked around me, and it seemed too perfect. The sky was cloudless and blue, and I was on top of the world. I looked ahead of me, and saw the giant windmill, giant, epic, looming. Alarming. I was scared. I was tired. Yet I was exided.

    By Snipp on 11.22.2009

  30. don quixote. this is what i immediately think about. i remember seeing man of la mancha with my grandmother a few years back. it was a pretty wild musical, i think i thought it was funny but i don’t remember it that much. we also read an abridged version of it in my spanish class. i hated that teacher.

    By andrew on 11.22.2009

  31. mill the wind? how absurd! but use the wind to mill your grain, how basic!

    By unconquered_mind on 11.22.2009

  32. The beauty of the sails as they accept whenever the wind decides to blow..the sheer acceptance of grace it presents. Power and strength as well as grace and silence.

    By Christine on 11.22.2009

  33. what is a windmill? Does it help create energy or does it simply pose as an object in the sky for us to look at and wonder what it’s true purpose is?

    By Anonymous on 11.22.2009

  34. my god i just don’t know exactaly what it means
    but i heard this word in a song by blink182, anda i like it

    By vivis on 11.22.2009