May 24th, 2013 | 117 Entries

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117 Entries for “stratosphere”

  1. Had to learn that for AP Enviro
    Used the lyrics of “Gucci Gucci” by Kreayshawn as a pneumonic

    By Will Colin-Diamond on 05.25.2013

  2. up up up in the clouds
    up up up so high
    up up up where no one can reach
    not even the most soaring bird
    or jet
    or cloud
    up up up and away
    up up up and I’ll stay
    up up up and go go go

    By Alouette on 05.25.2013

  3. Stratosphere. So high. With clouds so wispy. So airy. So free. Wish I could fly that high. Escape my problems. Escape the world.

    But it is part of the world. Escape is not the answer.

    By Mirrormirror on 05.25.2013

  4. i have no idea what that word is but i think it is about a circle well a 3d cirlce since it has the word sphere in it sphere also sounds like the word sophia which by the way is my name, im called sophia i remember in year 1 we were learning about 3d shapes and my tea

    By Sophia on 05.25.2013

  5. There was no way to go beyond it. It extended from one side of the ozone to the other. David could very well see that the entire human race was trapped underneath. But without calling out, he gently eased himself down the ladder. It would never do to alarm the public.

    By danielle on 05.25.2013

  6. stratosphere is a type of atmosphere which I don’t actually know about so I am rambling… I like cheese? And a lot of things actually. I’m not too sure what the stratosphere contains though so I feel like a cretin… And I can’t type very fast :( I wish I could type quicker.

    By Pinar on 05.25.2013

  7. His thoughts are higher than our thoughts just as the stratosphere is so high above our heads. We can look towards it but never actually see it, reach towards it but neve feel its heat.

    By Tracey on 05.25.2013

  8. Your love lifts me higher than the stratosphere.

    By A False Terl on 05.25.2013

  9. She stood on the edge of the platform looking down at the Earth.In a second she would let go.

    By A False Terl on 05.25.2013

  10. It is one of the highest layer of the atmosphere. extemely less oxygen is presnt in this layer. High altitude jets normally tend to cruise in this layer. the temperature difference between both the layers is called stratopause.

    By Jehan Sabavala on 05.25.2013

  11. there it is, a giant needle piercing the sky. we took the elevator to the level below the ridiculous drop ride, screams crowding around above us. i leaned my body on the plate glass window and looked down on the strip below. that was when my friend told me about the shoddy building practices, the history of the owner. ok, move back, step away from the edge.

    By Gigantor on 05.25.2013

  12. cloudy, empty, fleeting…like thoughts

    By arav on 05.25.2013

  13. Into the stratosphere! I barely remember who I was, what I looked like or what interested me that year that I took community college astronomy. I just remember the host of all of the Exploring Space documentaries we watched and how he relaxed me in that dark room with only one working fan.

    By Camille on 05.25.2013

  14. Solomon shot out of the atmosphere faster than the eye could follow. The creature that was chasing him could not catch up. Unless…Yep. Unless it could teleport. A flash of light and the beast materialized in front of him.

    By MauriceWilliams on 05.25.2013

  15. That’s where I am when he’s near. Too many emotions to keep so low down, it’s hard to control my thoughts.

    So I let them drift up, up to the stratosphere or maybe even higher.

    But no matter how high they go, he never notices.

    By Rosie Theanonymousterriblewriter on 05.25.2013

  16. they say if you write your feelings on a balloon and let it go you’ll feel better. I doubt it. why would you let your emotions go like that? let their venom float higher and higher, past the clouds and into the sun. only to explode for everyone to see?

    By rosemary on 05.25.2013

  17. Some kind of atmospheric layer

    By gjkl on 05.25.2013

  18. sky

    By poonam on 05.25.2013

  19. Back from the stratosphere at last. His muscles were atrophied; walking on level group made him feel dizzy, as if at any moment the earth would tilt sideways and throw him back out into space.

    By mrsmig URL on 05.25.2013

  20. Back from the stratosphere at last. His muscles were atrophied; his balance was off. With every step he felt as if the world would tilt sideways and throw him back into space again.

    By mrsmig on 05.25.2013

  21. What is a stratosphere?? Sounds abit medical… or perhaps not, maybe it is something to do with space…

    By Frida on 05.25.2013

  22. Stratosphere is something in the air
    Something up there?
    Not that I know much about the atmosphere
    But I know I heard it somewhere

    By Barbara on 05.25.2013

  23. Darling, I want a boat. The sort of boat that will take you up into the stratosphere. I guess that makes it an aeroplane or a blimp or a rocket that will make you cry in the morning when the sunlight hits your pale skin, when you realise that boats house your deepest fears and the water speaks to none but its own kind.

    By highway on 05.25.2013

  24. It is the great beyond
    The outer workings of the mind
    Taken into account by the stars
    Galaxies twist and unfold into the morning sun
    What power do we have?
    The dust on our tongues will be set free.

    By ellie griffith on 05.25.2013

  25. I am writing about this because the website will not let me skip it. When you google this word, you come to a casino rather than the level of the Earth’s atmosphere. In general, this word just brings back nightmares of geography. Don’t get me wrong, I adored geography. Atmospheric Systems was a whole other kettle of fish though. When Hadley cells become necessary in my line of future work then I will thank Cambridge for that course. So far, it has only helped me understand why the conditions of the desert that I live in are the way that they are. And even so, I’m too busy sweating to think of science.

    By Swarley on 05.25.2013

  26. I fell from grace yesterday,
    On my own accord,
    Knowing I would never again be able to circle the sky.
    The sense of flying was now behind me,
    As I fell into the arms of my love,
    Fell from thousands of feet,
    Giving up everything I knew,
    Just for a chance at something more than happiness.

    By Siege URL on 05.25.2013

  27. in the atmosphere, protects us from whats above. gives us a sense of security and safety from things above. gives us air to breathe, water to drink. it keeps us all together away from danger.

    By alyssa on 05.25.2013

  28. I slowly came back to this stratosphere, the crash feeling like it was going to kill me. I had never been so happy in my life, or felt so free. I wanted to go back to that other place, this place was not the one for me. Now that I knew how to get what I wanted, I was addicted, forever, and I never wanted to change it, or him.

    By AnnieB on 05.25.2013

  29. I am not sure what this means, I know it is something to do with space but I’m not sure which layer it is. I once played a game where we had to order things and one of the catgories was layers of space and I was terrible at it because I have no idea, I don’t think I got any right. I wish I knew more things like this.

    By Rikki on 05.25.2013

  30. The stratosphere. It is an endless horizon of sky, where the colors meet and the birds fly. It is where wishes go, and where anger is personified by lightning.

    By walkingriddle on 05.25.2013

  31. Not really sure what to write.. so I’ll write about something else. The boy I like has made me believe he loves me.. only to tell me that his girlfriend of 6 months is the one for him. I’ve never been so heartbroken

    By m on 05.25.2013

  32. the Sky is vast and filled with wonder. IF the creaturs of the air that exist here could carry us to the stratosphere, the power and adventure that would await. Why are we so bound to the solidityof the ground. when the power of the sky is right before us.

    By Avioc on 05.25.2013

  33. The stratosphere looms over us like the unconscious eye of an unknowing and uncaring god. Our delicate lives hang in the balance of a slurry or a cocktail of gases and liquids suspended just out of our reach, but just close enough to where our lives hang in the balance of it’s continued reality

    By Alec on 05.25.2013

  34. All she wants is to breathe. Fresh air, not the disinfected pumped oxygen that they called air here. Even in the “garden” the air was the same stale, near death air. She wanted to climb all the way into the stratosphere and breathe every bit of air on the way down. She could imagine it.
    No parachute, just complete free fall. Everything blowing about her. She would breathe better that she had in years, and be free. Falling and breathing until that final stopping point caused all air to cease within her body. A thing of beauty.
    Maybe that was why she was in a room with white walls, generic furniture, and a lumpy bed. Maybe that was why her parents had finally given up and sent her to this blaring white place.

    By Caitlin on 05.25.2013

  35. asked god for an angel

    watched the sky every night, fingers crossed

    (he sent down something else)

    By hel bentley on 05.25.2013

  36. the think about the world and in how millions of year it wouldnt exist. but why does the end have to be so far away. its agonizing trying to figure out what happens after death. why is it do far away? why?

    By Kaitie Hosford on 05.25.2013

  37. stratosphere is what is… around the earth, i think. It’s similar to the athsmosphere but … Bigger? I’m not sure but it sounds extremely familiar! I’d like to learn more about it

    By Jenny URL on 05.25.2013