May 24th, 2013 | 117 Entries

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117 Entries for “stratosphere”

  1. There he was, barely visible, floating round in the stratosphere, bouncing of the stars, dancing among the clouds. Love had found him, finally.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 05.24.2013

  2. Up to the stratosphere.
    Letting go of fear
    Dropping into serenity
    Longing for unity
    Hoping for something better, found above the destruction
    Wishing for a way to peacefully function
    Found way up high
    In the purple sky

    By Thecla on 05.24.2013

  3. And now we are rocketing into the stratosphere, about to crash, but not caring. :)

    By Jason on 05.24.2013

  4. And as the rocket entered the stratosphere, so did the love that was lost that day. A man, leaving on a jetplane, simple as it can be. But when your heart is in the stratosphere it may be harder than it seems.

    By Tim Johnson on 05.24.2013

  5. His emotions went into the stratosphere when she kissed him

    By A False Terl on 05.24.2013

  6. Rockets come and go.

    By A False Terl on 05.24.2013

  7. high above covering us from terrible terrible attacks from the sun.

    By Gama on 05.24.2013

  8. sounds like atmosphere, sounds fancy, and sounds particularly unique when the syllables roll off my tongue. i wonder what it’d be like to go up in the stratosphere, it’s physically impossible or is it?

    By Ashly on 05.24.2013

  9. “We can’t make it, Captain. We can’t make it.”
    “Hold it steady, boys. It’ll only take a few strokes, and she’ll be free.”
    “No, Cap. I canne hold it no longer!”
    The Captain yanked the wooden rudder from the man’s hands and held firmly. Their pirate ship was nearly into the stratosphere.

    By redpinkandwhite on 05.24.2013

  10. Into the stratosphere! Where is that? 50 miles above the ground? It’s awfully cold and lonely up there. Thin, too. Why would anyone want to fly there, hanging in that space between earth and the heavens, escaping without truly escaping?

    By Holden URL on 05.24.2013

  11. I am circling above the stratosphere
    and I have been circling for a thousand years,
    and still I cannot tell if I am watching over the womb,
    or coming from it, or a great song being sung to it.

    By drew URL on 05.24.2013

  12. My heart launches here when I think of you. It is there with my thoughts. And with you. Unable to reach any of it.

    By Aja on 05.24.2013

  13. We pierced the clouds, and then the cool air as we made our way to the edge of the world. I looked back. Nothingness. We were lost with no where to return to. We floated on past the planets like a wandering balloon.

    By Aster on 05.24.2013

  14. Stratosphere? The heck’s a stratosphere? strategical sphere thing… like a Rubik’s cube… only a circle… that’s pretty cool, I guess. Throw it at somebody or use it as a pool ball… cuz Rubik’s cubes aren’t worth using properly, and I would assume stratospherical versions would be the same.

    By Cathalos on 05.24.2013

  15. into the stratosphere said missy lu. she stepped into the shuttle that would transport her to space. tavelling at the speed of light to reach jupiter.

    By shelby on 05.24.2013

  16. blue. everything was blue.i strapped on my mask, and contemplated the view, mountains seem petty and the air was thin and weird.

    By diego on 05.24.2013

  17. What’s that? Gosh. I don’t know what stratosphere is. I’ve heard that already but i don’t know exactly the meaning of it. Is that something above the sky? Yeah, is that so? I don’t know.

    By Star Mira on 05.24.2013

  18. It was a cold night with vague, blinking stars half peeking through the cloudy stratosphere. She grasped my hand blindly in the darkness before she had to go, twisting thoughtlessly at the ring stuck upon my finger.
    “I wish things could’ve been different…”

    By WearyWater URL on 05.24.2013

  19. Baby, put down your shoes. There’s no need for them where we’re going. The only place to go from here is up. Unfurl your wings and lets go where things are a little spacey.

    By Camilla on 05.24.2013

  20. Like space? oh jeez, I don’t know. Makes me think of last year in Astronomy with Sam and Dilliam and how much fun we had laughing and doing all sorts of other shit instead of learning Astronomy like we should have xD haha we had a lot of great conversations in that class. even though I barely passed the class.

    By Rikki on 05.24.2013

  21. Sunsets are from stratospheres. The brilliant yellows, oranges, purples and pinks intermingle with the dust and particles hovering in the air.

    By sarahsarahsarah on 05.24.2013

  22. As we glided safely above the stratosphere, Noah gently toke my hand in his. ”
    We’re almost there,” he whispered.

    By Juliet on 05.24.2013

  23. I look up into the sky, imagining that I can reach the stratosphere. Alas, I know it is too far for me to reach. I look down at the ground, where my fingernails are digging into the deep cool soil, uprooting the soft green grass. Slowly, a warm tear rolls down my cheek. For I know I cannot go where I want, and this realization once again pains me into yet another cycle of grief, denial, irrational hope, and then depression.

    By Ally Smith on 05.24.2013

  24. Somewhere your mind goes when you want to be away for a while. Make me a cup of coffee on summer mornings when the dew has broken and the white sheets drape our bodies. My stratosphere, your stratopshere. In bed with you, far away from everyone else. Our skyward escape in our shoebox apartment.

    By Madeleine on 05.24.2013

  25. I sit upon a cloud staring down at the life that was once mine. Clouds are in the stratosphere, right? I’m not sure, I never did pay attention in Astronomy. But it sure is beautiful up here. More beautiful than any of the chaos that I once called my life down below me.

    By Rikki on 05.24.2013

  26. over the cumulus cloud, formations of rotten white things, elephants folding, airplanes lolling, rain drops are smalling in the driveway puddles, in the stratosphere rides my sweetest dreams, flying.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.24.2013

  27. The stratosphere was now underneath me. I was soaring, soaring, soaring….gone.

    By XLPCCB on 05.24.2013

  28. full of smoke,
    my lungs exhale
    into a crystal ball,
    where goldfish enter the stratosphere
    and replace oxygenated

    By Kairn on 05.24.2013

  29. The air is beauty. Earth connects. What is the stratosphere? Maybe I should have payed attention in Geology. My seconds are almost up. This was pointless.

    By Jessica Casey on 05.24.2013

  30. High above the rain and the wind, floating tranquil on a silent breeze. Unadulterated freedom. Possibility. Hope

    By Jesse on 05.24.2013

  31. You know those white fluffy cloud tails that jet planes leave behind? They are formed in the stratosphere. With water droplets that too. Isn’t that nice?:)

    By Isha on 05.24.2013

  32. Atmosphere, stratosphere, troposphere. Brainstorm a collection of words formed from disparate letters that jostle themselves into position, like gases forming banded stripes through the horizon. And all I can think of is the darker space beyond the stratosphere, where the light design is star sourced and minimalist, and wish I could float there, instead of here.

    By nytrist URL on 05.24.2013

  33. there was thisboy and he loved to watch the moon and the stars and the sun.the galaxy intrigued him almost as much as linda’s eyes filled him with a heartbreaking loneliness. knowing he’d never have her, as he’d never have the moon or stars

    By manda on 05.24.2013

  34. love peace happiness Jessie Tiana LOL OMG soccer school

    By tiana on 05.25.2013

  35. love peace happiness soccer school friends LOL OMG

    By tiana on 05.25.2013

  36. Soaring further and further from the world. I start to float and look back. There is nothing to return to and I float like a lost balloon into dark nothingness.

    By Jacob on 05.25.2013

  37. I launched my heart into the stratosphere. It was stuck in the mud when you came along and gave me a rocket to ride. Now Im so high I cant feel gravity trying to pull me back. Im long gone from that place and free to float as I please up here in space.

    By graham on 05.25.2013

  38. it is the thing that exists above atmosphere.. probably at more height thatn atmosphere which is obvious if it eixists above atmosphere.. here u do not find any breathable air or what we normally call oxygen !! this being the case, only aeroplanes travel here…

    By goutham on 05.25.2013

  39. Part of the atmosphere. Air. High up. Also a hotel in Las Vegas. Roller coaster at the top. Never been. Hate roller coasters. Not much of one for heights either, which is ironic considering the word is Stratosphere. Huh.


    By Sean McGee on 05.25.2013

  40. they live there, no they don’t have wings, they are not physical beings, they do not have to put any effort into living there, they’re just there, they’re just invisible, but they’re definitely there, they just want to be there, so they’re there. and they stay there. don’t mind them. i mean, of course you won’t, because there’s no way you can even perceive them being there.

    By nodochinko on 05.25.2013