May 25th, 2013 | 148 Entries

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148 Entries for “spilled”

  1. I spilled to glass of juice all over my mother’s new white dress for my cousin’s wedding. The worst part: it was grape.

    By XLPCCB on 05.26.2013

  2. I just can’t forget it. I’ve seen the way I used to be and now I’m blinded by that thing in my eyes, that silly goal, that little bug. It made me rub and rub my eyes until I cried. I spilt my milk. Time to complain that I’m lonely, now. I’ll try not to, but I just can’t forget it.

    By genahtastic on 05.26.2013

  3. He spilled his milk carton while he was taking a trip to his mother’s store.

    By Cheska on 05.26.2013

  4. words run out of my mouth faster than I can close it. they slip out, and slide off my tongue without hesitation. it takes me a century to realize what happened and by the time I do those words have already ran off to somewhere I can’t see.

    By rosemary on 05.26.2013

  5. Her hair, unbound, spilled down her back. It was kinked and rippled from being braided so long. He longed to run his fingers through those ripples.

    By mrsmig on 05.26.2013

  6. She spilled her syrup, at first it all came rushing down but then just a few drops fell. Drop, drop, drop. Everything fell right into place in a perfect puddle of pure sweetness.

    By Ari on 05.26.2013

  7. I spilled my soul over your long hair, drops of lust and sorrow embalmed your hair, darling, making it stronger than the tree branches.

    By Owl's Eye on 05.26.2013

  8. she spilled the milk but knew not to cry over it. it had happened so many times before. this time she realized that it honestly just was NOT WORTH IT and walked away. no paper towel, no lysol wipe, no clean up at all. she didnt even call mommy to ask for help. she had learned to adapt

    By Valerie on 05.26.2013

  9. i spilled some of my emotions today and I guess I was a little embarrassed. Spilling emotions is hard work, since the cleanup can often take so long. So is it the spilling I’m embarrassed about, or the large amount of time that I invariably need to clean up the aftermath?

    By Tas on 05.26.2013

  10. Spilled milk. Never understood how that one was bad because I was never really a big milk drinker.
    Now, spilled coffee will make me cry. I won’t try to drink it off the counter but it really makes me sad to spill coffee. Or Mello Yello. Or ice cream. Oh, coffee ice cream. See, all leads back to a love of coffee!

    By Deanna URL on 05.26.2013

  11. I am never the type of person to spill emotions. I’m locked up inside and therefore no one can get me to take it all out. Yes, I know, it’s my fault.

    By Chelsea on 05.26.2013

  12. The splash of coffee ran down her neck and shoulder, spilling across her arm and onto the table. It soaked through her shirt, leaving it soaked with a brown stain of liquid, bitter and warm.

    By Serryphae URL on 05.26.2013

  13. spilled

    I spilled my milk!
    Spill the beans!
    AAAA there is too much time to spill !!
    blah blah blah spill spill blah

    By Remtem on 05.26.2013


    By HAN on 05.26.2013

  15. Spilled glass, wet pants. Ice cubes on the floor.

    By Holden URL on 05.26.2013

  16. I’m in warrior mode
    having gone more than two months
    without a day off
    without reprieve.
    Most weeks I only sleep six hours a night
    and I trudge forward
    with resolve sharper than I ever knew
    prior to this two month deluge.
    This is not a poem.
    This is my awe on the page,
    an ink bottle tipped over,
    with its contents finding solace on the page.

    By Jason URL on 05.26.2013

  17. Beans are spilled . Red beans and rice have been a large part of my diet in the past. Human beans are not really beans at all. I seem to have some extra time so Id like to say hello to my mum and dad and the girl down the road l

    By boris oblivious on 05.26.2013

  18. I shouldn’t have spilled that,
    Mom will be mad,
    Here comes my cat,
    My cat won’t be sad.

    By Evan on 05.26.2013

  19. I spilled my thoughts, no regard as to what all I was saying. he had asked me a simple question, but the kind look in his eyes made me want to talk. The way he asked, and the way he looked at me as it all came out, I knew that he was willing to listen and that IO could tus him not to say anything to anyone else. I told him everything I was thinking and feeling,and when I stopped talking, I felt better, but nothing changed between us.

    By AnnieB on 05.26.2013

  20. i spilled the beans my dress was ruined when i spilled wine on it. i was spilling the shilling and dealing with a spoilt spilled sour glass of milk. the paint spilled onto the canvas of my life so weird.

    By wendi URL on 05.26.2013

  21. the coffee spilled all over my books, I was very angry, till the books dried up and I realized they all had a new wonderful smell… I should start spilling my coffee on things more often.

    By guido Ricciardelli on 05.26.2013

  22. Spilled pork juice is a disgusting item which cannot be replaced with any other byproduct. Don’t call me rude or prejudiced

    By Darreys on 05.26.2013

  23. Coffee spilled all over her paper. She watched it as in slow-motion. She saw all he notes vanishing in an instant under the deep brown liquid.

    By Fredda URL on 05.26.2013

  24. Don’t cry over spilled milk. It can’t be put back in the glass (well, at least not all of it, and it wouldn’t be anything you wanted to drink – ewww, milk that’s been on the floor/some person’s suspicious-looking counter top…). Move on, seriously, there’s better milk out there.

    By Candice on 05.26.2013

  25. i love you a little

    like splitting the red sea was a nice party trick

    like samson was a pretty strong guy

    like king herod was a bit of a dick

    By hel bentley on 05.26.2013

  26. Why did this have to happen to me? It’s the worst possible thing. I can’t believe Michaela spilled my secret to the whole school. I honestly regret ever being friends with her.

    By Al on 05.26.2013

  27. she spilled the glass of water in a hurry. She was very nervous. The moment was dawning in to her, that did not help.

    By Aakriti URL on 05.26.2013

  28. i spilled my guts about something i shouldnt have. and people were mad but thats ok it had to be said.

    By samantha on 05.26.2013