May 23rd, 2013 | 119 Entries

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119 Entries for “clout”

  1. A young bear who effortlessly trumps the influences of others and who surfs the skies as if water-skiing while tied to a plane would be named Kit Clout-Kicker.
    …or something.
    I think I already popped in for today’s word.

    By ISOreality URL on 05.23.2013

  2. I have no idea what the fuck this means. It reminds me of The Sandlot when the kid says “The Colossal of Clout?” and then the other kid behind him repeats him, “The Colossal of Clout!” That is all. It’s so close to cloud except no one cares about this word.

    By Christy Somers on 05.23.2013

  3. I’m a…I don’t have any…he doesn’t have any…we don’t have any…please give us some.

    By nodochinko on 05.24.2013

  4. I don’t have all that much clout yet in this world, but one day maybe. Guess I need to study and get good at something before that will happen. I love learning, but hate reading textbooks and dry articles on stuff. But maybe, if I discipline myself like a french parent would their child, this is an obstacle I could overcome.

    By Laurel on 05.24.2013

  5. I have no idea what clout means but it rhymes with doubt and grout and shout and tout and laut (which is german, i know) pout and route (which actually it depends on how you pronounce it some people say “root” and some people say “rowt”.

    By Julia Lisowiec on 05.24.2013

  6. If I had any clout at all, he would be publicly humiliated in front of all who know him and I would finally, finally be shown to be the poor, long suffering partner of a scum sucking maggot.

    By Frances on 05.24.2013

  7. The clout believe that he was the better than anyone else and had the power to do whatever he wanted to. He paid heavily for his mistakes one day when when he went too far.

    By victor URL on 05.24.2013

  8. I came upon this word one day, as i was reading through a book at the library. As i read it in my head, someone at the same time said it out loud. That word is clout

    By Lawl on 05.24.2013

  9. The clout on his forehead as he reached through the rock gap knocked him backwards onto the mossy forest floor.

    By skylarkin on 05.24.2013

  10. A clout is a thump which has humorous connotations. for example, when talking about a vicious assault, one would never say ‘he was repeatedly clouted by the gang of feral youths’. Rather I would say ‘I got in late from the pub, and got a clout for coming home late and drunk.

    By William Santa Cruz on 05.24.2013

  11. her blood dripped, dripped, dripped from the clout on her neck. he was right there watching her. She couldn’t wipe it away, not with him watching. The mess was getting larger and larger

    By Brooke URL on 05.24.2013

  12. what is a clout? I have no idea what a clout is. Clout? it sounds like cloud, but with a t. I seriously have no idea what that word means. I wish I knew, then I could write about it, I guess.

    By amy austin URL on 05.24.2013

  13. I knew he had clout, and I knew that he would use it against me if i tried to cross him. Sitting across from me in his $2,000 suit, he smiled at me malevolently and gave me a wink.

    By Lee on 05.24.2013

  14. Such a hard blow. A clout to the jaw and everything spun about. He had read about people seeing stars when they were hit; his were less stars and more explosions, like fireworks only without the fun.

    By mrsmig URL on 05.24.2013

  15. i don’t know the meaning of this word. I should. I don’t know the meaning of anything much. It rhymes with drought. does it mean hitting someone? it feels negative and disturbing. it feels uncomfortable. as do i, with an english degree and no understanding of the meaning of this word. maybe it describes me.

    By Ella on 05.24.2013

  16. How much clout do you have, really, how much influence in your immediate sphere at work, with friends, with family? With strangers who see you on the street? That’s the question we as marketers are always trying to answer – find those influencers with clout and the rest will follow.

    By Ara on 05.24.2013

  17. clout, do i have the clout behind this sentence? do you believe what I’m telling you? do you hear what I’m saying.I don’t want to do this anymore.

    By Crystal on 05.24.2013

  18. a smack. sounds interesting. a way of showing anger.
    but what’s funny is that there can be a friendly clout too.
    it’s an interesting word. sounds like cloud.
    don’t know whether it really does have a positive connotation or not.

    By Pooja on 05.24.2013

  19. None of the heroes in the monitor room had the clout to dispatch anyone the moon. But there was no time to continue Regus Fire who was thousands of light years away in Omnus 3.

    By MauriceWilliams on 05.24.2013

  20. i don’t have any idea what i am suppose to do so . . . I’ll clout myself instead!

    By homer labranche on 05.24.2013

  21. I put my hands into the ancient flames
    gently so as not to clout such fragilities
    that only burn when you when you hurt them.

    I held the thousand-year-old coals
    a thousand away years from being cold
    and knew the dance is far from being over.

    By drew URL on 05.24.2013

  22. Pretty sure I’ve used this word before … not in an everyday conversation … or even an out loud conversation. But I have read it, and written it, so … that must count for something. Shouldn’t it? I dunno, I’ll take the win.

    By Scott Garland on 05.24.2013

  23. His fur-coat carried with it the clout he had gathered over the years, along with a sizable wallet, numerous business cards, and the knife he used to slit her throat early that morning.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 05.24.2013

  24. the devil: a haiku

    could’ve had it all.
    self-sacrificing bastard
    ruined everything.

    By hel bentley on 05.24.2013

  25. I have no idea what clout is, but it could be anything. it could be the gum on your shoe or the sperm in your eyes. It could be anything or anyone and it could be beautiful or down right ugly. you never know what a word could actually mean til presented to you. Or simple it could be a made up word.

    By Alexis URL on 05.24.2013

  26. that word looks like its mixed between two other words. so, i’m going to have to look in my vocabulary again, to see what the heck that means.

    By halfbright on 05.24.2013

  27. I have clout because I have earned it. I don’t pretend to be something I am not.

    By Susan on 05.24.2013

  28. The Colossus of Clout. Honestly, I didn’t even know what clout meant. All I know was the thrill of being able to watch a, should I say, rare movie classic inspired by Babe Ruth. That was I knew about Babe Ruth.

    By Roma on 05.24.2013

  29. what is clout
    it looks like cloud fluffy white clouds in the sky is what it seems like
    with a tee a tee shirt cloud?
    who knows what a clout is, its clouty as to what it is
    this is sucks

    By Callie on 05.24.2013

  30. The morning was running away from her control. The dog had been sick in the entry, the kids had clouted each other unintentionally in the backs from their swinging backpacks, and her husband had left the house keys on the hall table.

    By Erica Wang on 05.24.2013

  31. so you’re walking in here like you own the place, talking your mickey mouse bullshit. you have no clout. put your attitude outside the door and then we can talk. aren’t

    By victoria on 05.24.2013

  32. what does that even mean like is that supposed to define someone who is big? or someone who looks like they would be a bully? what even is a bully? maybe they’re all created in our minds and we don’t actually get pushed around but we’re doing it to ourselves. i think the scariest thing ever is to think that we could all be creating our own nightmares.

    By rosa addario on 05.24.2013

  33. While at the doctors’ I thought I had clout. I thought finally I can pay you. but the doctor corrected me and said it was the gout.

    By Alex on 05.24.2013

  34. I glared at him. “There was no need to be so rude! She was only trying to help.”

    He turned his nose up. “Yeah, she was trying to help herself right into your pants.”

    And so I gave him a fierce clout on the head.

    By Palak on 05.24.2013

  35. i don’t even know what clout is. I was going to google it- in fact, I clicked the word with my mouse and opened a google tab but didn’t read it- but it would be useless since I only have sixty seconds.

    By Barbie on 05.24.2013

  36. I don’t really know what this word means. At first I thought it was cloud but then I got closer and there was a ‘t’ on the end. “How strange…?” I thought to myself, such an extra-ordinary word.

    By Youssof El-Aris on 05.24.2013

  37. “I don’t have the clout to pull it off,” she said. What she meant was, “I don’t know the people to ask for help. They might say no. It might be a failure – what if no one showed up?” All manner of excuses.

    By christie on 05.24.2013

  38. i have no idea what to write about.. i don’t even know what this word means xD sooo…. hi! haha

    By Ilene on 05.24.2013

  39. Well, what is clout. I guess its means that some people has a lot of influence & can get his/her way. That ‘s what I think it is. It could mean something else. but I don’t have a dictionary by me

    By Vixen Black on 05.24.2013