May 24th, 2013 | 117 Entries

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117 Entries for “stratosphere”

  1. ok

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 05.24.2013

  2. My joy went through the stratosphere…my son just got 100% for his first ever Chinese exam! We’re simply speechless.

    By irene URL on 05.24.2013

  3. Sometimes I think the ideas I’m looking for must be out there floating in the stratosphere because I can’t hold onto many ideas here on earth.

    By Robin on 05.24.2013

  4. i know this has something to do with the earth.. that’s about it.. i think it’s the thing that surrounds the earth to protect it from UV Rays, but i’m not 100% sure.. haha.. ha.. errrmmmm … yea…

    By I. S. H. on 05.24.2013

  5. part of the space inside the earth that holds us together inside, like some kind of invisible wall that divide us from them, the outsiders

    By Marina on 05.24.2013

  6. In one minute, the stratosphere broke open and out came a tiny flashing object. First it was small but as the seconds passed it grew larger until I was sure it would land right on my house! Then it hit me

    By Lauren on 05.24.2013

  7. I looked in the mirror. I looked really cute and sexy. No doubt about that. At least, that’s what Cheray said. I don’t think that was too ok though.

    I felt so confident for the disco. I felt like a disco diva queen.

    I put on my black, shiny, rubber shoes and my tenth layer of strawberry lip gloss.

    There layed a cute wrapped gift shop from my crush, I felt so embarrased and happy (all at once)

    I opened the box and there was a gorgeous handwritten note + a lovely pink stratosphere

    By Isabella on 05.24.2013

  8. I’d be content to hold his hand and just roam
    I swear, that boy could make hell feel like home.

    By Carly URL on 05.24.2013

  9. Have you ever sat and considered
    The constellations freckled on your forearm
    Or the galaxies reflected in your eyes?
    They really are quite brilliant.

    By Abbey on 05.24.2013

  10. And you stand here, on the top of the hill. Looking into the sky, as far as you can. Searching for the one, lucky star. Somewhere over the stratosphere. Star to guide you home.

    By Cydoniac on 05.24.2013

  11. astrology
    something bigger than me
    a word I dont exactly know the meaning of

    By Breanna on 05.24.2013

  12. “Passing through the stratosphere; please standby for turbulence.”
    I rolled my eyes. “Idiots. Don’t they know we know what a goddamn flight consists of? It ain’t like this’ the 21st century – they don’t gotta walk us through the simplest damn things.”
    Koylar laughed beside me. “Let ’em get their kicks, Taya. After all, how many can VI’s possibly get anyway?”
    I grinned.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 05.24.2013

  13. Aus dem verschwindenen Nebel taucht hervor die letzte Zone der Menschen. Dort zwischen den Nebelbänken stehen ihre verlassenen Häuser und sie sitzen davor mit verlassenen Herzen und leise kann man in der Ferne die Vögel singen hören.

    By serrin on 05.24.2013

  14. His red cape trailed behind him as he shot through the stratosphere. Little puppies and their red cape powered behind him, reaching for the sun, their energy, their life. What would become of this planet if the red capes were not to be found? The world should hopefully never have to know.

    By Michelle McNeill on 05.24.2013

  15. I fall.
    Through the stratosphere. The mesosphere. The thermosphere. The exosphere. The clouds blur. I am cold all over.
    At least- that’s how it feels.
    “I’m sorry.” You say.
    I’m sure you are.

    By F on 05.24.2013

  16. One of the earth’s spheres. The third sphere. Outter Space

    By Shantel M. on 05.24.2013

  17. You know, i remember when i was a kid and the stratosphere was explained to me and i thought it was just the cooliest thing ever. i knew right away that i wanted to go there but as i grew older and learned more i realized i wanted to go much much farther. i just might.

    By Dan on 05.24.2013

  18. I think the stratosphere is a thing somewhere in space. It’s like a plane or something and you have also other’s spheres, but I can’t remember the name of them. So it’s in space really above the earth and I don’t know what more to write than that it’s in space, so please help however is reading this.

    By Linda on 05.24.2013

  19. the stratosphere is a place high in the layers of atmosphere. I feel it is also the place of many great adventures and adventures to come. The stratosphere seems out of this world, maybe that’s because it is…. I can imagine all the stars scattered across space. What would a veiw be like from the Stratosphere.

    By Haillie on 05.24.2013

  20. The stratosphere was a mystery. Wondering what could be below so deep than what we already know, was simple fascinating. It was special and extraordinary and just wonderful.

    By Kayla on 05.24.2013

  21. “I don’t want to be cast into the stratosphere, you see,” the small boy said, trembling. “I want to stay here. I want to stay here, or I want to go home.”
    “Well, which is which?”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Is the home the stratosphere, or is home here?”
    “It’s neither,” he said, confused.
    “That’s the trick,” he told the boy, smiling, and vanished.

    By Leah W. URL on 05.24.2013

  22. why do I keep getting this word, this is so not cool. I already wrote about the statosphere. I want something different. I don’t even have much to say on this subject, just nonsensical ramblings. Goat. Pirahna. Archemides. THESE ARE BETTER WOR

    By Angie on 05.24.2013

  23. I looked up into the sky and imagined myself in the stratosphere. Floating up where the air is thin and the sky is clear. The sounds of everything washed away in the white noise of bliss and fresh air. Seeing everything and nothing all at once.

    By Angel URL on 05.24.2013

  24. My boyfriend dreams of making it, of “shooting off into the stratosphere and beyond”
    I wish him all the luck with it, support him as much as I can- but in the mean time I’ve forgotten what I can do. Do I have any talents? I don’t know anymore.

    By Lauren on 05.24.2013

  25. Oh dear,
    I do not know this word,
    Whatever shall become of me?
    Oh, how silly do I feel,
    such misery…

    By Victorian on 05.24.2013

  26. the stratosphere, oh we learned about this in science this year. god i hated my teacher. she was so annoying and so “enthusiastic” when in reality she hated space and teaching it. anyways, stratosphere. well it sounds pretty cool. space in general is pretty cool, don’t you think? Just a never-ending, expanse of nothingness. Well not nothingness. Somethingness. Who knows what all is out there?

    By Caroline on 05.24.2013

  27. Let’s fire some rockets & firecrackers. KerBLOOEY!
    I’m sorry, “stratosphere,” that this is all I’ve got for you.

    By ISOreality URL on 05.24.2013

  28. We were up in the stratosphere and accelerating. The ship was starting to shake, ever so slightly. They said that it was normal. We were almost to the point of breaking the sound barrier. So of course it would rattle. But then we heard an explosion.

    By Kristina on 05.24.2013

  29. It’s only me, alone here,
    In my mind I’m not afraid.
    It’s me singing to my fingertips,
    Holding tight while clouds pass by.
    As I fly higher than impossible
    People forget to stare in wonder.
    I fly up into the stratosphere
    And forget the world down under.

    By Ebony Bird on 05.24.2013

  30. it is high above us, sheltering the earth from a vast world full of fiery dangers. without it, we are figurative toast.

    By Catherine on 05.24.2013

  31. I look up. There is nothing above me except for a blank stretch of sky, emptying itself out into a vast, unabridged canvas of nothingness. I let the dandelion petals float out from my hand and up into the stratosphere. I sit down on the grass, feeling its tickling sensation underneath my legs. I feel whole. I feel warm and complete. I feel like me.

    By Sarah on 05.24.2013

  32. Today I went to H Mart and bought a lot of food. The main thing is my husband drove me there. We then went to Wal Mart to buy Calcium and bath wall.

    By Nay on 05.24.2013

  33. Somewhere out in the stratosphere
    You are so far, yet so near
    I will always remember the gleam in your eye
    The way you always asked me “why?”
    I’ll remember the first time I saw you across the room
    I’ll keep in mind the way you eliminate all the gloom
    Your big broad smile as you shake with laughter
    The way you’re a sweet disaster
    You haven’t a care
    It’s too much to bear
    I can’t imagine not knowing you
    Our friendship grew
    It’s all ending too soon
    This is an all too familiar tune
    Now I have to leave you
    But I care about you, yes I truly do
    You dwell in my heart
    Even when we are apart
    Somewhere in the stratosphere
    You are so far, yet so near

    By untamedimagination on 05.24.2013

  34. We broke the stratosphere at an inconceivable level of speed per hour. I could not safely tell you how fast we were moving. The gravity was non-existent, and I was propelled forward only slightly in the cockpit before the shoulder harness resisted the lift.

    My co-pilot, Edgar, seemed comatose beside me. I realized, much later on, that he had been in a deep reverie. I was relieved not to break him from it.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.24.2013

  35. We all had been lying across the hand-me-down quilt.. I had been looking upon the stratosphere along with all my friends when I decided, with curiosity, to get a look at their faces. I curtly looked down to see Dakota’s glassy eyes reflect the image of fireworks strewn across the sky.

    By Annee on 05.24.2013

  36. Billy had a very strong arm–he could easily throw a refrigerator into the Martian stratosphere.

    By blegh URL on 05.24.2013

  37. The Dragon Lady didn’t handle like the planes he was used to. It was slow, unwieldy, and it was an absolute nightmare to land.

    By Chris Clow on 05.24.2013

  38. no i hate this so much it is so crazy what is a stratosphere anyway is it a sphere or a strat maybe it’s a stratosphere. picking up what im putting down.

    By alaysja URL on 05.24.2013

  39. wonder. which layer? i’m thinking aviation. i am also thinking of stars, but being unable to breathe. probably something musically inclined. this is my first one and hard to not think, hard to stay focused. stars and such… but who really knows? probably incubus.

    By janna on 05.24.2013

  40. The membrane of this world holding us within this existnse that leaves us melancholy for no other reason than the fact that we feel as though we must be. The stratosphere is but an existne within an existence standing on the outside of another existence

    By Joseph O,Sanders on 05.24.2013