June 30th, 2013 | 203 Entries

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203 Entries for “steady”

  1. “Steady, steady, steady,” repeated Reggie restlessly, as Roxie rocked the rocketship training simulator toward a totally terrifying touchdown. — “Relax,” replied Roxie reassuringly. — “If this were the real deal,” Reggie muttered under his breath, “we’d be toast.” — “I heard that,” roared Roxie reproachfully.

    By ukipuki on 07.01.2013

  2. “Yep…Steady there Boyo, Steady… if you rock this plank of a boat again, we’re in the drink….Steady”, I said, “Look, you’ve got one foot in the……..ARGH!!

    PS: of course many use ‘steady’ as meaning hasty which of course is far from accurate. Steady is akin to ‘even’ as in ‘even-keel’

    By Bronhill on 07.01.2013

  3. you will be steady if you have savings in the bank. and if you believe in yourself.

    By Jane on 07.01.2013

  4. just stay steady is all he said as he started to walk away. She tried to follow him but her mind wouldn’t stay steady it couldn’t focus on what she was suppose to do.

    By remy on 07.01.2013

  5. I remember it steady. It was calm. It sort of looked dead. The trees around didn’t dance as they used to. The breeze didn’t hush as it used to. But it wasn’t the only thing that looked dead. I don’t remember thinking I felt alive when I stared at my reflection in the dead sea.

    By Isis on 07.01.2013

  6. He walked along the side of the road. Steady. Steady. He could fill his blood boiling, rising to the surface. His anger was building, stronger by the moment. Steady. Steady. He couldn’t hold on for much longer. He could sense it coming to a head. Steady. Steady.

    By Jimmy Adams on 07.01.2013

  7. as she goes, mate. Help me, I don’t feel steady on my feet today. He was steady, steadfast in his belief that good things happen to good people both now and in the hereafter!

    By Lee on 07.01.2013

  8. Slow and steady wins no race, especially if you’re a beginning runner in a crowd of seasoned veterans. Rather, time and persistence are what are required for success.

    By Amanda G. on 07.01.2013

  9. steady
    to go on, lasting a long time without stopping.
    never ending, forever and ever
    the way i hope my relationship will be
    the way my friendships are
    no matter where I am i know my friendship are steady
    their will be

    By bobby on 07.01.2013

  10. Ready steady GO!

    Steady means that you are planted firmly. That you have a good grip on things. That you aren’t going to fall. That you are stable. And you don’t flail. And all of this is metaphorically speaking about life.

    By Madison on 07.01.2013

  11. Slow and steady wins the race they say. A steady hand will always allow you to do the details. Steady is how we need to deal with our life. Our lives are only so long. The long term is what we need to look at. We have to do it in a steady manner.

    By Con on 07.01.2013

  12. Walk steady, my friend
    I’ll hold you up
    Walk steady my friend
    You’re on your own
    Walk steady my friend
    don’t let me drag you down
    Walk steady my friend
    You’ll make the world go round

    By Rose URL on 07.01.2013

  13. calm and relaxed sate of mind when you see the morning sun rising up and flashing beams of light towards your eyes and saying I will always love you

    By Max on 07.01.2013

  14. I am anything but steady. I keep wavering under the pressure with which the waves of turbulent emotions crash against me, knocking me down each time I try to find some balance.

    By Alvina on 07.01.2013

  15. There was no time to consider the impossible. There was nothing he could do but get down on one knee.
    “Will you marry me?” He asked, quiet desperation in his voice, quiet desperation she did not hear. Of course she said yes.

    By zoe schemm on 07.01.2013

  16. Steady, solid, grounded. These are the traits I need to access to find the joy and success in my business.

    By Christine on 07.01.2013

  17. It’s fine, I thought to myself as I lay in the hospital bed, motionless. I can’t do much much but I haven’t been steadier. I see clearly now.

    By pb9 on 07.01.2013

  18. His hands shook.
    I wrapped them in my own.
    cursed them with my mind
    Say you wish you could run away with me
    His hands did not still
    my hands did not move
    Say you wish we could live
    But i was steady,
    and he shook,
    could never

    By Zozojay on 07.01.2013

  19. “Steady.” It felt like a shout in my ear. “Steady.” It felt like he whispered it just to torment me. “Steady.” I wanted to hit him. “Stop.” I wanted to kiss him.

    By Zozojay on 07.01.2013

  20. One step at a time,
    One breath, one motion,
    One beat, one drive,
    One body, one notion,
    One dream, one wave,
    One dance to revive,
    One path, one pave,
    One chance to be alive.

    By Julian Christopher Geritz on 07.01.2013

  21. Steady as She Goes, I love that song and every time I hear it I feel like a rock star. The kind with big hair walking down the street and tons of people turn, watch and stare.

    By Ebony on 07.01.2013

  22. it’s about time
    I have been trying to hold on
    and see things through a different lens
    it’s about TIME
    taking time, making time
    working at finding a balance
    being steady

    By Roxane on 07.01.2013

  23. He held her on the bow of the ship. “Steady” he said. She couldn’t help but look back at him and wonder how they ended up on the front of this ship together. They had never met before. She liked him. She didn’t know why. She wasn’t falling for him but he was nice to be around. Like a shower. A necessity, but not quite something she loved.

    By Jen on 07.01.2013

  24. a reasonable attempt to try something new and at a slow pace. It is a way to ensure the job is done right the first time and properly. A steady hand is a practical tool when writing.

    By Jasmine on 07.01.2013

  25. Don’t go too fast. They always say steady wins the race. I never considered that this could apply to so many situations in life. So often I find myself just going and going, never taking time for myself. Slow down and take time to br

    By Cheyenne on 07.01.2013

  26. Everyone always says “slow and steady wins the race”. I never really understand that phrase. You win a race by going the fastest, don’t you? Obviously they can’t really be referring to a real race. What are they talking about? “The race”? Does that mean life?

    By Cheyenne on 07.01.2013

  27. Why do I keep getting this word? I would really like a different word. I can only write so much about the word “steady” before I just begin rambling about complete nonsense. I don’t have anything interesting to say about this word. I hardly even use this word in every day conversation. It has no importance to me.

    By Cheyenne on 07.01.2013

  28. The course had been set. The boat fought bravely against the waves and those in the surface barely held against the movement. Our path had been already written and the captain’s aim was as steady as his compass pointing north.

    By Alexis on 07.01.2013

  29. im a steady person because im so happy. i love my mom my boyfriend
    i think that the world needs a lot of thing to be in peace but it is so beauty.
    i love all my friends and i love travel.

    By carla on 07.01.2013

  30. Steady as she goes captain. Things are a little uneven right now, keep it under control. You’re doing fine, just relax and carry us home. Your efforts here will not be forgotten, while people’s perceptions of your inexperience will be.

    By Criss on 07.01.2013

  31. I walk steady down the line towards the place where you and I met. You will not be there. I will be standing, yearning, remembering, but you will not be there. My memory will stumble and fall in the most obvious places, and my dream will no longer be ours. It will only be mine. And only a fantasy.

    By Eli on 07.01.2013

  32. I am not steady.
    I am not the constant beating of the waves on the shore
    I am not steady.
    I am the scattered thunderstorms
    making their way across the mid-west.
    I am the unpredictable torandoes
    Ripping down towns of Kansas
    I am not steady.

    By Payton Nichole on 07.01.2013

  33. Stable, permanent. Everybody desires a relationship that could be represented by those words. But, is anyone willing to sacrifice what is required to develop such a bond with anotherone?

    By Jimena on 07.01.2013

  34. “Steady as you go!” he calls out.
    I scowls. “I know what I’m doing.” I begin the tightrope walk to the next balloon. I am steady, but my insides are shaking. I try not to let on, because he’d never let me live it down.
    “Steady!” he calls again. I can’t glare at him this time because I can’t turn around.

    By Penny on 07.01.2013

  35. She ran at a steady pace. Her heart beat pounding in her chest, her lungs filled with the crisp morning air as her long brown hair bounced around her shoulders. The morning dew still laid upon the grass that cool fall morning.

    By Astrid on 07.01.2013

  36. I am not steady,
    I am not the constant pounding of waves on the shore,
    I am the scattered thunderstorms
    making their way through the mid-west.
    I am not steady,
    I am not the unwavering tick of a clock,
    but the unpredictable tornadoes
    ripping down towns of Kansas.
    I am not steady.

    By Payton Nichole on 07.01.2013

  37. slow and steady like of mice and mens song.. Steady wins the race however life isnever steady. Funny how steady has 6 letters, well not really but still I just waant to write. Take everything steady. Steady steady steady sounds weird as i repeat it in my head.

    By Briana URL on 07.01.2013

  38. I’m often questioned about my beliefs, and why I have chosen such a steady pace. I’ve seen too many people hurt by the loss, a gift that can’t be repackaged, or secured. It’s a value that is gone and a memory that cannot be forgotten.

    By mika on 07.01.2013

  39. nothing can roar louder
    than the steady drone of waves
    fighting to undo
    the status of an island
    the power of a shore
    the shelter of a lifeboat
    and a million fragile pieces
    of what used to be a clam

    By StarlitSunrise on 07.01.2013

  40. I am often asked of my beliefs and values, and why I’ve chosen to be steady. I have seen too much pain surrounding the loss. A gift meant for someone special; lost, not meant to be found or repackaged.

    By Mika on 07.01.2013