June 29th, 2013 | 138 Entries

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138 Entries for “instant”

  1. Instant. What can one say about instant. The fact that something can happen in an instant astounds many people. Many believers, and non-believers alike believe in an instant. The instant is the quickest possible way to describe how I fell in love with him.

    By Cedes on 06.30.2013

  2. In an instant, it began. In an instant, it was over. Fuck an instant.

    By sarah farmer on 06.30.2013

  3. In an instant, her world had changed. That split second, two cars colliding, two lives vanishing, had changed everything. She hadn’t realized how much she had taken for granted. But she now realized that everything could end in an instant. And change forever.

    By Emma on 06.30.2013

  4. Instant coffee. I don’t like coffee, i wish i did though because I’d be able to stay awake in the mornings when i’m dragged from the comfort of my bed and into school. or at night when i raelly need to do homework but my eyes just wont stay open i like tea though but that doesn’t help you stay awake. Thoughts keep you awake that’s for sure.

    By Jordan Lynch on 06.30.2013

  5. Instant actions are usually the ones which you actually start regretting once its done. Thking twice is imp but sometimes instant actionas and reactions are what make you… thats the best lesson of life to make you the person you are…

    By vinni on 06.30.2013

  6. I’ve written about the word instant twice now and It hasn’t saved. I wrote about instant coffee and how I don’t like coffee but if I did but I’d be able to stay awake at night but it doesn’t matter anyway because my thoughts keep me awake at night. I don’t suppose that’s what I was supposed to do but its what I did.

    By Jordan Lynch on 06.30.2013

  7. Crash of corners
    melted metal resurfaced into all that clatters
    silence to cacophony in an instant
    war movie
    It’s gon’na get better, man.

    By ISOreality URL on 06.30.2013

  8. In an instant he was there, standing before me as if he had just risen from a cloud of dust. My father. For twenty-two years I knew not one thing about him. He was a mystery. Now he is an enigma solved. I turned around and looked him in the eyes and in that moment I knew who he was and everything he ought to be.

    By Garri on 06.30.2013

  9. the sensation was instant
    my first cigarette
    i claim it to be my last
    (but we’ll see)
    in one instant
    i understood
    but what i don’t understand
    is how
    everyone else
    aren’t scared
    like me

    By Candice URL on 06.30.2013

  10. this is where i get off the towering machine behold the symmetrical tandem on the trail looks like a normal bike but the wheels burn over the asphalt creating pockets of molten lava that melt and corrode as they go straight through to the core of

    By reluctant URL on 06.30.2013

  11. That one instant, where something might have been done, something that might have prevented this, is passed. It is dead and nonexistent. (But how can something be nonexistent when it was there to be dead? How can it exist?) There, of course, is no sound set to go off, no grand, ceremonious, flamboyant announcement from the victor. This is not the kind of thing (most) people rush to study, rush to record, validate, know. In this instant, there is not even your own self contradicting, only your own heart as it attempts to steady itself into silence.

    By YEsomebody on 06.30.2013

  12. After waiting for over two hours for the bus to arrive to take us to the stadium, some of the members of the team got fed up and return to the their homes. however sensing our dismay at what was happening, our boss took things in his own hands and ordered a taxi van for us and in an instant we were taken to the stadium in time for the games.

    By victor URL on 06.30.2013

  13. It’s how quick it happens when you fall in love. Or how quickly death can come. Whatever it is, it’s unchangeable. You find yourself with this emotion or feeling that came on so sudden and sometimes you have to act fast in order to deal with what just happened. And that can be a test of your true nature.

    By Jessica Panza on 06.30.2013

  14. instant. that moment when something can forever change. Instant is one of those things that is a double entente. It can be a time, a situation or a speed. The instant she walked into the room. The instant in which he acted in. The instant response the rescue team gave when they heard her heart broke…

    By Amanda on 06.30.2013

  15. The instant coffee spills haphazardly into the mug, the hot water turning first muddy, then black. Only a truly exhausted man can’t even manage to make a proper cup of coffee.

    By JV on 06.30.2013

  16. Instant noodle is prohibited in my family but still, how can I not love it. Sometimes I think everything that is instant is easier to do, easier to get, but somehow it makes us dumb, not having the hardworking eagerness.

    By reinataps on 06.30.2013

  17. Instant. A life can change in one. For good or bad, but we mostly think of bad. Why is that? Instantly, I thought… a car crash. Or perhaps a bad decision. Why do we always jump to the bad in life? Am I a pessimist? Instant…

    By Lily on 06.30.2013

  18. the instant you started
    to believe in yourself
    you collap[sed at the door
    and you hurt your own wealth
    you cuased yourself a great deal of pain
    and all your hard work
    was done in vain
    so change your tune
    and try to believe
    that next time its different
    and you’re bound to succeed
    stop hating the past
    and live your future
    it’s your to create
    make more than your used to

    By on 06.30.2013