July 1st, 2013 | 175 Entries

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175 Entries for “god”

  1. I use this word a lot. As an expression of frustration. “Oh god. What’s happening to me.” Something like that.

    I always get reminded me of that one thing Lt. Scheisskopf’s wife said, how she wished that “the God that she didn’t believe in was a just God.” Technically, it doesn’t make sense, but if you think about it long enough, it does.

    By Jason on 07.02.2013

  2. god is the creator of the world. He is the cause of anything that happens in human life. without he there is nothing. also there is atleast one proper valid reason for all his doing. as a conclusion he is nothing but love. If a person is a lovable one then he is gos

    By Vanthana on 07.02.2013

  3. a far distant being not capable of communicating with us, but not in a direct way. Omnipotent? maybe not. Benevolent? Most likely. The reason why a lot of people live and the reason a lot of people fight. Why then, is there no harmony? Can’t we all just love each other?

    By Douglas on 07.02.2013

  4. A god. I am a god. Well, that is what all the girls tell me after I bed them and treat them as they have never been treated before. I can’t help it. I know how to treat a girl right. Maybe it is the fact that I was raised by my mother. Or maybe it is my three other sisters that ‘trained’ me in the ways of keeping a girl happy. But all I know is that when the see me , they know I will take them to another world…

    By trkstr67 on 07.02.2013

  5. God has moving parts, but no batteries. God has an innate energy no scientist has yet explained. God is in all of us, and is much smaller than the control mechanisms of popular religion would have you think… god is an atom and made the universe in its own orbital image.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 07.02.2013

  6. God is our amazing creator. He made the heavens and the earth. He made me, you, and everyone else. Not everyone agrees, but I believe.

    By Joscelyn on 07.02.2013

  7. If your god wishes to speak to me, tell him I am waiting. If hers does, he will come.
    Until one does, I have no reason to trust any of them. Certainly not with my life.

    By darseyrsm URL on 07.02.2013

  8. Is my all..my everything..my respite from the storms of life and my deliverer from temptations and sin. God is my friend, my father and the glorious inventor and master of my life.

    By Linda Carey URL on 07.02.2013

  9. The world was ending right before my eyes. Cities crumbling, country land deteriorating, and urban areas burning to the ground. My hands rested against my forehead as I struggled to make since of it all. How could God allow this? How could we allow this?

    By Teagan on 07.02.2013

  10. Sometimes I think I do not know what this word means. I am confused by it. I was raised to believe in something I do not believe now, yet I cannot feel free to redefine the word for myself because of that.

    By Marnie on 07.02.2013

  11. A lot of people fight over this. My god is better, your god is wrong, there are many gods, there can only be one god. So many conflicts and wars have been fight, so many lives lost, just over one word. Why do our beliefs stand in our way? We can’t all come together because we’re too busy fighting over “god”.

    By Veronica on 07.02.2013

  12. en el mundo existen muchas religiones porque para cada quien dios es diferentes. Nadie va a tener los mismo pensamientos que otra persona, y por ello mismo somos humanos. Dios somos nosotros.

    By dani on 07.02.2013

  13. He really did have a God complex. Even his sister thought he had a complex. I mean, I didn’t know him all that well, but really, its not that hard to notice. He was trying to control everyone. At least he was hot. That was the only plus side to this situation.

    By Victoria on 07.02.2013

  14. He had a god complex. I still loved him, though. It was, however, hard at times. An angel with a god complex? Imagine the control and the power he wanted to exert all the time. It was never ending, really. Always wanting more and more until there was nothing left to give.

    By Lilly on 07.02.2013

  15. “All these idiots who proclaimed themselves demigods! Good grief, is there one COMPETENT Umbrella psychopath in this building?”

    Alexia, Wesker, Morpheus, Spencer, and the others all turned to give Birkin a dirty look.

    “What?! …I just think my beautiful G transforms its victims into giant, glorious globs of regenerating flesh! At least I didn’t try to start a RELIGION.”

    Wesker threw a pair of sunglasses at him.

    By Beast of the Sea on 07.02.2013