June 30th, 2013 | 203 Entries

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203 Entries for “steady”

  1. “steady as she goes” that’s what they always say, but you really have to wonder if that’s one of those things that’s true, or one of those things that’s total bullshit. you know, like “eat your peas” and “dinosaurs are real”

    By Nicole Taylor on 06.30.2013

  2. “Steady as she goes”. It’s one of those phrases that you always hear, that adults always say. It’s one of those phrases that you always hear and wonder if it’s really true or a load of bullshit, like “peas are good for you” and “dinosaurs are real”.

    By Cole Taylor on 06.30.2013

  3. ‘Ready, steady, go!’ shouted the referee as the cars raced ahead.

    By neda on 07.01.2013

  4. They say that slow and steady wins the race. But wouldn’t quick and steady be even better? I’d rather be the hare than the tortoise, and run my little bunny heart out. Who wants to be beaten by a turtle??

    By nedra URL on 07.01.2013

  5. Breathe in, breathe out. Her feet were wobbling on the thin gray line. Steady, she thinks to herself. Remember what daddy taught you. She continues on, not faltering.

    By Klarinea on 07.01.2013

  6. The hull creaks and groans in the angry tidal waters. The deck, which was hardly steady footing to begin with, rocked at a sickeningly fast pace, making more than a few crew members go green with nausea.

    By WearyWater URL on 07.01.2013

  7. She walked. She had been on death row for what seemed like years, but was closer to 17 months in reality. She had always been uncertain in her life, but now she walked through the iron clad hall with head head held high, each step placed deliberately, never missing a beat.

    By Ethan Shackelford on 07.01.2013

  8. Steady as the beating drum. Drum is also heart. Heart beats steady. I beat steady so therefore I am a drum!!! I do my own thing. I am me! =D

    By Kacey on 07.01.2013

  9. Turtles are steady. Steady as a beating drum. I am steady there for I am a drum. My heart is what makes me steady. My heart is its own drum.

    By Kacey on 07.01.2013

  10. We are going steady and it’s all I could ever wish for. Your smile tonight warmed me and I can’t wait ’till I can see you again. Do you think about me just as often? I know my world will never be the same, and I await the moment where our eyes meet in passing and we know.

    By Mary Hosler on 07.01.2013

  11. Solid as a rock, steady through wind and rain. Unfailing, will always stand true, no matter what.

    By Kyle on 07.01.2013

  12. She was everything I needed. Safe. Warm. She understood me and I understood her. She could calm me with a single movement or gesture. Just the sound if her breath exhaling from her body and inhaling into her chest calmed me. She was steady. She had the power to catch my attention with a sing,e word or note hummed under her breath. Everything she did was calming, sturdy, safe, steady…

    By Ora on 07.01.2013

  13. She was everything I needed. Safe. Warm. She understood me and I understood her. She could calm me with a single movement or gesture. Just the sound if her breath exhaling from her body and inhaling into her chest calmed me. She was steady. She had the power to catch my attention with a sing,e word or note hummed under her breath. Everything she did was calming, sturdy, safe, steady…

    By Ora on 07.01.2013

  14. They’ve been going steady for a few months and now they’re in the back of his van. No words, just their lips pressed against each other in the fast rhythm of the love making. Their tight grip on one another. The windows are steamed out. No words. Just their love making the conversation

    By Zak on 07.01.2013

  15. Ready steady go. Boats that ride steady in the water. Steady person is someone that is on an even keel emotional and so creates a comfortable feeling for those around them there is an amazing number of references that are nautical. Don’t fall out of the boat; keep her steady. It is one of the things that I wish I had more of, however, too much can be boring or controlling. Remember Stedley! Rather not!

    By Linda on 07.01.2013

  16. His gaze was steady when he watched me. I thought I loved him, I really did, but life happens exactly when it shouldn’t. I wish everything was steady like his eyes.

    By Sonya on 07.01.2013

  17. i am not good at being steady. Wait, that can sound misleading. Let me rephrase that. I am not very good at doing tasks for a long time….. Well, for example, I am not very good at breaking bad habits(biting my nails, or biting my lips) or keeping good habits, (like exercising in the morning, and such)

    By thedarkestsheep on 07.01.2013

  18. “Steady, steady,” he called out to me. I was wobbling, precariously perched atop a tightrope wire. I could hear the wind blowing around me and the birds calling to each other. I could only feel one emotion: fear. How could I stay steady when I was so nervous and wobbly?

    By Jocelyn on 07.01.2013

  19. If I were steady I’d stay in one place. I would not move, I would not falter, I’d be still, ready for a change. If you saw me, would you wave “hello” would you be kind? I wonder if my world is calm.

    By Dom on 07.01.2013

  20. Steady now. You don’t have to worry. Breathe out, you can do this. You have been prepared for this. Nobody else can do this like you do. Calm your nerves, relax, make it all go away. Feel it in your fingertips, at the very end of each strand of your hair. Breathe in, breathe out. Calm down. I’m always there for you.

    By Nathalie on 07.01.2013

  21. Shakey, fuckin shakey hands. Wish they were steady themselves. Shaking, so nervous, adrenaline hitting the heart. I hate it. I want to go home.. now. I don’t want to go through the ordeal.

    By Emma Green on 07.01.2013

  22. Were we trying our best to steady the frame that would complete the side of the house when a high wind knocked it out of place. it would take another two hours before it could be put back in place.

    By victor URL on 07.01.2013

  23. he kept running, intensity in his eyes, a firm vigor in his gait. panting lightly, he hoped to hit the 10k before dusk would introduce a velvet night to his beloved lake and at the same time, he treasured this time of zoning out and spacing in so much that he wanted to slow down.

    By berenique on 07.01.2013

  24. Steady as she goes…. stay the course and don’t let distractions or emotions pull you from path. Keep your eyes on the prize and keep on keeping on – all platitudes but all good words to help you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself. Just do it.If it’s important, you’ll make time – and if it’s not, you’ll make excuses.

    By Ara on 07.01.2013

  25. I tried to steady myself as the ship was tumbling around the rough seas, I don’t even know why I decided to go, I hate ships, I hate water, I hate all of it.

    By Celestewarner on 07.01.2013

  26. I took a step forwards.
    “Easy does it,” My friend called to me. “Nice and steady.”
    I took another step and wobbled a bit. Out of panic I jumped down. My friend sighed.
    “[my name], if you want to learn tightrope walking you have to LEARN it!”
    I sighed. Oh well.

    By Raviv L. on 07.01.2013

  27. The sea is never steady. It’s always moving and changing like the ideas that flow through my head. I think I love you. I whisper to my computer screen. Your green dot is steady, but you do not reply.

    By Arella Bailey on 07.01.2013

  28. She steadied the edge of the table with her hands. Everything was teetering; delicate china cups and saucers, silver tea service, sugar and milk and trays of dainty sandwiches. If she let go, it would all end up in the grass. So she stood there holding the table, frozen like an ice statute, and waited for the yell of outrage from her mistress.

    By mrsmig on 07.01.2013

  29. the ship rolled in the waves bright and calm and a beacon. swimming towards the surface was a struggle in heavy clothes and shoes but the hul was visible and if he was close enought to the side he could pull himself up.

    By Sam on 07.01.2013

  30. the steady wind made its way through the empty park as i made my way down the abandoned path. The wind blew what ever left i had of my soul out of my body.

    By Nani URL on 07.01.2013

  31. The rock of the boat was making her sick. Her stomach did flip-flops as the bile crawled up her throat. She was too far along to make it to the bathroom, so she gave up and dropped to her knees. But before she hit the deck floor, two strong arms wrapped around her.

    By Soft URL on 07.01.2013

  32. you always use up
    all the hot water in the mornings
    and i can never trust you to make coffee
    because you like yours too strong
    you manage to break at least one plate
    every time you do the dishes
    and you still haven’t figured out
    how to iron your own shirts
    (though you’re getting better at pants)
    you only reply to texts hours after they’re sent
    like you’re operating in an alternate universe
    that’s exactly the same as ours
    except it’s lagging behind
    (a difference that can be adequately measured
    with the running time of return of the king)
    you raise your voice at the littlest things
    though i don’t think you even know
    you’re doing it (like you’re used to trying
    to make yourself heard
    but it’s still upsetting when i’ve had a bad day)
    you also have four heads and a few
    thousand eyes and you have to do something
    about your giant gaping wings stretching
    over my side of the bed
    (while we’re on the topic i keep hearing
    handel’s messiah every time we have sex
    which is obviously weird
    but i guess not dealbreaker weird)
    and you get at least one visitor a day
    asking you why you haven’t brought on
    the apocalypse yet, and where the hell
    is your flaming sword
    (you asked me to keep it under my desk
    at work for safekeeping
    it warms my bagel which is kinda nice),
    and why are you wearing yoga pants?
    but we can work around that
    because every person needs a constant
    and in the process of you stalling
    the destruction of the world and all of mankind,
    you have become mine.

    By h. b. on 07.01.2013

  33. i’ve never been too steady, but this one time, in alaska, on this fishing boat, we had to tie the boat to the dock. i had to get out and run along a log, wrapping the ropes around the pylons. water was pouring down from the dock above. when a stream of water hits your rain suit your initial reaction is to look up and get soaked. i didn’t. i was proud of myself.

    By nathan carson URL on 07.01.2013

  34. as steady as a person on a tight rope, I stood.

    By Afrina on 07.01.2013

  35. Slow and steady wins the race.we are familiar with this proverb.Isn’t it?

    By bida on 07.01.2013

  36. At least this time ’round has been steady. No drama, no crisis, just a positive correlation between time spent together and enjoyment of your company. You may still have a little more work to do before you sweep me off my feet, but in the words of my wise(?) friend, “I hope you marry that badass”.

    By aura.rayne on 07.01.2013

  37. Slow and steady wins the race
    What if i want a faster pace?

    By Daisy on 07.01.2013

  38. Slow and steady wins the race
    but what if i want a faster pace?
    Steady just bores me
    and slow takes to long
    I need to go fast if i want to have fun.

    By Anna on 07.01.2013

  39. “mix of things of different kinds”

    By alan on 07.01.2013

  40. The horse began to run as soon as she was free from the barn and felt her rider urge her on. “Steady,” exclaimed the girl, “I don’t want to fall off!” The horse began to slow down to an even pace while running through the dense brush of the woods knowing it would be a while before they reached their destination.

    By DareToBeDifferent on 07.01.2013