June 30th, 2013 | 203 Entries

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203 Entries for “steady”

  1. Im not. ihavent been for a long time. everything in my life is rocky and rickety and about to fall apart. i envy those people that know what they want and where they are going. but even still im not sure i would be happy in a nice easy steady life. ive always felt that i thrive in chaos.

    By Savannah on 06.30.2013

  2. Steady. I repeated the word in my head. Steady. Stay steady. I was floating in the air, one hundred feet above the ground. If I lost my footing on this wire, then I was dead. Splat. Gone.

    By Ava on 06.30.2013

  3. Steady. I repeated the word in my head. If I didn’t keep my balance I would fall one hundred feet to my death. I was steadily crossing the gap on a wire. The wind was whipping at my skin, shaking my body. I needed to be steady.

    By Ava on 06.30.2013

  4. She’s the most cunning person I’ve ever knew, when lying she stays steady and in control of herself, impressive..

    By anonymous on 06.30.2013

  5. He moves like the tide, steady, the push and pull of water on sand. His heavy breath and soft sounds are the whisper of wind and sea. His waves wash over me, and I’m drowning.

    By Doctor noun, M.D. URL on 06.30.2013

  6. Slow and steady wins the race. The tortoise. The ones who continues to go. Continues to love. Not the one who leaves us abandoned; but us who are persistent and cautious. But we give everything, sacrifice everything for the sake of this experience.

    By Abby on 06.30.2013

  7. I am a steady woman. I am balancing both my personal life as well as my public life. The way I have found balance is making sure they both match up. I am who I am in person or private. To be steady means to have integrity. I try to make sure I am the real deal. I do not want people having to guess who I might be.

    By Cris URL on 06.30.2013

  8. his
    shaky hands
    hold steadfast
    nervous trigger
    finger quivers.
    shouting out
    in a voice
    not his own

    By mouse on 06.30.2013

  9. your going to quick you better be steady, ready, head north and go!
    you bike will wobble and you might tumble and heart your bottom
    but you are sure right to continue the race
    when your pace goes quickly and you make it in a quick pace.

    By Shelby on 06.30.2013

  10. The ship was held steady to the dock against the waves as it tossed up and down haplessly like a rowboat of much lesser sizer. The vessel groaned against the pressure of the waves. The old rope broke with a loud snap and the ship flung out to sea.

    By Matthew Bonaccorsi on 06.30.2013

  11. please call 1 800 get steady if erections last longer than 6 hours. Like ASAP because this aint no joke aint no no no no unsteadiness ready ness ready fish kish dish fishes in the lake lake lake society is not exactly the most……………..steady. rad raddy fed feddy stupid people on a sink

    By Colton on 06.30.2013

  12. “Steady. Keep it steady,” she repeated over and over again. Ruining the third painting today would be horrible. She needed to keep the paint brush steady…

    By Angeles Rocha on 06.30.2013

  13. i take a deep breath, and focus on maintaining a perfect balance as I glide steadily on. There is a sort of grace in these careful movements, even if their purpose is entirely practical — so as not to upset the trays stacked far too high to withstand any abrupt or jerky movement. Two trips are for the weak.

    By terradi on 06.30.2013

  14. he took a deep breath to steady himself. there was nothing he wanted more than this. there was nothing he had thought about more often, nothing he had pictured every night before he went to bed. he didn’t deserve this, he knew it. he knew how lousy he was.

    By elaine URL on 06.30.2013

  15. we are “going steady” as some would say. have been dating for almost a year. you have been the steady ground that i have stood upon for awhile, so what happens if i want to be unpredictable and not steady and move to new ground?

    By Misti on 06.30.2013

  16. Steady is a word indicating stability, if one were to see a ship moving on a straight course without every veering off, you could say it was steady. Likewise if you’re a character who doesn’t cause much fuss and goes along with life, you may be called a ‘Steady Eddie

    By Tom on 06.30.2013

  17. my kisses are slow and steady,
    writhing and frantic
    but sure of themselves.
    theyre not empty or selfish,
    i want to give them all to you.
    i want you to be the last person i kiss before
    whispering goodnight
    and the last person i kiss
    before stuttering goodbye
    and turning sunshine into midnight forever

    By sydney levinson URL on 06.30.2013

  18. With a steady hand I write.
    The words flowing out of the pen
    As if being guided by angels themselves.
    Steady, Steady, flow the lyrics of my heart.

    By Sarah on 06.30.2013

  19. Steady the beating rhythm. Count your inhalations, exhalations. Don’t think too much. Just move steadily forward.

    By Ama Marie URL on 06.30.2013

  20. “Steady as she goes, my lads. Secure all sails an’ drop anchor; time ta enjoy a bit o’ shine, aye?”
    “Aye, aye cap’n!” came the chorus of replies as I leaned back against the rail with a sigh, eyes lingering on the town you could just see glimmering through the fog that seemed permanently attached to the dock. It had been a long time…
    Marus looked over at me, his heavily pierced brow raised in question. “Permission ta speak freely, cap’n?”
    I offered my old friend a smile. “Always.”
    “Are ye sure this’ a good idea?” he asked. “I heard the lady Katherine still calls this city home.”
    I couldn’t help but look away at the mention of HER name. “I have all the faith’n the world we won’t run inta the likes o’ her on these docks, Marus.”

    By S.C. Lovelace on 06.30.2013

  21. In the upcomming months I’d like to keep a steady balance with my nutrition. I’m an over weight girl but I’m comfortable with my image but not the fact that it’s bad for my body. Huzzah for running

    By Marissa on 06.30.2013

  22. My hands were anything but steady as he approached. His cocoa eyes bored into mine and unsettled something within me that I didn’t not know slept. It awoke- hungry and ferocious.

    By Alyss Lynn on 06.30.2013

  23. Steady is a man who likes to make things that demands his full strenght. Steady is the one who sees all things going down, but do not give up. Steady is a person which has the power.

    By Wisley URL on 06.30.2013

  24. this is the steady walk across it in the middle it will transecnde voices on hte table in cafes crass little ladies make lanters from slopes in their strorkis ti canniot have countrol of my hands no the nervies are rwreaking int all no tnis cannot be

    By reluctant URL on 06.30.2013

  25. The man marches forward.
    Never too fast, Never to slow
    His steady pace outlasting all.
    Nothing can stop his monotonous,
    continuous flow.

    By Hightimes on 06.30.2013

  26. Steady and unsteady, constant ebb and flow of our tumultuous relationship. We’ve always been that way; as friends, at first, and then as a couple, and now as lovers. We’ve both felt the days of dependence verging on insanity, and days of mutual leaning, steadying ourselves on each other as we leap forward, whatever that may present us with.

    By Jessica URL on 06.30.2013

  27. has nobody sent you home
    steady being called a boy
    bringing home his eternal peace;
    if we lived in a house of quotes
    i’d never have to remember who i am

    By robyn URL on 06.30.2013

  28. tsteady she goes. life keeps going. work, family the pace of things never changing. steady she goes. time continues life continues you live on so steady you will go

    By blahhh on 06.30.2013

  29. the brash line the thread steady steady whooooaaaaaa
    the cargo dropped like in some hokey action film
    constancy steadyness

    By jonathon on 06.30.2013

  30. One word at a time.

    By Jan2510 on 06.30.2013

  31. “Steady, now,” I said to the horse (and also to myself).
    This was my first time riding a horse. I felt shaky – like a baby might, taking her first steps without support.

    By Mike Puckett on 06.30.2013

  32. Steady pacing I was, during the birth of my new child. I was in the waiting room, making a rut between the nurses station and the chairs set up for all the visitors.

    By victor ferreira on 06.30.2013

  33. Steady. Steady. Roger told himself as he walked across the ledge. The woman at the other end did not look so steady and she was making the mistake of looking down.
    “Look at me. Look at me,” he said, trying to give her a reassuring smile.

    By MauriceWilliams on 06.30.2013

  34. Is something turtles do slowly to win the race; something your dad did when you were a toddler and he held both hands above your head so you could practice walking; something a friends helps do for you when you’ve had too much to drink and take a stumble. Tough sometimes in heels.

    By Hannah URL on 06.30.2013

  35. has nobody sent you home
    standing far too long staring into the watertank
    staying still, watching batfish stay still
    and there is movement around you, and there is movement in the expansion of your lungs,
    the lungs of children moving by you,
    the noise of the aquarium director asking are you alright
    but how the whole world narrows
    (and we will all collapse into water)

    By robyn URL on 06.30.2013

  36. Steady as it goes. That’s what my mother in law used to say to me when she was still alive and kicking. But now that she’s gone, I find myself saying this to my daughters. With the world the way it is, I think this is good advice for everyone.

    By Jennifer on 06.30.2013

  37. hold steADY GET REady time is petty but mke it better. steady is aways moving and so are you time is petty because its gone too soon use yours hold steady

    By Alex Deaton on 06.30.2013

  38. Everything is steady, if you look good, love is steady, bonds are steady, friendship are steady.. as long as people put effort in it. This way everything can last forever…

    By Gabriella Warning on 06.30.2013

  39. The beat was unending and always there. It was one thing that I could always count on. It was the one constant in my life. That steady beat was all I had, and it too was eventually ripped away…

    By R on 06.30.2013

  40. Remember when you wanted to go steady at college and I said that I just got here
    why would I want to limit my options. And you said, Okay, what about semi-steady?

    By Robin on 06.30.2013