June 30th, 2013 | 203 Entries

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203 Entries for “steady”

  1. “Steady, lads. The wind is sure to take us,” the captain barked as his crew managed the rigging of his beautifully ornate ship. “The treasure’s not far now.”

    By Jordan on 06.30.2013

  2. hold on tight while I steady this line. The wind was blowing his comb-over so that it splayed out over his other ear. He was red-faced and breathing hard. It was scary to see

    By Lee on 06.30.2013

  3. write every day with your turtle near you. she is always creative if she seats near the elephant with dotted trumpet.

    By Ioana Drogeanu on 06.30.2013

  4. Steady mind. Steady heart. Steady soul. Look within. Stare into the balance there,

    By Ashley on 06.30.2013

  5. ready steady …. go!
    steady as she goes, steady as she gooooees
    steady spaghetti

    By bella on 06.30.2013

  6. Steady as you go George, your old legs aren’t what they used to be. I stumble hither and thither, always stumbling, always having to rest my weary bones at each interval. Surrounded by youth, energetic little children who seem to feed of the last remnants of energy left in my ancient limbs and use it to play hopscotch, leaving me bereft and watching in wonderment at their unceasing supply of enthusiam. I was once young and enthusiastic. Steady George is all I have turned out to be.

    By Gen on 06.30.2013

  7. Steady as it goes down the river long and steady floating with no aim. No purpose to its travel except to gain momentum as the water rushes along further

    By Dixon Cider on 06.30.2013

  8. Ready steady Eddie. Such vigour, now only rigor. Those years of living life to the full left him wounded within, and now a corpse

    By Gen on 06.30.2013

  9. Steady is what people always say, “Slow and steady wins the race” But it could never be more untrue. Racing through things is how they get done, steady is for the weak, slow is for the hopeless. They say I’m steady, weak, hopeless and from all they’ve said, I believe it now

    By Fiona on 06.30.2013

  10. we want peace in this world not war. too many people are dying….. WE NEED MORE LOVE, FORGIVENESS, AND PRAYER turn back to GOD then and only then will we see peace. LORD i ASK FOR PEACE IN THIS WORLD.

    By jeannette on 06.30.2013

  11. Jack grabbed tight to the coarse ropes that held those off-white canvas sails. He pulled them until they were tense. “Steady! Steady!” the captain shouted.

    By Auralia on 06.30.2013

  12. his hands were steady
    but rhythms pulsed
    in the veins of his forehead
    in his kneecaps
    in the joints of tomorrow
    him breath was unborn music
    still and patient in the forward air

    By Kiki on 06.30.2013

  13. steady going steady coming. treadmill spires rocking the floor, shaking the house, dust mote avalanche sideways and down. sunshafts on the dumbbells, like forgotten trinkets. bird chirp metal stairways, together eh Florida danger dogs.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.30.2013

  14. Steady breathing. That’s what they told me to do. Steady, like the sound of the waves. Steady, like your hand in mine. Steady, that’s how I want us to be. But we could never be just steady.

    By Selina Wong URL on 06.30.2013

  15. Steady, steady, just breathe – he told himself. No one will notice. Your stomach overflows and your legs are covered in dark hair and your face – god, nothing is every all right with your face. But breathe, just breathe, steady, walk by all those people in their bikinis and sunglasses and jump in. Underwater, no one can see you, and you can’t hear anyone.

    By CH☆M on 06.30.2013

  16. Steady breathing they said. Steady, like the sound of waves. Steady, like the way your hand feels in mine. Steady, like how I wish we would be. But we could never just be steady.

    By Selina Wong on 06.30.2013

  17. I’m steady to go. Everywhere. Just away from here. Away from this town, this place. This People. I hate them. I hate them all.

    By Elisa on 06.30.2013

  18. steady as she goes. she rides the moon like an arrow through the silent night. her silver hair flys in the air behind her. she wants to find her home, her new home. a place to grow and learn. there down below, that river side town looks perfect. it has few lights and a calming allure.

    By lillian on 06.30.2013

  19. “Steady”
    My grandad always said if he saw me teetering on the edge of falling.
    What a pity no one ever saw me teetering on the edge of sanity, then perhaps a simple “steady” Might have pulled me back

    By Simran on 06.30.2013

  20. It is hard to grasp it, to hold it close. You wish to own it and to claim it before it claims you, but instead you are left feeling helpless and withdrawn, while the entirety of your life is consumed by the thing you fear and love the most.

    By Jeremiah Jaster on 06.30.2013

  21. “Is it really that hard? I just want to be calm and steady.” I screamed right in his face. “I never wanted you to give me this attention. I never wanted you to love me.” He looked away, his lips formed the words ‘I’m sorry’. My heart dropped. “It will destroy you, it will destroy us all. Did our friendship mean nothing to you? Is it really so hard to control your feelings? Is it really that hard?”

    By Elisa on 06.30.2013

  22. Finally. It’s here. You no longer have to wait. You feel like you are going to be crushed under the weight of world. But that won’t last any longer. Your breathing will never be steady again. And your hands will never stop shaking. Not until that moment. But it doesn’t matter. No. It’s done. So you take your last shaking breath and pull the trigger. And you wake up.

    By Cydoniac on 06.30.2013

  23. With no movement at all, the barrel was aiming at her head. As if the sharpshooter was a mannequin unable to move. He was ready to shoot, with tears filling his eyes he pulled the trigger watching the head of, what used to be his wife, get a gaping hole in the middle.

    By Omnix URL on 06.30.2013

  24. “Steady,” Jeffrey murmured. “Steadyyyy…”

    We were able to prop up the large wooden plank nicely against the trunk of the eucalyptus tree before turning our attention back to the massive oak. So far, the floor to our upcoming treehouse was nearly done – now it was all about checking if it was stable. Jeffrey, being somewhat of a coward, had volunteered me to check it.

    “You’re the one who’s one hundred thirty pounds, dude,” I scoffed. “I’m nearing two hundred.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.30.2013

  25. Steady hand take a look and what it can do. My mind is steady and the thoughts are ready to jump into this pool of chaos; drink water as it cools the lungs and the air grows steady with the sounds of the birds and the bees caress the winds of hair. This doesn’t make any sense but I say it with a steady thought, steady hand, and a steady gaze.

    By H URL on 06.30.2013

  26. Your hands enveloped my tiny fists.
    Your feet were giant platforms which guided mine into waltz.
    I could hug you and all the baddies,
    would run and run and run.
    You are my orbit. You are my rock. But above everything else
    you are my daddy.

    By duckszcic on 06.30.2013

  27. “It’s going to fall if you don’t hold it properly.”

    A grunt of pain preceded his reply. “I know,” he said pointedly. “But you have to remember, I’m the one doing all of the heavy lifting around here.”

    She frowned at him. “And of course, I, being the typical fragile female that I am, am doing absolutely nothing at all.” She grimaced and shifted a bit to the left so that the weight of the beam she was supporting was distributed more evenly across her shoulders, even if it was by a marginal amount.

    By LordSriya on 06.30.2013

  28. if you really want to know what to do towin, you just gotta be steady. stacking cups isn’t an easy profession. I started when I was in the second grade. my teacher had given me the task of handing out plastic cups for a birthday treat. there were extra cups left over and she said I could keep them. I started playing with them and stacking them. by the time I was in high school I had become the master of cup stacking. everyone wanted to see me do it. it became quite a fad, thanks to me, and everyone always tried it. it became so popular that the school committee had put together a cup stacking contest. knowing I would be the winner, I joined with great confidence. I knew all iPad to doto win was be steady. when the time came, we were all sitting at a long table with a stack of cups in front of us. there were eight of us. three of my friends joined. I knew I would win. I looked over to my right and noticed a girl I hadn’t seen before. she was wearing big glasses and a black skirt. I knew I would beat her. anyway, the competition began, ten seconds on the clock and we were off stacking cups like madmen. I had just finished stacking my cups confident I was the winner until the speaker said, “and the winner is Rhoda Smith.” I couldn’t believe my ears. Rhoda, the girl with the glasses and black dress had beat me. I stood up and shook her hand and said, “well played Rhoda, well played,” she said thanks and went on her way. I guess there’s always someone out there that’s better than you.

    By damnielle on 06.30.2013

  29. Breathe….Her thoughts were focused on one thing and one thing only. Breathe, focus.
    The bow stretched again. This time, she was not going to miss.
    Steady. Steady.
    The deer jumped.
    Then it fell.

    By Stefan URL on 06.30.2013

  30. She stood there, stock still, waiting for him to make a move.

    “Well,” he said. “What’s your decision?” She paused, panted, and couldn’t bring herself to answer despite the gun held in his steady hand and pointed at her forehead.

    “I won’t budge. Kill me if you have to, I don’t care anymore. You’ve taken everything and everyone from me. So go ahead, pull the trigger.” Her false fearlessness had done the trick; the gun faltered, as did the sadistic grin on his face.

    By sarah URL on 06.30.2013

  31. Hold steady, hold fast
    While this world turns to ash
    And maybe, you will live again.

    Hold steady, hold strong
    Don’t be scared, it wont take long
    For the cleansing by fire of your sin.

    By Joshua W.I. URL on 06.30.2013

  32. He continued a steady pace, unsure if he could go much further.

    By Patrick URL on 06.30.2013

  33. I hope that pillar is steady it looks quite rarefied she said at the bottom of the Parthenon.

    By stumbler on 06.30.2013

  34. Let’s go steady.

    By Jason on 06.30.2013

  35. with a steady cam he asked, thinking that it was no way he could manage in such a difficult angle. The man in charge said yes. He could sense that he also had his doubts about this.

    By Stef URL on 06.30.2013

  36. As she blows
    On now
    And sober
    Going steady
    Steady job
    Steady pay = boring but pays the bills
    On your feet

    By Enrico Esteban on 06.30.2013

  37. I expected more from a drummer. But in the morning he vanished and the fog rolled in.

    By penny dreadful on 06.30.2013

  38. She walked the plank to the boat as steady as she could for she was not sure she could make it for it was rocking with the tide.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 06.30.2013

  39. rock stead easy. steady rock easy. the boats at windsor lake as ethan jumps in, elysia following suit. how far down is the ground in this lake? i’ve never been so burnt. thank you god, thank you god, thank you. icy cold on a summer day, the relief of summer and friends who still care….

    By AnnaLee H. URL on 06.30.2013

  40. “Steady, steady, there you go; you got it, baby girl”
    “Look papa! I’m doing it!”
    “I see that, monkey” she said smiling. Her baby girl was growing up far too quickly for her liking, she realized as she watched her flying down the road on her brand new bike, her father running beside her.

    By Rayne on 06.30.2013