July 2nd, 2008 | 133 Entries

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133 Entries for “stable”

  1. she was stable sitting in a chair, strapped down with chains.

    her mind was just the opposite.

    raging wars went on inside the small space of her head.

    but really, the wars were nothing.

    nothing to the threat that was in there.

    little voices, begging her, pleading with her.

    By Mina on 07.02.2008

  2. She ran, stumbling tripping over the gravel but catching herself everytime. She had no time to fall. She only had time to escape.

    And very little time at that.
    She burst in the barn doors and ran over to the stall.

    Her moments were gone.

    By Shen on 07.02.2008

  3. stable like where horses live? eat straw and all that nonsense… and stable like when you’re secure and know where you are. like the cliche of a wife and a house and being a wife and having a house. houses for horses.

    By dolly on 07.02.2008

  4. stable is as stable does. I feel the instability of my life hitting against my face. I fear. I seek. I am stable and yet not complete. Instable.

    By Leslie on 07.02.2008

  5. Stablity. I don’t think I am stable. Well, maybe I am. In a way, the words I label myself with are not actually who I am. I just say it to… conform? Be special? I don’t really know. I must say that I do have immense mood swings sometimes, but I don’t know if that qualifies me as not stable.

    By Lida Wang on 07.02.2008

  6. There was a horse and he had no idea about what a horse was suppose to do in life, what with Ceiling Cat being the deity and that. He took Prozac because he hated being unstable in his stable, night after night. He’s much more stable now.

    By emzi on 07.02.2008

  7. horse farm pasture secure animal meadow grass hay knowledge solid barn water trough cowboy manure pitchfork tin rope saddle derby racing jockey kentucky derby fast gamble money wealthy

    By mary on 07.02.2008

  8. The walls around me pale as ever as I looked down to the almost equally pale body lying in front of me.

    The doctors told me how you had been on your way home when the driver hit you. He was drunk and didn’t watch where he was going.

    They weren’t sure if you would make it. The one thing I need to hear from them to know that you would be ok, is that you are in stable condition.

    By Alek on 07.02.2008

  9. I definitely think about horses right away. I love horses. Seeing the word stable makes me instantly happy. It really is amazing how a word can stir up instant images.

    Also, stable means solid. But this thought is secondary to me. Though it could apply to a stable (strong) stable (place).

    By Joanna on 07.02.2008

  10. is what I am when I’m with you,
    you hold my thoughts so easily, and nothing else can ever compete.
    You can keep me forever,
    I’d prefer it if you did.
    But each moment I spend will make me pay later,
    Don’t take more joy than you deserve.

    By Sarah on 07.02.2008

  11. is what I am when I’m with you,
    you hold my thoughts so easily, and nothing else can ever compete.
    You can keep me forever,
    I’d prefer it if you did.
    But each moment I spend will make me pay later,
    Don’t take more joy than you deserve.

    By Sarah on 07.02.2008

  12. Not falling stayed in place root a best friend unfallable don’t let down also a place where you keep horses nothings gonna change it it will stay the same forever

    By Jill Stewart on 07.02.2008

  13. I’ve always wanted horses. Or for that matter some sort of lasting internal stability. Maybe when I’m older. Though what’s the point then??

    By sam on 07.02.2008

  14. I’m not emotionally stable. I feel everything. Intensely. Passionately. Almost to the point of making me ill. Actually, my emotions have made me ill. No. I’m not emotionally stable. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    By JB on 07.02.2008

  15. stable. where they keep horses
    stable. what most people are not

    By tango on 07.02.2008

  16. To be stable
    is to be penned up
    and is the acceptable

    I prefer an open field to a stable
    But risk being left out cold in the rain.

    By mesawillow on 07.02.2008

  17. The horses left the stable early in the morning, ready for each child to find the one that would carry him to freedom.

    By marieDee on 07.02.2008

  18. do you mean stable, as in reliable, or stable with horses inside? i don’t know which one is better. i’mg the best though, you can’t beat me, don’t even try. hooray!!! red is bad.! oh noe

    By t-dogg on 07.02.2008

  19. We are fine.
    We are sturdy.
    Are we stable?
    So we know what we’re doing?
    Do we care what we’re doing?
    Do we care what other’s think of what we’re doing?
    Why does it matter?
    We are one.
    We are two.
    We do anything we wish to do.
    Because we are not falling apart.
    We are not wreckage in the streets.
    We are wholesome.
    We are fine.

    By Red Rosaleigh on 07.02.2008

  20. it’s NOTHING that describes the relationship we’re in. it’s like taking a hike. kinda rocky when you first go up, but it gets better as the trip wears on. and once you come down, it’s all downhill from there. if you want stable… take the country road.

    By hugarbol on 07.02.2008

  21. I want to be stable in all areas of my life; financially; health; work; relationships; I want change but stable change. I don’t like not knowing if I am stable or if things start shifting abrutly. Change with stability

    By Rae on 07.02.2008

  22. Horses. Relationships. COnditions in a hospital. Ummm….Family Feud? Which is one notch in terms of white trash tv as Wheel of Fortune. It’s a close call though.

    By Beth on 07.02.2008

  23. rock. floating stock-still in a sea of foam and fish. Stone, anchored just offshore, seemingly in motion, but truly immobile. the universe turns around it, wheeling, spinning. the rock doesn’t move.

    By ob1 on 07.02.2008

  24. The stable creaked loudly and the earth shook from the after shock. After the 7.0 quake that afternoon everything was in disaray. Everyone knew it was time to run ou

    By Lisa Marie Peaslee on 07.03.2008

  25. stables are for horses. Horses are dwelling in stables everywhere around the world. SOme of those horses are abused. Some of them feel safe. But just because they feel safe does not mean that they are not being abused. It is a common misconception. Stable also refers to the way in which you can feel. For eg: “You look fat”said her boyfriend = not stable relationship. It is however stable if this is a true fact and if she is okay with it.

    By malindri on 07.03.2008

  26. it like table, somthing that difficult to move it or carry it, to change it

    By jenycheves on 07.03.2008

  27. a condition that can be described as being constant and having found one’s foundations and footing. not being able to be easily blown over. keeping straight and not wavering from one way to the other.

    other concept: a house for a horse

    By Helen on 07.03.2008

  28. stable could mean steady oor reliable or could be a home for horses. stable usuually means unchanging or reliable, stable conveys steadiness and relaibility.

    By rupert on 07.03.2008

  29. stable. I think it’s what I’m missing. Stability. the ability to stand on my own.

    By Allie on 07.03.2008

  30. this is how we judge our selves, are we stable, are we instable. if we are then we are solid parts of society taht can not be shifted or challeneged. sadly i feel i fall under unstable, thus i cannot function i cannot relate i am falling the fuck apart . i am unstable

    By anrahj on 07.03.2008

  31. My mum and dad just bought a stable table! to eat their dinner on their knees in front of the TV – I said “you just turned into old people you know” and dad said “no, look, they’re decorated”. They were floral. Proved my point. Stable is also a place a horse lives. I would like a block of stables in my future country house (with dairy farmer). I don’t think I’m particularly stable…in its mental health sense!! But then again, I am actually. That’s just something you say, right?

    By Anne on 07.03.2008

  32. i’m beginiing to get stable since my girlfriend is pregnant and I think I#m growing old…but that s good any way. cant stay young all your life, gets ridiculous after 30 years! watch me get stable! not too bad thinG!

    By lars on 07.03.2008

  33. don’t bolt the door after the horse has bolted.
    get a tripod.
    not a boyfriend

    By Ruffled on 07.03.2008

  34. Stable, horses, equine, ungulate. Unstable, unknowing.

    I haven’t the faintest. :( What have I done wrong?

    By MsM on 07.03.2008

  35. how many sandwiches could you fit into a stable? and what flavour would they be? i bet all the horses would eat them. they would have to be peanut butter flavour because i think horses would like peanut butter. can you tell I’m hungry? I think i’m going to go and make myself some nachos…..

    By erin on 07.03.2008

  36. safe.


    tables….non wobbly!

    By Jason on 07.03.2008

  37. The place was empty,
    but soon I saw the beast,
    rollling its eys at the sorrow

    By Henrik on 07.03.2008

  38. In a stable situation he would have made mistakes, but this was different, Harry looked over his shoulder and saw the animal lunge, the rest happened automatically.

    By William on 07.03.2008

  39. the water was calm, the breeze easy and the sun warm. then out of no where came a wave, more like a wall. the rain came, darkness fell and i was pulled off the boat and under 10, 20 could have been 100 feet down. i thought i took my last breath. i got back up and on the boat and the day was calma and cool again. wow, what was that?

    By Bobbo on 07.03.2008

  40. I’m stuck in it. I’ve always wanted to get out but I’m not quite sure how. It’s so confining. plus, my owners hardly ever take me out. I wish I was free but instead I spend my exsistance here.

    By J.M. on 07.03.2008