July 2nd, 2008 | 133 Entries

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133 Entries for “stable”

  1. Is the stable stable?

    By Temporary on 07.02.2008

  2. The woman leaning over the bar picked up her whiskey sour and took a large gulp. Down the way, a bearded man watched her, sipping slowly at a mint julip.

    She turned, blonde hair waving and glinting in the dysmal light of the bar. He felt a knife rip through his insides, down to his balls. A shaft of pain sliced through him, and with it a bucketful of joy.

    She finally saw him

    By shanna wynne on 07.02.2008

  3. THE stable was the place of horses. It also is seated with meaning of assurance. If you rode the horse from the stable you could be sure that the horse would eventually want to come home to his stable. On the other hand, you want your husband to be stable and accountable. So that when you send him to the grocery, you are sure he will return to the house. Of the two, the horse if probably the most stable!

    By Glenn on 07.02.2008

  4. The horses were restless in their stable as the wind started picking up in advance of the rain. Nattie walked down the center aisle, patting and cooing to each horse in turn, offering carrots and apple slices. The rain was long overdue. Weeks of dry weather had left the grass and training rings brown and withered.

    By c'est moi on 07.02.2008

  5. One only wishes to be stable, both mentally and physically. The ideal to not have the intentions to hurt yourself or hurt others makes you stable in the eyes of most people. Instability kills, and proves that you are weak and cannot overcome your own emotions or values.

    I’m not stable.

    By Senchii on 07.02.2008

  6. stable? unstable!

    By miriam on 07.02.2008

  7. Though working through night and day at a job that I like in an environment I love, i don’t think I can count myself as stable.
    That said, what is stability anyway? Is it the stereotype or what suits you?

    By jk on 07.02.2008

  8. This is where horses live but its more commonly associated with things staying the same.
    People who have had a horrible accident but don’t look like they’re going to die in the near future are often described as being in a stable condition, which is comforting to their family but it means things aren’t getting better as well as not getting worse.

    By Lorna Nicol on 07.02.2008

  9. What I wouldn’t give for a balanced life. To not stress over the little things, or worry that you’re devoting too much time to this but not enough to that. To know, just know that what you’re doing is what you’re supposed to be doing, and not have to doubt and second guess yourself all the time. To not always feel on the verge, but stable on your own two feet.

    By Brenna on 07.02.2008

  10. im feeling pretty stable today. no more worries. just feeling content and good with my current state.

    By kit on 07.02.2008

  11. A stable is a place where you are locked in a 4×4 area, ground solid and directly underneath. It is a comfort, a refuge, a shelter. It is home: a place that can both ensnare and serve as solace, hold you and then deliver a steel-toed kick to the teeth.

    By coriolis on 07.02.2008

  12. He was in stable condition. under the influence of drugs, I had stabbed the only man I’ve loved truly and now he was lying on the bed with his eyes shut. As I stood there I just wished that I would be able to see the beautiful periwinkle blue again.

    By Amy on 07.02.2008

  13. stability is overrated. It has a role, no doubt. It’s important in furniture, and parenting. But stability in relationships is also confining, stifling. It’s not terrible. Some of it is good. But it can become boredom.

    By E on 07.02.2008

  14. the were wild horses in the stable that evening but nothing was more wild than the sound coming from down the corridor. You see, the stable is haunted by Mrs. Devereaux, the woman who was murdered there seven years previous. The only witness, the wild horses..and her husband, the one who commit the horrific crime.

    By sara on 07.02.2008

  15. Stable. Unstable. The kind of unstable that generates a feeling of comfort. The kind of stable that reminds you of normality, not this surreal stability of this cookie-cutter life.

    I dunno, that was the best oneword entry I’ve come up with in my opinion.

    By Andriano on 07.02.2008

  16. where horses dream and eat and wait for baths, staring out at the world, plotting their escape, thinking about their neighbors, hay stacks, livestock and other beasts bury treasures they’ve taken from their keepers unaware while they lay up against the wall, head dropped to shoulders, empty flask just a few inches away from where the hand that was bejeweled by a ruby lay

    By Angelique on 07.02.2008

  17. stable…i guess nothing is stable in this world.everything keeps on changing..from the universe to our everyday lifestyle.

    By PRIYA on 07.02.2008

  18. Up in the hayloft, Margo looked down. She still couldn

    By Erik Smetana on 07.02.2008

  19. hey!!!! how boput a new word???doersn’t this really defeat the purpose of this writing exercise? I am sooooo ambivalent about this word. People THINK I am the picture of stability…. when the real truth is that I am one blink away from a breakdown. the loonie bin.. or a really innapropreoate belly laugh. Hey you should know that I really don’t know how to type. so this may be loaded with misspellings. how unstable**** of me…… who doesn’t know how to type? evetryone seems to….. it makes me feel slightly out of step, dare I say it, unstable to face the cold truth that I can’t type!!!!!! Not bad for huntin and peckin, eh????? what else…….

    By Noonie on 07.02.2008

  20. Stability, the backbone of a healthy like. It puts the spin in quantum and the truth in gravity. Stability is the read haired, blue eyed step child that is constantly confused for stupidity, the good for nothing brother that got all the luck.

    By Mike on 07.02.2008

  21. Life was never good to us,
    Wars, violence, crime.
    Then they feed us this hope called religion

    What a farce.

    By Malou Jaggli on 07.02.2008

  22. my feelings aren’t stable these days; they’re a roller coaster; one minute i’m riding the high at the top, right before the fall; the next i’m at the bottom, disappointed, looking for more; so many things on my mind and no idea of what the real answer is; it’s a real amusement park upstairs, unpredictable

    By Jen M on 07.02.2008

  23. I’m not stable. I’m like the ocean, churning, weaving in and out to everything. Everything molds me, changes me–even if I disagree with you, you’ll still change my life. I want to be stable. I want to stand firm, like a rock, and anything that comes my way will not move me. My religion says that Christ is the rock.

    By alison on 07.02.2008

  24. I went to the stable, smelling the horse manure, and hay. There was something comforting about the familiarity of the situation. It brought back to me memories of childhood, spent with my great and uncle who were more grandparents to me than my actual grandparents. Time spent horseback riding, drinking RC cola, and watching Disney movies.

    By M on 07.02.2008

  25. I couldn’t think of anything to say at the time that would make my stability any better than what my nervous ticks ruined. I had no way of getting out of the warehouse alive if they suspected anything, and that was something I was becoming more comfortable with. If this is where I’d die, at least I’d have the oddly placed stained glass windows surrounding me, illuminating my body like 3-d glasses.

    By rys on 07.02.2008

  26. Makes flexible possible and stand out.

    By Felix on 07.02.2008

  27. are you talking on the web about the stability of suicide?. Must be something in the minds of people who contemplate taking their lives and wouldn’t it be something

    By adetayo adefala on 07.02.2008

  28. Stability is so many things to so many people. The same is true with the word vague.
    To him stability was nothing. Stability was what those who had given up on adventure and love and happiness told themselves they had always wanted. He thought himself heroic for his lack of use for stability, his full beleif in the idea of living balls out or die trying. Yet was his fear of being normal, average, stable, any worse the the normal’s fear, the average’s fear of being extraordinary?

    By Barbara on 07.02.2008

  29. table, wood

    By susan on 07.02.2008

  30. the stability of our country is at stake. we must throw the government over a cliff. rebuild. take back what belongs to us. GOD save the USA. Crack is whack and we are back. Afros, asian, wetbacks and crackers unite to provide hope for our country.

    By shalimar on 07.02.2008

  31. I would be happy to be just be stable on the dance floor on a regular basis. I guess I have that mostly nailed down. Of course, financial stability is always good too. I would like a 53 Buick that will be stable going down the road….

    By Jesse Wolf on 07.02.2008

  32. Stable as in a horses stable, or mentally or physically stable? Personally, the horse stable sounds better and doesnt force me to address my own personal issues of job, economics and relationships! But I cant ride a horse for toffee either soo, loose lose situation!

    By Elise on 07.02.2008

  33. a place horses live – a heart beats condition – a level platform ie a bar table and the need for no bar mats?

    By andy_huckle on 07.02.2008

  34. The stable of the mythical beasts was crafted from pure gold spun from sunshine. Zeus’ steeds thuddered through the stable, let loose the unknowing Elf. Fire shot from their eyes, and their hooves rocked the ground with thunder.

    “Who dares?” Zeus’ voice boomed out.

    The stable doors opened and the thief saw

    By John Miller on 07.02.2008

  35. i am not.

    By Fluffy on 07.02.2008

  36. Thats just not right you know, The boats stable as can be and well, it shouldnt have sank so easy. Why the water wasn’t even past my waist and here we were taking on water like Niagra The one thing you can be sure of is next time I’m gonna learn to swim. You can bank on it

    By peggy johnson on 07.02.2008

  37. Am I stable? Stability is what we all seek; the house in the country, the white-picket fence. What brings it? The gun in your closet, the cosy government job, the dependable man you married in place of the one who serviced you far better, loved you harder? Stability is a prayer and a ploy.

    By Ver on 07.02.2008

  38. Your mind is not stable. You know you’re not okay right now. Why won’t you just admit it? Why won’t you just back up and go back to the days when you were okay with taking your medication? Why do you have to be so stubborn? I just want what’s best for you and your unstable mind right now scares the living hell out of me. Please baby, please just face your disorder tonight.

    By Camille on 07.02.2008

  39. horses.
    horses are kept in stables.

    to be stable also means, to be… well rounded? i dunno.
    to be in place.
    to be strong.

    horses are kept in stables.
    as well as other animals.
    but mostly horses
    and your mother.
    are also meant to be very strong
    to protect one’s horses.
    if they weren’t strong, the horses would die.

    By Genina on 07.02.2008

  40. horses farms donkeys farmer smelly straw dung hooves neigh canter pigs chickens plows

    By emma on 07.02.2008