July 2nd, 2008 | 133 Entries

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133 Entries for “stable”

  1. I’m stable. I think I’m stable. I am stable. Stability is something I don’t need to think about, it’s part of my life. Always there. Guiding me, it’s like my conscience. Therefore I know I’m going to hell.

    By Cherry on 07.03.2008

  2. Atoms are stable if their valence electrons are filled. It’s a little like humans. If all our layers are filled, we are stable. If we have everything we want, we’re happy, and happy is stable. Sometimes I like having one or two less valence electrons just for a little excitement.

    By Emily on 07.03.2008

  3. My life is stable when you smile, when you hold my hand or when you play with my hair.

    By Alex on 07.03.2008

  4. I don’t think I am yet stable. emotionally. It is so draining, so overwhelming, to find yourself a widow at age 59. And about to turn 60. And all the plans for retirement have gone to hell in a handbasket. Lonely, LONELY, LONELY… in need of a hug.

    By jessica on 07.03.2008

  5. Stable, everything I’m not. The definition of insanity. Why do all thoughts lead back to the same conclusion? Where does madness end and sadness begin? Why are people multi-coloured? Who are my children going to be? Would they be stable? Stability is a process, not a measure – just like happiness. Just like life.

    By Rahul Thakar on 07.03.2008

  6. He said he was stable, but he really wasn’t. His rages would come out of nowhere, blowing through me like a hot desert wind.

    By miss fish on 07.03.2008

  7. it might be alright to be stable
    but its more exciting to explode and disintegrate with gravity

    By monkenstick on 07.03.2008

  8. Stable. Hah. I wish I was. This operation’s gone to shit. Medical or military – easy question to answer for most, but for me, right now, there’s no way. Tiny scalpels are barraging my brain, cutting through fields of neurons and reducing me to something less stable than I’d ever imagined I would become.

    By Tom on 07.03.2008

  9. Stable minded- mentally fit. Stable also refers to the place where horses are kept. Stable is a word used in chemistry. 103 elements are stable. the rest are created in labs thus are not stable. Stable- one word, a gazillion meanings. It is a word with a very

    By Pallavi on 07.03.2008

  10. somewhere for a horse to live.

    fixed, constant

    can I ever write these without just writing a defintion?

    By Kel on 07.03.2008

  11. Something I am not.

    A word I wish I could find in a lover.

    But, then I would be bored.

    Or would I?

    By ltp on 07.03.2008

  12. Today is on off-kilter day; i’m not feeling very stable. I have to make a decision soon to put a beloved bunny to rest. So today I cry some tears and take some photos and feel the blessings he has brought into my life so far.

    By Dana on 07.03.2008

  13. There’s a horse and some hay and a baby. Why a baby?It’s vast and smelly and the baby is newborn and oozy and slimy and crying crying crying. There is no one else around but the horse. The horse is perplexed by the noise but continues to chew on his hay.

    By missPamela on 07.03.2008