July 1st, 2008 | 141 Entries

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141 Entries for “favor”

  1. Something you do for someone without expecting anything in return.
    Small gifts, like party bags from a birthday party.

    (its favour! damn american spellings)

    By clara on 07.02.2008

  2. I get the greatest pleasure out of helping people who ask for one, but really I think I should get better at asking for one every once in a while.

    By LTP on 07.02.2008

  3. do one for someone

    By alex milway on 07.02.2008

  4. well for a start it’s spelt without the u, although i can’t talk as i believe i have just spelled spelled wrong, and i’m not using capitals. although that’s nothing to do with us/uk relations. favor? i’m always asking favours (not favors as I speak in British english). And not so often granting them.

    By phil on 07.02.2008

  5. friends that give me chocolate and have nice things to say about me because i have just saved their dog from a truck crushing and death of sorts…

    By vik on 07.02.2008

  6. it’s spelt wrong, it should have a u in the middle, but then that’s the american’s spelling for you. i like favours; although i don’t get many. i suppose i’d have to look for more people who give them out. the phrase ‘can you do a favour for me?’ more often than nots ends up with you not having a favour done in return. why is that? one of lifes many ponderances.

    By Jess on 07.02.2008

  7. I’ve never done anyone a favor without first thinking about how it would benefit me. If I feel that my own personal benefit is too low for the trouble taken I will flat out refuse and not bother to give an explaination or just make up a very lame excuse. Does that make me evil? Greedy?

    By Amanda on 07.02.2008

  8. I said I didn’t, but I did. I favored you and after not being able to resist anymore I flavored you. It was worth it. I favored you out of anybody in the entire world. Thank you for the favor.

    By luis on 07.02.2008

  9. do me a favor. i need that money. if you dont giv it to me – ill ill ill jump of the bloody harbour bridge – ill kill myself. gimme the fuck… money. please.
    yes. iwwont do it aagain.
    ever ever ever

    i promise
    i will not give into that trap anymore

    By eva on 07.02.2008

  10. I think favors are really cool. A favor to me is a sign of respect, and trust, and just mutual, genuine interaction within a relationship, whether it be family, friendship, a romantic one, etc.

    When someone does a favor for you, it usually makes you feel good, just because someone really genuinely would do something for you. That, in my opinion, shows a lot for the relationship between you and the person who made you a favor.

    By Gary on 07.02.2008

  11. being nice to people, they do you a favor you do them a favor back it makes people happy!

    By april on 07.02.2008

  12. Oh god, where’s the u.

    Sounds like flavour.

    So do me a favour and spell it the british way next time…

    By Anna Langley on 07.02.2008

  13. Do me a favor… don’t be such an idiot.

    By lisa on 07.02.2008

  14. Do me a flavor? Heard that a few times. Flavors — chocolate, strawberry, rocky ripple. Yummy. Favors can be too. Sometimes doing someone a favor is a pain in the arse, but if you look at it like a treat to yourself, a chance to just be nice, get out of your ‘all about me’ sekf for a minute, it can ba as yummy as double-walnut brownie crunch — or whatever your favorite flavor is.

    By Cam on 07.02.2008

  15. I do favors for carol all of the time and all i get is more and more to do. Stupid rebecca can’t do anything right so I have to fix everything she does because I’m the back up.. I’m the Go to girl and I’m the one who has to be nice about it and do it right or all is lost. This isn’t supposed to be my job. I hate doing favors. Really, is there anyone out there who can do me a favor and take some of this work off my hands?

    By Me on 07.02.2008

  16. The party favor sat in the box, limp and unused, gathering the dust of generations.

    By andrea on 07.02.2008

  17. to be there for someone
    without hope for recognition
    or return, that is favor
    in it’s truest form.

    By lisa on 07.02.2008

  18. help, hinder, owe
    ice creams, typos
    wanting one, needing one, giving one
    sexual, friendly, helping hand
    desperate, unnecessary

    By eva on 07.02.2008

  19. Do me one, but don’t fall out of.

    By Jynx on 07.02.2008

  20. Something given without wanting response. A bad American spelling of a lovely English word.

    By Sista Lou on 07.02.2008

  21. Do me a favor and kindly give me a minute to figure thi out. The lady behind the counter just stared at him. “Sir I don’t have a minute so you do me a favor and just tell me what you want. Got it? I’m not standing here all day to watch you stare at the menu.
    He turned back to look at the guy behind him and smiled, “So what you gonna have? Maybe iI’ll like it better than what I was gonna order. He creepy guy grinned, “I’m having the waitress, she’s not on the menu, so you best not be ordering what I’m having.
    The waitress grinned and threw him a kiss.

    By peggy johnson on 07.02.2008