March 15th, 2009 | 335 Entries

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335 Entries for “specific”

  1. He could pick out a few specific things he loved about her if he really thought about it. The light dust of freckles across the bridge of her nose. The way her eyes would light up when she laughed. But really, honestly, he just loved her. Even when she was in his face, yelling at him for his silence. Yes, even then.

    By Kate on 03.17.2009

  2. what one must understand is that there are different ways in which different people view different situations. One is unique, separated from the outside world by that which makes us special. Specificity. Individual reactions to shared phenomena. A specific reaction

    By Martin on 03.17.2009

  3. its hard for me to get into specifics, but I’m tired of it. Every goddamn morning, dragging myself out of bed and into my car to go through the usual zombie-routine.

    By Erik on 03.17.2009

  4. tell me something specific–
    let’s talk about
    color, shape,
    sound, taste,
    smell, texture,
    anything that’s anything but vague

    By Mimi on 03.17.2009

  5. not vague
    saying exactly what you mean
    no room for interpretation
    go to the red house
    with green shutters
    and ten chickens
    that one
    on forest lane
    exactly what you mean
    i know where to go
    not obscure
    the tiniest details
    that mean so much

    By aodh on 03.17.2009

  6. he traced the lines in her hand
    and smiled at her.
    they met at some bar in some city,
    not too specific, but romantic
    more romantic then she knew exsisted.

    By deborah on 03.17.2009

  7. Specific: people, places, names, numbers, animals, houses, stores, teachers, students, cell phones, computers, towns, states. Specific life

    By Mary on 03.17.2009

  8. It’s what I always tell my students–be specific–the specific heart beat of a dog like mine, like both my dogs’ hearts on a morning when they do not understand why we feel the need to get out fo the warmth of bed and I don’t understand either because I want to stay asleep as well.

    By Svea Barrett on 03.17.2009

  9. She has this specific way of spitting when she yells specific words that don’t make sense, with a terrifying facial expression that makes me want to run away in fear. It sucks that the memory of this is so specific in my head.

    By henrietta on 03.17.2009

  10. this word has a meaning which is directly concerning another matter. when this word is used it is usually regarding one matter and one matter only.

    By tom on 03.17.2009

  11. Specific details are very important to make an opinion about anything, vague information results in vague opinions which dont help in bringing out the clear picture and thus is of no help. Hence to be successful professionally and individually, its very important to give importance to details. Although in some cases details should be ignored and heart should be given priority,what it is trying to say, for e.g. love.

    By Rahul on 03.17.2009

  12. i like specific things. not all things, just things that specifically, mean something to me. i dont think most people understand what these specific things are and i am often misjudged by the public. public transportation. now thats something i specifically don’t like.

    By tuesday on 03.17.2009

  13. I don’t have any specific thoughts, just a blur at this moment. A blur of colors, of hopes that fade away. Things I cannot attain because of who I am. The colors are swirling, and still no specific thought comes to mind. I need to clear my head.

    By maribeth on 03.17.2009

  14. specific. what a strange word to be on here. I find it hard to be specific about certain things, like I am doing now. All i have said is how strange it is, which tells you nothing.

    By B on 03.17.2009

  15. life is not math is schience is love is not what is the purpose feelings are not recipes are learning is not friendship is not my life is not sometimes i wish it was

    By roz andro on 03.17.2009