March 13th, 2009 | 432 Entries

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432 Entries for “startled”

  1. I was startled when you said I was the girl of your dreams. Seriously? If you think someone as messed up as me is the girl of your dreams, you need help more than I do.

    By D on 03.14.2009

  2. I think that startled means that you’re scared or something and it’s unexpected but you’re just kind of shocked sitting there wondering what the fuck just happened. I’m startled when a car honks at me and I hate it because I’m like wtf it is not your business to be honking at me you sick pervert you should go to hell for all i care what if i honked at you you wouldn’t like it very much would you? mr stupid head i hate you for honking at me asshole

    By Jen on 03.14.2009

  3. Where did you come from? What is with people who sneak up on me? Tap me on the shoulder or let me know you’re coming. Quit making a game out of trying to make me jump. I don’t ever do this to you. Why?


    No, really. Why?

    By Helmandollar on 03.14.2009

  4. I was startled to see a man standing by my window. I wasn’t so much startled that I didn’t know who it was, but more startled because I knew exactly who he was. He was the man I had fallen in love with ten years before that night and a man I hadn’t seen or even spoken to in nearly three. His name was John.

    By Leslie Li on 03.14.2009

  5. im shocked and frightened, im taken back and scared for a second but then i recover and realize holy shit, what the fuck is going on? is there a need for all thes dern cuss words? well fuck yes, if you’re startled then yeah.

    By alex h on 03.14.2009

  6. Crazy sittin up remarkable toaster ding bells off smiley unbrella fox trot tinker dredge waited

    By CZ on 03.14.2009

  7. As i sat there pondering about what i should do next, i didn’t notice the odd movement in the reflection of my metal travel much. nor did i hear his ginger footsteps. i was so immersed in my thoughts that i didn’t even notice his hands encircling my neck.

    By Camber Lucian on 03.14.2009

  8. I was startled when I saw that the spider had fallen off of the window into my soup. I decided that to waste good soup during these hard times would be a crime. I lifted the tiny arachnid out of the steaming bowl of tomato and basil soup.

    By Elizabeth on 03.14.2009

  9. I was startled by
    the sounds of his voice.
    it rang clear and true,
    unlike the gritty
    voice of my father.

    I was startled by
    his voice.
    But more startled by
    what he had said.

    By Zoe on 03.14.2009

  10. the jolt started at the base of her spine, tingling, like a caterpillar, up to reach her neck. her shoulders tensed like a wire hanger, and mouth slipped quietly into an “o.” it wasn’t until she felt the hands around her waist, her hips, her neck that she realized what was happening.

    By meghan on 03.14.2009

  11. awake by the sharp ping of a distant sound, turning over uncomfortably peeling back the clinging cotton stuck to the wrists, ankles, thighs in sweat.

    pressing back the curtains of dreams with the tense palm in order to raise from awareness long enough to accept the surprise gift of a kiss from the coolness of your lips.

    By janelle on 03.14.2009

  12. the patchwork dog lets out a barrage of yips and yaps and the doves which nestle beneath the wrought iron table away from the outstretched arms of the burning sun are startled into flight. i do hope they are brave enough to return on the morrow for they are a welcome addition.

    By rosylee on 03.15.2009

  13. “Holy shit, what the fuck was that?!” Max yelled as he saw the shadow scamper past the trees.

    The woods were dark and foggy now, with barely 10 foots worth of visibility.

    He turned round to get Billy’s reply query.

    Except Billy wasn’t behind him anymore.

    By SantaMuerte on 03.15.2009

  14. again i am startled, startled by the fact that although some things change, they also, stay exactly the same. startled…… is startling….i am startled daily

    By ange on 03.15.2009

  15. i was amazed. I was startled. That boy was new yet he knew his way around. Starlted means suprised taken aback

    By emily on 03.15.2009

  16. I am startled.
    The due date has arrived.
    I kept thinking that I had it under control. Then I went into a strange patch of denial where I denied that the due date was coming or that I was even enrolled.
    Anyway, now it is here and I am startled.
    Pity I am so. If only I was sitting back satisfied with the fruits of my labour instead.

    By Donna on 03.15.2009

  17. There was a man standing in the shadows of the street corner.
    She missed him at first, standing there. But his eyes caught the light and she stood, startled, on the dirty pavement.
    Wondering why he was there.

    By Inkling on 03.15.2009

  18. amazed and shocked she ran across the parking space. Her keys were in her hands but they were shaking so much. the rain pelted down harshly and, as celluloid dictated, she tripped. he placed his hand out to help her up, even though his intentions were sinister. he smiled at her, even though he was pure cruelty.

    By bel on 03.15.2009

  19. Peering around the tree it startled me . Grey , fuzzy and obviously looking for the peanut I saw fall from the branch.

    By Leo on 03.15.2009

  20. I was startled to find there was no hot water left when I took my bath this morning. I was even more startled to find that no one has had taken a bath or shower this morning. Where did the hot water go?

    By Laura on 03.15.2009

  21. I’m still sleeping too late. I’m having dreams about all the work I have to do. Unsure of anything, I wake, my head heavy and my limbs softened from sleep. This is not how I imagined things would be, that night you found me drunk and lonely and I let you let me sit on your lap. I’m just so tired, love.

    By Aisling on 03.15.2009

  22. He stood there, a startled look plastered on his face. “Zaila Trelawny, pleased to meet ya.” I greeted. He quickly regained composure and became transfixed on my wings. “Jim, Jim Hawkins.” He said.

    By Hannah on 03.15.2009

  23. I see you watching my every movement, tail twitching the only give away to your intent. You move closer, crouched to the ground you army crawl your way across the grass.

    By dragonpoetry on 03.15.2009

  24. she was so startled when she saw the man at her door. Through the glass she could see that this was no one she knew. The hat was adding to the intrigue as it helped to shade the face so that it was almost invisible. He spoke “you know who I am” but she didn’t. Or did she?

    By Debbie J on 03.15.2009

  25. She stared at the man in front of her, her brain reacting almost instinctively. She lashed out, and smacked him across the face, leaving a red mark that would soon take the shape of a hand-print. “How DARE you do that to me!” she exclaimed, glaring him down. “You know I hate being startled!”

    By ola on 03.15.2009

  26. When he opened the door she appeared startled.
    “I didn’t expect anyone” she said.
    “I wasn’t planning on coming” he replyed.
    She rushed into his arms and he enveloped her in a sweet passionate overwhelming kiss.
    “I’ve missed you so much”

    By Molly on 03.15.2009

  27. When he opened the door she appeared startled.
    “I didn’t expect anyone” she said.
    “I wasn’t planning on coming” he replyed.
    She rushed into his arms and he enveloped her in a sweet passionate overwhelming kiss.
    “I’ve missed you so much”

    By Molly on 03.15.2009

  28. Startled is a word that means frightened and is a word people use almost daily. It always reminds me of turtle when I see it and the green bar isn’t helping. The word is also in past tense meaning that it happened in the past.

    By Jud on 03.15.2009

  29. I was startled as in what to do, just completely shocked. I had no idea what was going on, so I went with it. I continued to go through the dark hallway and then I came across a bloodied knife. I slowly walked over it and ignored it. I continued on my way, and it felt as if the walls were closing in on me. They were getting smaller and smaller, they were. The walls were closing in on me, it was terrible. I had no choice but to keep going on. I went on, only to find a beast. It was sleeping. It snored as it lied on the ground. I looked at the demon, and it was a monster.

    By Zach on 03.15.2009

  30. I was startled when you said it—left speechless, actually. When I finally regathered my wits I realized that most of them had exploded on the impact of those three little words, and I simply said, “okay.”

    By natalie on 03.15.2009

  31. I was startled when my brother jumped out from under the bed and screaming like a banshee. He got in trouble. As an adult, I realize what a prankster he was and still is. He loved tormenting his sisters. And as the only boy, I understand. Especially now that I am a mom to boys. He has not lost that fun.

    By Annie on 03.15.2009

  32. I woke up one morning, when my sister ran in the room and threw water all over my face, freezing.cold.water
    I have to say, I was pretty startled.

    By Justine Kimberley on 03.15.2009