March 16th, 2009 | 405 Entries

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405 Entries for “locked”

  1. Sometimes when I look out the window, I see birds flying near clouds. It’s weird, how high they can fly with their own wings. I t almost feel like I can do it, too, if I only closed my eyes, unlocked my window and my heart, and let the wind take me.

    By andressa on 03.19.2009

  2. i was locked in a castle. next thing i know i was in a couldorn, fighting the mice of the coadlrne pot, which were not friendly. They used shark knives, and one had a shark. I escaped victory, but lost defeat, and jumped through the witches Noll into the cauldrons pot. This led me into the castle, and into a vortex of fire and ice that led into a stormy meadow, where the mice were sitting.

    By dona;d on 03.19.2009

  3. i was locked in; in the dim light i could only see certain figures. No people just shapes. i could see a mirror , which was cracked from top to bottom in the middle; a broken clock but it was ticking… i could only hear the sound of my feet against the floor as i took step byt step and the sound of the broken clock ticking. tick tock tick tock. this was wierd, this house was at a dead end of the block. no kids rode their bikes by here or played tag anywhere near here. everybody thought this house was haunted. but its just a bunch of made up stuff right?

    i jumped suddenly as i heard footsteps behind me. last i remembered i was here alone. who could have possibly followed me? my sister? my best friend? i was foraen in place; my feet didint want to cooperate with me, they were glued to the wooden floor beneath my feet. i turned my head slowly not wanted to see who, or what, had followed me here. as i turned my head i head more footsteps, it sounded like they were coming right towards me. i swallowed and bit my lower lip; knowing that one i stopped biting lip i would shierk. but would anybody come to see what had happened? would i know what happened? would i have the ability to run away or would my feet stay planted on the floor. slowly i turned my head as i saw the plain white figure looking at me right in the face. i, once again, froze. my muscles turned rigid. i couldnt even open my mouth to scream, its like i was; like if i was disabled in all ways.but how would i sream for help? could i scream for help?

    By Johanna Rodriguez on 03.19.2009

  4. Like a door, like a chest, secrets held within, nothing but what you don’t know, everything you want to know. Ignorance may be the best course of action, but curiosity inevitably takes hold of even the most cowardly when the unknown is waiting.

    By Taloruyas on 03.19.2009

  5. The door was locked. I ddnt know what to do nor did i have any idea where the keys were hidden. All i could do was stand there till someone came along. I tried to ouch open the locked door, but to no avail. I wish i hadnt forgotten my keys. But there i was, standing in the middle of the night, all wet, sticky, covered in mud, just waiting for someone to come along.

    By Bobby Gabriel on 03.19.2009