March 15th, 2009 | 335 Entries

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335 Entries for “specific”

  1. the fish was silver with a blue sheen that sparkled as it swirled in the clear carribean blue water. that’s as specific as I can be.

    By ophelia on 03.16.2009

  2. It wasn’t the one…or at least not the one she asked for. It never was. -He- never was…but you know…what could you say, for finding or not finding the perfect one? The eternal search…it was maddening.

    By "Max" Tak on 03.16.2009

  3. details on a particular thing and not being vague. it is important to be this way when giving directions because if you don’t people could have no clue what they are supossed to be doing. but some people like that :P

    By bob maln on 03.16.2009

  4. I have some problems doing this I suppose. I tend to go broad most of the time. Specific complaints, specific points in an argument. Never my strong suit.

    By Grace on 03.16.2009

  5. be specific. don’t be broad. broad is all encompassing. specific is narrow and one instead of all. it’s fancy and special, specifically. specific is one and not all and not you or i or anyone but them. specifically. they. who get to not be part of the general.

    By Noelle on 03.16.2009


    By Daniel Arntz on 03.16.2009

  7. He didn’t feel anything terribly specific when she left. There was only a general sensation of dreariness – of blankness. He stared out the window numbly as she walked to the car. Is this all? He thinks. Is this the end?

    By Ellen on 03.16.2009

  8. Dont be to specific in what you desire, just take what comes and make the most of it. A valuable lesson and one which this excercise teaches.

    By T927 on 03.16.2009

  9. I have already been speccific perhaps it is time for general things, things like waking up in the morning or following the days work with a conversation with a friend-things to which we all can relate

    By leah on 03.16.2009

  10. “I would hate to be specific but its not Blueberry’s it’s Booberry’s”my sister would say on Halloween morning.

    By Dan R.E. on 03.16.2009

  11. Hello hillocks! I will shave you with my lawnmower face into something resembling a sexy spotted owl. Pop on your oldskool skates ’cause when the shaving’s done, we’re hitting up the Roller Jam for a little skatefloor dancing.

    By Paisley on 03.16.2009

  12. I asked you to be specific.

    I do not know what that means.

    By mike on 03.16.2009

  13. be specific she told me. I didn’t really know what to say. when someone asks me to tell her the truth about how i feel it can be a little bit difficult… but when she wants specific details… that seems even harder… i don’t know really. her smile is amazing. i like how her nose sort of wrinkles when she’s irritated. her eyes are so beautiful… kinda reminds me of the ocean… or maybe the moon.

    By justice on 03.16.2009

  14. Why specific when there can be so much more? What an absurd word to talk about. I’d rather be vague and “out there” and break some rules than be specific. Bah.

    By Clarise on 03.16.2009

  15. on point. there is no doubt what you are talking about. very detailed. unquestionable.

    By pova on 03.16.2009

  16. a specific person that i am meant to be with. that one that is just clearly the word that is written above. i need someone that is for me that makes me feel that way that is specifically for me. that gives me specific things that i like and that knows my feelings. i think as bland as the word is it has a huge meaning and almost a hidden romantic element.

    By rachel on 03.16.2009

  17. there is this one specific time in my memory that sticks, even as i try to forget.
    i wish you were still here so i could tell you. i know you’d understand.

    By aj on 03.16.2009

  18. as simple as the color of your lips
    pursed and puffed out
    you sound a sound and add a “muah”
    red like love, you can taste the blood

    By Josh Miller on 03.16.2009

  19. i hate being specific. especially about my plans. i guess i’m just a spontaneous person, well, not really. some things i plan the details, but most things i just go with the flow. i specifically told amanda we’re going to prom, and yet, i don’t know if she can go.

    By jiao on 03.16.2009

  20. doesn’t leave much room to explore, expand-in point of fact, expects something quite spot on. it brings up the old lessons of accuracy vs. precision- neither of which is specific.

    By krowhop on 03.16.2009

  21. She’d asked him to be specific, to tell her exactly what he loved about her. And instantly, any answer he could have had for her fled from him.

    By Jessie on 03.16.2009

  22. certain specific points need to be made:

    I’ve been stuck here for years
    and I don’t see a way out yet.
    I keep postponing things, yet
    everything keeps going backwards.

    Maybe I should just get it over with,
    tell the world to do its worst on me
    and dish out all the punishment it can.
    Maybe then I’ll be able to go on
    and remake what’s left of my life.

    By Don H. on 03.16.2009

  23. this is a particularly challenging word not to get general about isn’t it. It feels like, nay, it challenges me to write around it, circumnavigate it like it’s a small island, refusing to get near it, touch it, write it. Because if that happens maybe, just maybe we will communicate something. And of course we can’t have that. So be…general?

    By DeesWords on 03.16.2009

  24. is there a specific time and place?

    By jimmy on 03.16.2009

  25. It’s that specific word. That specific time. That specific place. It all depends on timing. For that one specific feeling. That word, that time, that place, that feeling? That one specific thing? Love

    By Chanda Dawson on 03.16.2009

  26. i wont get too specific..but shes all that and a bag of chips. she puts the ooooh it beaoohtiful. maybe i am a little sprung, maybe if i stop talking about it, ill stop falling..but maybe if i shared w. her these little specifics i could win her heart 10xs more. being vulnerable scared me.. im so willing to be for you.. what theeee

    By telle on 03.16.2009

  27. Blast from the past and it landed on my shoe, a lovely little brown prezzie from some time traveller, an Elizebethan era being who perhaps lost control of all bodily functions when the whip crack came through and sent him flying over eons.

    By paisley on 03.16.2009

  28. the word specific mean one man thing or something special. your need to use this one thing for something to work. for example the specific colour to use is brown. specific is a hard word to say.

    By jemma on 03.16.2009

  29. I remember this one specific day back in the summer when he laid by my side with our fingers intertwined and it was like heaven on the six by two foot bed, wrapped up in a cotton fiber blanket. I was in love. And still am.

    By Brittany Hanners on 03.16.2009

  30. i’m not asking for anything specific. just something directed at me. preferably something nice?

    By B on 03.16.2009

  31. the un general. the things that people nit pick about. the difficulties arrise here. we pick things about outselves to change. specific things.. no goals.. with goals the specifics fall into place. attitudes and ideals.

    By la on 03.16.2009

  32. specific is what happens when you want exactly one thing. when you KNOW what youre writing about. when youre confidant in yourself, and in your abilities, and in exactly what is going to happen from here on out.

    specific is difficult. it’s not abstract. it’s very real, and very concrete. it’s scary. specific is scary. there’s no turning back from the concrete. once it’s set in stone .. poof. that’s kind of it.

    By Meg on 03.16.2009

  33. Specifics about specifics? I’ll get specific. It was purple, it could run, and it tastes like colored sprinkles. A name? No name. Just a figure with colour.

    By Carolina on 03.16.2009

  34. I had this idea in my mind that perhaps, today would be the day that I made some kind of plan. I didn’t want to think about it but hey, I never really do much. I am always sitting on the couch, watching TV, hanging around.. basically, I see myself as a big blob. Boy, does my mind wander. I never seem to focus on anything specific.

    By T.M. on 03.16.2009

  35. that dot on the right of your left nipple. and that nipple’s three hairs.

    By Robby on 03.17.2009

  36. exactly the point I was looking for – it’s totally clear now, and the way forward is known. We can move; no need for decisions. We can do it now; no need for delay. We can act with courage; no need for hesitation. There we are totally done.

    By pedro on 03.17.2009

  37. specific? what about it, i’m too specific always anyway. Always taking so long telling every story i ever want to tell. My friends always tell me to make stories shorter, but i just can’t. I just need to be specific…

    By Brigis on 03.17.2009

  38. something specific well take it and determine it and describe it for me, tell me how it is tell me of its feel tell me of its aura tell tell tell, sit, wait, stop, and talk or listen? do whatever just be specific.

    By christian on 03.17.2009

  39. there is one place one timethat I was happy, Can I put my finger on it?
    Yes truly happy in the company of my dog sandy on the flat roof of the pub that my mum and dad ran in sunderland.

    TI was 6 I think that you can only truly specificly happy when you are six.

    By DancingRat on 03.17.2009

  40. There’s always just one, with a brief perios of time. The trouble is finding a specific topic to write about before the time runs out. I stumble, I falter I make spelling and typo errors and I have so little to show for my time.

    By priscilla on 03.17.2009