March 2nd, 2011 | 600 Entries

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600 Entries for “specific”

  1. Bob Eubanks would ask the question, and when the husband’s answer was vague, and the wife was bouncing beside him with the card in her lap, willing him to say her answer, Bob would give the often clueless husband another chance to win that washer/dryer: “Be more specific.”

    By ruth URL on 03.03.2011

  2. Specific.

    I would specifically like to know when the new word changes over on this site. Since I had this specific word yesterday and, though I can’t be too specific at the moment, what I wrote then wasn’t all that interesting. So I would like another word now please. Or I’d like to know at what specific time this site switches to new words so I can return then and write something a little less specific than this specific prose on this specific word. Specifically.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 03.03.2011

  3. The man was sarcastically specific when he requested to his wife what breakfast cereal she should bring home. Last time she brought the much-hated Rice Krispies cereal. He had wanted Shredded Oats.

    Specific; To be specific is to be (technically) picky. You can also be specific about what pills you need to take or what pet you want.

    That’s my ‘specific’ definition. If you liked this reference, and wish it to continue, please immediately send a $5 fund fund to help pay off the necessary bills. Thanks!

    By Caleb on 03.03.2011


    By TYANNA VIGIL on 03.03.2011

  5. There’s a specific interest in any personal thing one does: you will never do something, wkithout being able to present a specific, egomanic reason.

    By roxana URL on 03.03.2011

  6. its an event that occurs to you, it may not be significant in any form but it happened and it means something to you and it’s the only thing you can think about for days on end, something specific

    By hilary on 03.03.2011

  7. Specific means to know what you’re talking about. “Well can you be specific?” Do you have examples? Can you actually relate? Well.. Can you?!

    By Anna URL on 03.03.2011

  8. We all have a specific roles in life, some are lovers, some are fighters, but all of us are human. That is our role, to simply be human, I think we are all very good at it.

    By devan on 03.03.2011

  9. Specific is one word for which i’m writing third time… it’s really boring and blah blah blah…. get lost, still i’ve time,…ok now get lost,,, oh o

    By amitpandey11986 URL on 03.03.2011

  10. specific is something that you tell in great detail. something straight to the point and you dont know what it really means im so hungry but i have to study for example the cow is fat i was specific that the cow is fat but the cow is going to be eaten and made into burgers thats really bad considering the caw is going to die.

    By Carl on 03.03.2011

  11. to the point, with details, minor details, without any bullshit, focussed,

    By Bhawna Verma on 03.03.2011

  12. specific is when you tell exactly what you want, with detail. so people know exactly what you are talking about. grhuaeogji;weskjvb

    By KELSEE on 03.03.2011

  13. I need a specific thing. It has to be one thing and cannot be another thing. This is something that I have to have and it cannot be different than what I am thinking. There is one person for me and if it is not this specific person, I am not interested. Be specific.

    By Jill on 03.03.2011

  14. it points out that something is particular, not as other things in its category. let me be really specific with you Herr Haenlitz, it’s the third yellow house on the left side of Uberhauptstraße.

    By David Garuti URL on 03.03.2011

  15. The word specific brings to mind many things. One being directions. If people do not provide specific directions for another person to follow, it will be hard for the listener to get where he/she needs to go.

    By Laura O'Connor on 03.03.2011

  16. be spesific when you talk about stuff dont ramble

    By gretel on 03.03.2011

  17. it is the thing that keeps it tight. It should be looser. I like non-specific. I don’t like the narrowness of it. then again there are times when it is needed. but I would rather not if that is okay with life. I want to be non-specific and let the others manage the details.

    By JJ on 03.03.2011

  18. Specific should be the keyword of each human being. We should all be different and embrace this difference. Right? So I wonder why people keep wanting to leave behind anyone who’s different. Truth is in the difference.

    By Mira on 03.03.2011

  19. specific. you want me to be sepcific about specific? well, I shall try. I am being specific. Specific has a specific part of speech and definition. It is specifically a word in the English Language that can be used. yes. specific.

    By NORD URL on 03.03.2011

  20. Sometimes, specifically when i’m being specific in the most specific way possible people comment harshly on my specifically specific specifics. Really I cannot help how specificly specific I am =(

    By Paige B on 03.03.2011

  21. I’m going to be specifically specific here, the specifics of this site are specifically crazy. You have to write about one specific word for a specific amount of time. Then you post your specific post about your specific word under a specific username specifically for some specific people to read. SPECIFIC.

    By MORD on 03.03.2011

  22. It’s terrific to specific. When you are not specific, it can be horrific. If you are prolific at being specific, You own America, Atlantic, Pacific. Specifically speaking about specifics, the intricacies are too intricate to get into specifics.

    By J Slater on 03.03.2011

  23. I specifically hate the word specific because it is complicated to spell. Yeup.

    By A$hley on 03.03.2011

  24. I specifically think Ashley should no longer be sad.

    By Jordan! on 03.03.2011

  25. They ask me what I love about you. I say everything. “Be specific!” they argue, but I realise… no, I can’t. And I’m lying. There’s nothing I love about you. Nothing at all. I tell you I love you, and sometimes I feel as though I mean it but no – you are unlovable. And that’s why I stay with you. I’ll love you – or say I do – when no one else will.

    By Sarah on 03.03.2011

  26. Hard to be specific when you only have 60 seconds to write. The pressure is specifically horrific. Uh-oh, time’s up.

    By M URL on 03.03.2011

  27. Why must you be SO SPECIFIC about everything? Details, details, details!!! Just let it go! I’ll do it! Not a fool, you know. FIne. Now. Where does this go?

    By Misty on 03.03.2011

  28. His hair fried in the sizzling heat, skin curling and floating to the sticky ground in blackened layers. Specifically, he only wanted to see how the volcano looked inside, but he secretly knew he wanted to die.

    By Diana on 03.03.2011

  29. The specific instructions were what I hated. She was always very precise, leaving no room for creativity. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like the class, then.

    I have always hated form. I need the freedom of my mind, limitless, with no boundaries–an open beach with sand dunes stretching on forever, with no deadlines to meet and nobody to tell me what to do.

    By Kate URL on 03.03.2011

  30. My general dilemma with the word specific is that students sometimes mistakenly say, “pacific.” Though it’s an understandable mistake, it makes them sound stupid. I am often compelled to make a joke, usually involving the ocean or peace. Not much more to say. I think I just stole an extra sixty seconds with the site. Minor oversight by the people at oneword.com, if I do say so myself. Georgia is texting, Sydney is failing.

    By Bob on 03.03.2011

  31. specific is like telling alot of details making it like you were there.

    By nix6 URL on 03.03.2011

  32. people who are specific are very detailed when they talk about certain subjects.

    By Michael URL on 03.03.2011

  33. To be specific is to be boring than anything. To just tell it like it is will get you even further.

    By twiztid URL on 03.03.2011

  34. specific is a certain thing to talk about.you talk about a specific thing when you want to talk about one thing

    By kaylob URL on 03.03.2011

  35. this paper needs to be more specific. I don’t understand.

    By alejandro URL on 03.03.2011

  36. specific what? it kinda sounds like pacific, but its a specific pacific.(snort) so what do you say when someone say do you have a dollar and you dont but you have a twenty? be more specific. i know what your thinking but it was a joke. the specific joke is on you. same thing.

    By mysticaldeath URL on 03.03.2011

  37. Well, I tend to be very good at being specific. I do like being specific, specifically with large words. Except right now, large words are deciding on being foreign to me. So I’ll just be more specific. About how so many things require you to go into so much detail just to get it right; and that’s being specific. Like science. When you look at atoms and their different parts, you have to be specific about what you’re talking about, whether it’s a proton or electron or neutron. Otherwise you get the wrong idea and the whole thing just collapses on itself.

    By Naomi on 03.03.2011

  38. The first thing that comes to mind when i hear the word specific are specific things. There are many different, specific, things that make up our world. Or one of a kind. I am one of a kind(: I am specific.

    By Shae!? :D URL on 03.03.2011

  39. pizza is a greaat i teim to be specific for

    By eman URL on 03.03.2011

  40. it means to be precise. im hardly ever specific. it takes too much time and energy. specific, if people actually were specific, life would be simpler. no? i think so.

    By Celeste on 03.03.2011