March 3rd, 2011 | 549 Entries

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549 Entries for “final”

  1. The final stretch has reached us
    Today we will find everything
    All that has been hidden from you and I
    Will rise from the coffee colored streets
    They will knock on our doors and ask for forgiveness
    They will play God and tell us to pray

    By Emma Cherry URL on 03.04.2011

  2. this is when you have to finish what you are doing and take this at the end of the year when your classes are over. it is extremely stressful and makes people want to rip their hair out. the final part of a show is always the most exciting and that is finally about th eword final.

    By erin on 03.04.2011

  3. Nothing is final. No matter what you think, anything can change at any time. Even now marriages are ending, even though they are supposed to be final. Till death to us part. My parents have been married for 22 years and now they’re almost done with their divorce. Nothing is ever final. Nothing stays the same.

    By April on 03.04.2011

  4. its final between us. esto es el final just like im taking finals right now. you’re my final lover, i have chosen you baby. this is my final call, im in love. final final final.

    By jennifer on 03.04.2011

  5. this is the last thing to do before its over!

    By fake! URL on 03.04.2011

  6. Final judgement
    Final exams
    Final placement
    The end
    Nothing else you can do
    Don’t wait

    By Jillian Clair on 03.04.2011

    DA DA DA
    DA DA DA

    By jessy URL on 03.04.2011

  8. The End. It’s over. Broken, kaput, your last chance. Last chance. A death of some kind. Time to say Goodbye. Goodbye, Good riddance, Good Luck. God, I loved you. But now, Never.

    By Fina on 03.04.2011

  9. The final score of the game was 10 – 60. The basketball player hung their heads in dissapointment and shame as the the opposing team cheered as they exited the hot gym.

    By Micah on 03.04.2011

  10. one word to describe me: passionate.

    By Maggie Rezek on 03.04.2011

  11. blah blah blah blah wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    By sylvangilley on 03.04.2011

  12. is this the final time? is this the last time you do this, the last time you lie?
    i love the way you lie
    but you’re just gonna stand there and watch me burn
    and i know you dropped the match
    and i know you poured the gasoline
    ‘i didn’t mean to!’
    the final time, babe

    By kelsey on 03.04.2011

  13. the final exams are tommorow. Omg! I haven’t studied yet. I don’t know a thing about Chemistry. What am “I supposed to do wit? Do I cheat?

    By racheli on 03.04.2011

  14. Final means the end kind of. If it is the final round it means he last round. This is the final sentence. ;)

    By Gisele Brown :) URL on 03.04.2011

  15. final mends the final word .

    By cando URL on 03.04.2011

  16. I remember my final exam in geometry, not the class or school final exam, but the Board of Regents final exam for all New York State students. We took it in the school gymnasium, rows upon rows of appropriately spaced desks to prevent cheating. I was one of the last to finish, not because I had trouble, but because I rechecked everything twice to make sure they were all correct.

    By Emily on 03.04.2011

  17. F.I.N.A.L.- Freaking Idiots Next-door. Apothecary Lords.


    F.I.N.A.L.- Figures. I Neglected Again. Love.

    By dAvE vAn HaYdU URL on 03.04.2011

  18. its like when your done or something like that .

    -<3 kaytlynn Wood

    By kaytlynn URL on 03.04.2011

  19. final

    By Mossshadow URL on 03.04.2011

  20. We have to take a final test at the end of the year.

    By Stevie URL on 03.04.2011

  21. I had already biked. I was on the final lap. It took me thirty more seconds. I was 10 feet away. Here comes victory, I thought to myself.

    By Chelsea Jarrell URL on 03.04.2011

  22. Final is the end.
    The final round.
    Yeaa Boiii=D :o)

    By Siria Valenzuela <3 URL on 03.04.2011

  23. Not another final!
    I have played this game one thousand times!
    I keep receiving the final!
    Hasn’t the game any other options?
    I’m sick and tired of finals.
    Where are the beginnings.
    Are there no middles?

    By racheli on 03.04.2011

  24. Final is a word that means final. ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!

    By Summer Emond URL on 03.04.2011

  25. final means that it is the end yup really does. final test for you my son ha ha just kidding.

    By chance Curell URL on 03.04.2011

  26. final is the last thing or the end. when you are finished or have decided something with confidence.

    By Mikenna Brannon URL on 03.04.2011

  27. finally it comes to this.
    you tell someone else that this is over?
    oh wait, it’s only a maybe.
    you told me it was a no.
    that we are forever.
    love you forever.

    By navrimera URL on 03.04.2011

  28. The very last thing. No more second chances, because we all know second chances are more than just two times. Never again will you get to see, think, do this thing again. The final hour of your birthday.

    By melissa on 03.04.2011

  29. final days woah thats really morbid i dont know what i’d do in my final days i think id want to be with family or traveling. actually id rather just be at home cause thats where i love the most iwth my best friends not all of them just my closest ones like that time i had the joint beday party with sylvia and it wasnt all of my best friends but i loved this summer when i made dinner and had only hte people i loved over… those are the best times.

    By Julia on 03.04.2011