March 1st, 2011 | 557 Entries

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557 Entries for “basic”

  1. The basic need for human living is needed and required by mankind from the government. To lose or have that taken away will leave us in chaos.

    By Niiece URL on 03.02.2011

  2. Basically, things are alot more simple than we’d like to think. Some things that we make all complicated are actually very basic when you strip away all the fear, the drama, and irrational anger we might be allowing to cloud the issue.

    By dkwolf URL on 03.02.2011

  3. Basic, Make it , everybody take it , cake it , fake it, everybody take it.
    This rap is so basic it makes basic look exotic.
    P.S. that stuff is crazy.

    By lawfullx URL on 03.02.2011

  4. The basic needs to sustain life:


    The body craves it and the soul needs it.

    By Vera I. on 03.02.2011

  5. Basic is a word that expresses fundamentalism. It is also a computer programming code. Basic can be said to explain the things that a person merely needs to survive , and this definition may change between classes, races, and cultures.

    By Mark L on 03.02.2011

  6. it is the best and most simplest thing in the world. Basic is fundamental, You need anything basic to live. Basic is simple. Simple is good. Basic is wholesome and wonderful, it is love and family and friends and everything you love.Basic is necessity. it is joy and happiness and laughter. It is smiles

    By Dani on 03.02.2011

  7. basically my life is weird becuse im doing this. school is gibing you basic learning until you go to collage in which you do hgher learning. basically my family is insane. we belong to the branch of insanepeople who you like to know.

    By cece charendoff on 03.02.2011

  8. Basic things are just simple…Plain or somthing. hah i guess

    By Brittany URL on 03.02.2011

  9. don’t think, just write they say. If only it was so easy to access such a basic unconscious demiurgic capacity without the meticulous, self-critical dialogue that is the true base of all communication, the shadowy, inscrutably intrusive monolith on which all higher-reason teeters. To be basic is our one desire, finite cessation from wanton inquisition, visible yet unattainable.

    By suckjob on 03.02.2011

  10. I sat at the old computer, monochrome monitor, no drives, and a prompt for something to be typed in Basic. What did I know of programming? Was this a joke? Where was the mouse and Windows?

    By R. Garrett Wilson URL on 03.02.2011

  11. the life of many is basic. but what means the word basic really? is it normal? can you say “you are so basic” hmm. sth to think about it. basic instinct..haa

    By Pascal on 03.02.2011

  12. such is the concept of asking anyone to write anything on one word. But really, in the depths of all that lurks within any single mind, how basic and complex can anything be so contrived? It would appear ludicrous to consult a the idea of elementals as anything but complicated.

    By Lorel on 03.02.2011

  13. Basic elementary standards stand the test of time. Without them you would fall within towards an outside understanding not well kept, and the results would be to most undesirable. Keep on! The basics aren’t hard, you see. If you grasp then you take, and taking is loving. And loving? Well, that’s the most basic of all.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 03.02.2011

  14. basic space.
    basic space is the base of our life.
    we need it in order to be happy
    to be loved
    a thing is basic when you need it.

    By Inês URL on 03.02.2011

  15. simply plain
    unforgettably realistic
    nothing expanded
    or flavorful
    only basic
    just basic
    not exciting
    or interesting
    just a white washed
    tabla rasa

    By [Sic] Philosophy URL on 03.02.2011

  16. an opus
    conducive of a stereotypical
    soiree out on the villa
    a white villa, with white vanilla flowers
    where Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan dance the waltz
    one two three four one two three four
    a basic step
    a to and fro
    a vanilla smelling soiree
    a way to get to know someone
    to rest your head on his shoulder
    and hear the opus
    and smell the vanilla
    and dance the waltz

    By Julia on 03.02.2011

  17. the walls were as plain as her dress and the air sat stagnant.
    the air wasn’t warm and wasn’t cold, and she wasn’t thinking much.
    her thoughts weren’t buzzing quickly like they sometimes did and tears didn’t fall.
    the tears sat in a puddle at the tip of the little girl’s nose. they slid.
    she slid across the room into her lap, onto the dress.
    the dress became a playroom, a landscape, a village for their finger puppet people.
    the people found the dress was not as plain as they had thought.

    By Emma on 03.02.2011

  18. beginning. boring. dance. chef. small. simple. tiny. package. mail. rate.

    By ashley on 03.02.2011

  19. simple, easy, not difficult, normal, usual, necessities, things needed.

    By Leslie on 03.02.2011

  20. Basic is a synonym for simple or standard. Basic requieres only the necessary things for it to be. For example, the basic car wash cleans your car but does nothing more or nothing less.

    By emmoe doniz on 03.02.2011

  21. basically, I need a new place. the way things are gathered in my life have become stagnate. That is why today I embark on something new. A new chapter. Probably even a new volume or book all together. Basic times are over rated. I never want to be basic or be surrounded by basic things.

    By paul mcpherson on 03.02.2011

  22. basic

    By Mossshadow URL on 03.02.2011

  23. Basic is not the state of my affairs. basic is the peace and simplicity I desperately want, but left behind probably forever when I decided to grow up. Basic is an idealized memory that I have tucked in my pocket.

    By Grace-Marie on 03.02.2011

  24. Basic is basically uh i don’t know how to put it . So never mind. Get a dictionary.

    By Mikenna Brannon URL on 03.02.2011

  25. haha go for golden coco puffs this time all new all day any day. eat them now eat them later ha ha. eat it yoshi ha ha ha eat it now.

    By chance Curell URL on 03.02.2011

  26. I stopped and looked at her. She was just a basic house cat. I couldn’t let her go to the pound and get put down. I looked at her with sad eyes. But she was just a basic cat.

    By Chelsea Jarrell URL on 03.02.2011

  27. Basic is a word that means simple or kinda plain i think.

    By Summer Emond on 03.02.2011

  28. Basic means simple or standard.

    By Stevie URL on 03.02.2011

  29. Basic is a word. it means there is alot of them. By them is mean anything you want to be but is has to be alot of what ever you pick. I will give you a example like i pods .

    By cando URL on 03.02.2011

  30. There was the most basic-looking person standing before her, staring at her with blank, glossed-over eyes. The most basic eyes, the most basic hair. She was basic and boring, and there was nothing else there. She closed her eyes so she wouldn’t have to keep staring at that girl. That girl that she wished would just disappear from her sight and never return.

    By shesarhinosaur URL on 03.02.2011

  31. simple, not difficult, easy to follow, easy to enjoy. the basics are irreplaceable, we forget them and leave them. we forget that the simplest thing may bring us the most joy and be the most special.

    By hush URL on 03.02.2011

  32. A basic education will get you farther in life than most people realize. The basic things in life are what make many of us happy. Communication is a basic requirement for a successful relationship. Getting back to the basics is a term that is often used.

    By Missy URL on 03.02.2011

  33. I didn’t much care for basic training when I was in the army. Too Basic. I did like the fact that I became like a star athlete by the end of the eight weeks. Never been in such great shape. But then all the harassement was a drag. Didn’t care for that at all. The drill sargent was kind of stupid, but he did know his army stuff. Oh well you can’t have everything.

    By Pete Parkin on 03.02.2011

  34. basic emotions are things that everyone has to deal with. people might say hunger is an emotion, and perhaps when one speaks of the hunger of living, or rather the hunger of wanting something to live for, then perhaps yes. But I wouldn’t put jonesing for taco bell at 2 in the morning an emotion, more like a driving force

    By Wells on 03.02.2011

  35. Her face said basic (clear skin, no makeup) but her she rode the emotional roller coaster like the waves on a full moon. She was a complicated human being, but that was all part of the disguise.

    By Hannah URL on 03.02.2011

  36. Basic is ultimately a very un basic ideal. The concept of what is basic, what constitutes basic, cannot be really defined other than saying, “Well it is basic.” I guess it would kind of depend on your intelligence level. What I consider complicated is probably basic to a brain surgeon or something close to that… I don’t really understand basic.

    By Absit-Invidia URL on 03.02.2011

  37. The basics to anything are the building blocks for anything that is about to come to be. Knowing the basics of things will help us to undestand everything that is to follow and everything that is as complesx as we can think off, all just knowing the baics of things. Knowing the basics have given us what it is that we have as not only a race, but also as people. The basics are of things that can help us in the future will so many things like buildings, medicine, writing, politics, and so many other things. The foundation has been layed in the basics of our very existence. The life that we are living and the lives of those that we create and share this earth with is all about the basics of even survival.

    It does not matter the species for which we are, we are all taught as we grow up the basics of life by our parents, teachers, community. Like the old addage “It takes an army to raise a child,” The basics are taught from every direction of our lives, it is pounded into us as we grow, but along the way we learn so many more types of basics other that life.

    The basics of science, engeneering, math, and so many more things are intorduced to us. It is up to us in which direction of things that we decide to learn more about. But without the basics, we would have nothing and know nothing. But if you think about it, how is it that we would know that we actually know nothing, if we did not know that we did?

    By stacey wesley on 03.02.2011