June 25th, 2012 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “soups”

  1. Soups taste good. I love soups they are amazing I love mushroom soups and cheesy soups and I just love soups with crackers. Is chilli a soup? I doubt it but it’s good to. I think the world is like soup. Many different flavors in one big pot. HA POT :P lol

    By Chelsea on 06.26.2012

  2. Too salty that soup is, because
    you poured your tears in
    it and I have to find
    a way to comfort
    you as we are
    running out
    of time

    By ChristieLovestoWrite URL on 06.26.2012

  3. I don’t like soups. I think they are boring. That’s about all I have to say about the word soups. weird word to write about.

    By Dani Coco on 06.26.2012

  4. The nasty thing of soups is they slide down your throut and I dont like them excpet on boring winter days and are really cold then its alright because it really hot. Soups are my mothers specilaty and She loves cooking even though she can burn water. She an Awesome mom who likes making abc soup for me.

    By Erin on 06.26.2012

  5. soups remind me of my mothers kitchen. hovering at her feet hoping for her to letme taste. let me be the grown up i wanted to and help her in the kitchen. not be sent away simply with a crust of bread. it reminds me of growing up…I miss my mothers kitchen like you miss the sun in the winter. I wish i could go back there again. Even if it means getting sent away. At least the smells, the feels would be comforting. Instead of these new cold places i now know so well. The ingredients may be the same, but the soups will always taste different than the ones my mother so lovingly placed in front of me.

    By Alyssa Yates on 06.26.2012

  6. Soups are delicious, i like chicken soup and also champignon soup… mmmm great!!!! they’re warm and good, and in winter is the best thing ever… but if you take it everyday you will get bored.

    By Patricia on 06.26.2012

  7. I don’t really like soup. It gets all over the place and I can’t lay down when I eat it. It’s also very hot some times and when I leave it to cool down it often gets too cold and then I have to reheat it and it is a very inconvenient and unfilling meal. I don’t like soup.

    By Chained on 06.26.2012

  8. The soups my grandmother made were rich and colorful. The smells coming from her kitchen when she magically combined ruby and green vegetables with rich broth still are vivid memories. Delicious beyond anything you would ever taste, Grandma’s soups!

    By Rose West URL on 06.26.2012

  9. So yummy, they release all my tension and warm me from the inside out. I need them like I need your love. So pure, so filling, so delightful. I’d take Tomato, please? Red just like our hears, joined together as one.

    By Guiltless Miss URL on 06.26.2012

  10. Sullen sunken strangers line up unshaven and dusty, slouching against the scuffed aluminum counter. Vats of viscous soups line the counter, scalding hot to dull the rotty sweetness of off-brand tin-can little-sham sludge for the damned. Curdled custard cream of mushroom, purulent spinach slop, a tomato soup slippery with congealed skin. One looks like mustard with little rusty flecks in it. A metallic gathering of soups to make the myelin decay off the nerves and drip down the spinal chord.

    By mere URL on 06.26.2012

  11. I love my mom’s homemade soups. She makes a summer squash soup that she calls “sunshine soup,” and it’s to die for. She also makes a mean chicken soup. I personally have tried making soup myself before, but I ended up with a stew-type thing. Gotta remember to add more broth next time.

    By Hannah on 06.26.2012

  12. soup is nice because it’s like food, but not food. it’s good for when you’re ill or hungover. i like minestrone soup and we usually have it on bonfire night with jacket potatoes and sausages. sometimes i like tomato soup but not very often. one time adam bought me soup when i was really hungover and left it outside for me.

    By Lou on 06.26.2012

  13. lots of ingredients but beef, and tomatoes, and singularly sliced carrots, long steamy chicken feet afternoons and possibly bits of celery from Decatur, Michigan, and little bits of grain, some barley. Soups, a sweat ringing your tonsure. Tonsure sweat, and all that is sexy and sweet.

    By sharon on 06.26.2012

  14. Soups are liquids. They are starters; eaten before the meal. They are very filling, which is why I usually skip it so I have enough space left in my stomach for the actual food.

    By Arzoo on 06.26.2012

  15. Soup is both a food and a drink. It’s what you make people when they’re sick, so I guess it’s for warmth and a sign of affection and care and whatnot.

    By rushtail on 06.26.2012

  16. soups are very sumptuous and should drink soups daily as soups are much healthy than the habit of eating fast foods.

    By pal on 06.26.2012

  17. What I did onetime when I was back in school. The kids used to pick on me a lot because I never fought back. They used to take my lunch try when I just sat down with my food and tell me to get lost. For two weeks this happened everyday, and I would go to the super visor in the lunch room and she would tell me that she did not see it happen, and to go to the computer lab and play computer games that I do. Whelp one day, during Grilled Cheese and tomato soup day (my favorite) I walked up to the kid, stood right behind him, reached of and grabbed that tray and pulled with my weight into it and covered the kid in soup, and started to rub the grilled cheese in his face, the dean of students garbed my arm to pull me away from him while I was slapping him silly with my lunch tray. They never stole my lunch tray ever again. I’ve enjoyed my tomato soup and grilled cheese on the days that fallowed.

    By Luke URL on 06.26.2012

  18. I love to make soups. They are my favorite go-to meals especially in the cold weather months. I love to remake a soup that I tasted somewhere and make it my very own recipe. I am a great soup maker – I take after my Grandma Emily when it comes to soup making.

    By Susan URL on 06.26.2012

  19. He sat down next to her and they enjoyed their soups

    By Florencia Explorer on 06.26.2012

  20. My mom and I make soups to give to family members every winter. My favorite is a creamy chicken soup with rosemary.

    By Adde on 06.26.2012

  21. I remember when I was little my mom would feed me homemade chicken noodle soup if I felt sick. If it was a school day I would get to skip for the day. We would watch movies and play games in the living room.
    The first time I was exposed to gourmet soup was on Mackinaw Island. I absolutely hated it.

    By Marissa on 06.26.2012

  22. soups are not only for cozy winter nights but for time to celebrate. For days when comfort is above all or when deliciousness is craved. Soups are for everyday and all day. One day I will jump into a vat of soup and be grossed out by my flavor.

    By Enna on 06.26.2012

  23. I love soups. Creamed soups, broths, pureed soups. Not a big fan of sweet soups, although hot & sour soup is got to me sometimes. I think humankind could survive on soups…no teeth needed, lots of options for young and old, one pot. Less to clean. Only drawback? you need a spoon or bowl for each person to eat with. Or chopsticks, I suppose…and then drink the rest from the bowl. Lots of ideas have I for personalized bowls to eat from,

    By knittress on 06.26.2012

  24. Tasty. Nutritious. Just reminds you of your mother, doesn’t it? The thought itself is relaxing. As water is to beverages, soup is to food, which is to say it is the staple food. In every culture.

    By Ray Reyes on 06.26.2012

  25. creamy. hot. cold. filling and delicious.
    take me in
    swallow me up.
    get lost in tatse.
    forget all but your spoon and the dish.

    By lina clarke on 06.26.2012

  26. Soups were invented by the Chinese. my favorite soup is sweet and sour. Though I like tomato too. Onion soup by Julia child, the famous french cook is something i want to try.Soups are really effective when you have a cold.

    By Sharanya on 06.26.2012

  27. hot creamy. filling.
    fall into the the taste.
    lose your troubles in creamy deliciousness.

    By Lina Clarke. on 06.26.2012

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    By wdqwd on 06.26.2012

  29. My favorite soup is my grandma’s homemade vegetable beef soup. She makes it in the winter and it is the most delicious on really cold or snow days. She uses fresh ingredients in her soup and it is almost magical. It contains corn, stewed tomatoes, peas, macaroni noodles, water, green beans, and marinated stewed beef…YUM!

    By Chelsey on 06.26.2012

  30. Warm nourishment from a bowl. Total peace and tranquilitywithmixed by a spoon.

    By avery on 06.26.2012

  31. The array of foods was mouth-watering to Atiya, who had never seen such an assortment before in her life. Her eyes were wide with amazement, and her mouth hung open. Never, in all seven of her years of life had she seen such a feast.

    “All this … is for us? I can eat it?” Her voice quavered, for she could hardly believe that it was true.

    By terradi on 06.26.2012

  32. There are many types of soups. I love soups that include noodles. I also like soups that include chicken. Soups are very popular during the winter months. I also like soups during the summer months as well. There are many soups I don’t like but soups like chicken noodle and chile are my favorite soups.

    By JDavis on 06.26.2012

  33. Once again, I see the same old soups in a line at the old folks’ home. My grandma doesn’t seem to mind though; but if I’m to be helping out, I need a nicer lunch. I decide to help…

    By Marie on 06.26.2012

  34. Chicken soup. Idea: Prune Soup for the Pessimist’s Soul. Stories that sem hopeful, but end in tragic decine and sad endings.

    By Dori on 06.26.2012

  35. i like soups, especially my mothers soup but i always have too much bread with soup, i once made some soup and did it up so it looked really rustic and yummy. that was pretty good soup.

    By Teddie Oates on 06.26.2012

  36. steamy bubbly endlessly new exercises in creativity grabbing whatever is at hand finishing whatever was left warming the insides nourishing the bodies filling the house with warmth

    By Taddy on 06.26.2012

  37. vegetable soup, explosions of liquid flavour that tantalise and amaze, exhilarate, spices and herbs, bread and butter and all sorts of dressings like cream

    By casey on 06.26.2012

  38. Tomatoe, creamy and rich holds onto my sppon and the aroma is to die for. I lift it to my mouth savory what I know will be delicious on my tongue. and the I open my lips, slotwly and insert the spoon. The taste of roasted tomatoes embraces my tongue swirls around my mouth

    By Janet on 06.26.2012

  39. Soups are good in the winter when the ground is covered in ice or snow. It can warm your body and your soul. Homemade organic soups are the best but coupons come in handy if you need to fix dinner quickly.
    Soups can be made with or without meat but my personal favorite are soups made with a generous amount of meat.

    By Tam on 06.26.2012

  40. Soups R Us my gramma was. thanksgiving everything put in a blender til it become a soup. turkey soup cranberry sauce soup sweet potato green bean soup dinner roll soup mincemeat pie soup you git the picture. fifteen to twenty tureens of soup laid out in a line down the center of the white cloth like we was to partake of communion. always said a sort of grace ‘fore we began slurpin’: thankya lord an’ here’s hopin’ we don’ git the runs.

    By Miss Alister URL on 06.26.2012