June 25th, 2012 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “soups”

  1. i like soups, they are nice, my mum makes soup with meat bones and peas and other vegetables. it is really nice when it is cold outside and everything is terrible, but you have soup to go! Not with bread though :P gross. so yeah

    By Sara on 06.26.2012

  2. I snapped my eyes open, my ears catching the sound of hollow footsteps on a wooden floor. I wake to see a low ceiling which was already rusting with a few cobwebs spun in different areas.
    “You’re awake.” It came from the person I heard waking towards me a while ago. She was an elderly woman with a steaming bowl of what looked like soup clutched in her old, withering hands. She smiled wanly at me as I stared at her, dumstruck. My mouth felt rough, as if I hadn’t spoken in days
    “You’ve been asleep for a month.”

    By Tee on 06.26.2012

  3. yummy, winter, I love pea and ham soup and pumpkin, sp many flavours, delicious, I think I need some soup. Soup is handy for all things, colds and sickness (chicken with lemon and honey is the best)!! Soup is amazing and taste delicious such a simple food that not many people believe is nice.

    By Shauna on 06.26.2012

  4. i remember when mommy used to make me one every time i’s sick when i was a kid. even now, whenever it’s chilly outside my mom would always makes me soup it’s very comforting, i’m telling you. it’s my favorite comfort food.

    By Paige on 06.26.2012

  5. I do not really fancy soups too much. Not that there are not healthy or tastey, but I don’t like so much liquid going down my throat , No not good.

    By victor URL on 06.26.2012

  6. The soups they had back then I believe were the best soups ever. I mean the way janice made them was oh my god, it truly made the world perfect! Until one day when if found hair in my soup, and this weird sort of rubbery substance. It wasn’t until i started stiring around the soup did i find out that the soup was human soup!! From that point on I decided that I would be a cannibal in south africa with the head hunters, but no one in this place will ever make soup like Janice.

    By Des on 06.26.2012

  7. Soups. Hot, delicious, good for colds… That is the way advertisements show soups.

    By Abinaya on 06.26.2012

  8. Sooner than we think, we’ll be enjoynig various soups; tomato, chicken noodle, etc. Autumn will be here before we know it. The leaves will be falling from the trees…then guess what?…snow. Well, at least for us here in OhiO.

    By vanhaydu URL on 06.26.2012

  9. i like soups. they are very nice. i especially like the ones that are creamy and soupy. It reminds be of a cold night with a blanket wrapped around you.

    By bob on 06.26.2012

  10. I love all kinds of soup, carrot and coriander being one of my particular favourites. They are especially good when the weather is cold and you need a little inner warmth. I find soups best when served with warm bread, yummmmm.

    By S C on 06.26.2012

  11. They come in many diffeht flavours and you can buy them pre made or home made – pre made in a carton or a tin. Popular flavours include tomato, potato and leek, carrot and coriander, mushroom and broccoli and Stilton.

    By Gemma Cole on 06.26.2012

  12. I like soup very much, what about you ?. Soup is good and rich for the body. My mom always cook soup for dinner. She loves soup too, my brothers don’t like it. My girlfriend don’t like it very much but she eat it each time i Offer her a bowl. Dad Like it very much. What a soup !!!!

    By Gelin on 06.26.2012

  13. soups are delicious, i love the cold ones, onion soup in bread, french soup, my mom s home made soup.
    i don t especially like fruit soups, but i can eat them if necessary. i don t know what else to write about soupds

    By irina on 06.26.2012

  14. Panera’s soups are the best on the go. Creamy wild rice and chicken, cheesy broccoli, warm baked potato- the ultimate in comfort food. Cold or hot, soups are all simply combinations of ingredients that conspire to create something better than any one part would be on its own.

    By Jessica Journey on 06.26.2012

  15. Soups were easy to prepare, so he had a bunch of soup cans in his cabinet. Dilute with half a cup of water, throw in the noodles, made an easy meal. There was enough variety in soups to last a while. He hesitated whenever people asked him if he cooked. “Just soups,” he said once, but his friend misinterpreted, “You mean, you actually make them? Not just from cans?”

    By Holden URL on 06.26.2012

  16. I never been a fan of soups of any kind but after being laid up for so long in the cabin, I learned to survive eating soups.

    By jamie on 06.26.2012

  17. Soups make meals. Doesn’t have to be Progresso.

    By Holden URL on 06.26.2012

  18. meet and interact
    challenging with physical as well as mental activities

    By shweta on 06.26.2012

  19. In fact I don’t know what this word mean. But anyway to this I think it should refer to this this drink for dinner.

    By brack on 06.26.2012

  20. Soup is a curious foodstuff – its not really a traditional food, not really a drink, but may be eaten or drunk. Also for a food made from the run off of other foods its oddly good – much like finding your bath water to be rather sumptuous.

    By davey on 06.26.2012

  21. Hot chowder, white please. My grandmother’s kitchen table. A cold day in fall. the red can more magical because it came from her walk-in cupboard, with the cereal we never had at home.

    By David URL on 06.26.2012

  22. soups are so warm and toasty. thick, sumptuous, delicious. best served on a cold winter day, with crusty bread and a big silver spoon. pumpkin, leek, vegetable, chicken. however you want it.

    By Natasha URL on 06.26.2012

  23. I love soup. All kind of soups. Soups fill me up. They fill me up with warmth. They fill me up with joy. If I could eat one food for the rest of my life it would be, soup. Campbells, Progresso, any brand of soup. When I wake up I crave my soup. Soup does, indeed, make my world go round. I love all kinds of soups- minestrone, veggie, chicken and noodle. I mean come on, who doesn’t like soup?

    By Lorrie Lord URL on 06.26.2012

  24. I will make soups to feed you. I will make soup every day, morning noon and night to feed you. Fill yourself up with the warmth.

    By Jamielyn on 06.26.2012

  25. Bowls of soups were arranged on the dinner table.

    They prayed to their god to thank for the meal as they always do, and started to eat.

    The candles lit dimly on the table lit the table adequately so that it felt classic enough.

    By jinwoo on 06.26.2012

  26. soup. i never likd soups, to be honest. i always hated it. the way that it was liquid but sometimes came with things in it, and could be salty or sweet never appealed to me. i only ever had soups when i was sick, and to me soup always made me feel sick. it always brought back bad memories too. so as i sat there, looking at the menus of soup, a memory came flooding back to me.
    i had been about eight. i was so sick that i had been spweing out of ever orifice available. my mother had ied to feede chicken sop, which i refused because i detested soup. she finally gave up. my father, owever was not so kind. he forced the soup down my throat, not caring that half of it ame back up because i was sick moments after he finished feedingit t me. for him it was a victory, a way to dominate, a way to be back on top after what i did to him. and he enjoyed every econd of it.

    By lindz tan on 06.26.2012

  27. delicious, wholesome, filling, creamy, soupy. Veggy, beef, noodle, wonderful in my bowl. big spoon, slitted spoon, bread bowl, bread crisps, lifes good with soup.

    By Kate URL on 06.26.2012

  28. Hearty and warm. Mothers love. Hours of dedication for the perfect taste. Small chunks floating in sweet, delicious, orange soup. Fills a whole family and more. Love in a bowl.

    By El on 06.26.2012

  29. “Here you go,” said the old kind lady.
    She handed a small bowl of steaming hot soup. It had warmed the beggar’s hands. It gave him warmth not only for the winter’s chills but also for his heart. He knew this lady before and she didn’t even recognize him. She was his lover before.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 06.26.2012

  30. Soups.. I don’t even know.. Umm soups are good when you want to stay full for longer, they are healthy most of the time and can be made better.. accompany them with a salad and you have a great meal you can eat 3 times a day

    By Lorna on 06.26.2012

  31. i really like soup. all types including tomatoe, bt leak and potatoe is my favourite. Soup kitchens are cool because they feed homeless people and make them happy. Soup is good for old people without teeth.

    By roisin on 06.26.2012

  32. soups of all kinds were filling the display of that old cafe. maybe the person had an obsession with soups or maybe it’s just what customers wanted to buy. but since he’s dead we’ll never know.

    By Kate on 06.26.2012

  33. Kristofer crossed his arms and waltzed along the catwalk, gazing down with a curious eye at the myriad of chemical soups in large vats below him. Any of these could be a cocktail of annihilation or a great boon to his power. Testing them, however, would be a long process of determining which followers would be loyal enough to sacrifice themselves to his cause.

    By RE_Sullivan on 06.26.2012

  34. Soups is all my boss eats in winter. Everyday, can you get me that soup again please? See, I look after the three of them as regards lunch and it can be quite an ordeal keeping everyone happy and warm, especially in these arctic conditions. Soups work fine.

    By lisi on 06.26.2012

  35. Soups are the winter food. They are something that never fails to bring people to my table. When I’m upset, or cold I reach for a bowl of hot soup. Soups are easy, and fun to make. Nothing is better for a sick heart than a good bowl of soup…

    By Mikah on 06.26.2012

  36. I like soup, all kinds of soup. I like chicken noodle, pea, and even tomato. The only soup that seems disgusting to me is anything with the vile pig meat in it. Bacon is the creation of a disgustingly vile person.

    By Kate on 06.26.2012

  37. soup is something you eat, something you can enjoy on a good day or a bad day. chicken soup for the soul is the best seller book series in many countries. it’s true that you can do a lot with comparing a hot bowl of soup with a dose of positivity to help you through the many ups and downs in life.

    By tien on 06.26.2012

  38. If the soup is too hot blow on it. If it does not get cool from your blow drop some ice in it. I can think of something else that would appreciate the feel of a wet ice cube and a slow blow. Ice cube & blow makes for drinkable soup.

    By ajloopy URL on 06.26.2012

  39. Oh, dear. I remember the days, the SOUPS days. Oh, dearie, do take a seat. This story will be INTERESTING. Look here: SOUPS = Sofisticated Obvious Untitled People Socializers. I, myself was in that STUPID group. Oh! How they TOOK ME IN!! Oh, my dear, I couldn’t stand it. I had to!

    By Windy on 06.26.2012

  40. I love soup. On a rainy night. When the power’s out and the only thing to do is boil water and chop up vegetables. Before bed. For breakfast. Lunch. Anytime. It’s right up there with cake on the list of comfort foods.

    By Kim on 06.26.2012