June 24th, 2012 | 236 Entries

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236 Entries for “seeds”

  1. She’d been docile for the longest time. Unthinking, unquestioning, unmindful of anything other than what she’d been told was appropriate to do, and when was appropriate to do. And then she saw the video ….

    From then on, the seeds of rebellion — of independent thought had been planted. A once-docile mind was waking up, realizing what it had gone along with, and plotting its next actions. When it was fully active there would be hell to pay.

    By terradi on 06.25.2012

  2. The top seeds all expected to see their name on the list, but I didn’t. I was the surprise; the shock entry. I had no idea until a few days before that I was even going, let alone be included in this list. It was an honour, to be sure.

    By zebra URL on 06.25.2012

  3. Seeding. Placing a seed inside his heart, and then it starts to pound and his breathing is altered and he clenches his chest because it’s a foreign feeling he’s never experienced and he doesn’t know what to do. He’s in love he may not even know it. The other planted a seed inside of his heart.

    By Bree URL on 06.25.2012

  4. have the seeds where to plant them. true the right conditions are hard to find but they do exist and as far as I can see there are a lot of viable options. unfortunately I have fewer seeds than there are locations for planting them; or perhaps the more accurate way of saying it is that I have just as many– if not more!– seeds than there are places to plant them, but I am lacking in the resources of time and energy and physical possibility that would allow me to be in every place that I could be, planting, all at once. my kingdom for knowing how to decide.

    By L.V.Newc URL on 06.25.2012

  5. Mary felt the soil sift between her hands, and drop back onto the ground. She reveled in the smell of it. As far as she could tell it was jsut about plating time. Sure other farmers had better more scietific ways to tell, but not Mary, she always decided by the smell of it.

    By Des on 06.25.2012

  6. I scatter the daisy seeds into the ground.
    “Is there a point?” John asks, holding the shovel for me.
    “Why not have a little bit of life around here?” I ask, moving the dirt over the seeds. “Something to brighten the place a bit, especially in these times.”
    He nods, says nothing else as he watches me finish my handiwork.
    “How do you manage to stay so happy?” he asks.

    By Jasmine G URL on 06.25.2012

  7. oh man okay like it’s small and grows into something more like think about plants i bet thats what most everyone would go to but like okay it culd be like money for somehting that youre starting like a hair salon in that one movie okay its small and gets bigger like yeah those things you pu in the tub my brother had one of those that were ears.

    By donut on 06.25.2012

  8. “Work hard and the seed you planted will bloom,” the father said.
    Although his son tried his best, he failed again and again. He could not find the success his father promised with hard work.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 06.25.2012

  9. Seeds lay in a row, planted in the thick mud by the herbivorous creatures that lived there. They were like hermits of their kind, separated from the packs they typically travel and live in, each with their own burrow or cave living separately but sharing this wide patch of fertile soil.

    By Cole Soderburg on 06.25.2012

  10. I stared blankly down at the pot in front of me. The plant wasn’t growing. I had done everything in my power to nurture it, to get it to sprout into something beautiful and beneficial, but it was dead. Dead to me and to the world.
    With a sad shrug, I reached out and grabbed the pot with every intention of dumping it out. Then I felt a cold hand wrap its fingers around my wrist.

    By Marlena on 06.25.2012

  11. The seeds of change were sown in my heart when he threatened me… I knew I needed to move on… jump off the cliff yet again… quit holding on and let go… I know it will mean growth and I have done it before. I can harvest this moment for my self.

    By Katherine on 06.25.2012

  12. well, if it ain’t the seeds she’s left after her departure. if growing this perposterous plants helped me get over her i would nurture a whole garden in the hopes of being a better human being. instead, i feel like burning them down. just like i would’ve burnt her.

    By paula on 06.25.2012

  13. Seeds are the beginnings of life. They hold the power and the energy to become a living thing, and that’s rather amazing isn’t it? I guess that’s why eating them is so healthy, because they contain all the nutrients and everything.

    By rushtail on 06.25.2012

  14. A little seed, planted in the corner of the garden. A sunflower seed, even. Hope. Brightness. Happiness. Maybe it would bring some peace to this sullen little corner of the world. Maybe it wasn’t enough to hope that a sunflower could fix anything. After all, these people had been forsaken for so long that most of the city forgot anyone still lived in this dump. But with the seed came color. And, along with that color came new life–and new hope. Funny what just a little seed can do to turn a life around. I certainly hoped that it would be enough.

    By CJ Applebaum on 06.25.2012

  15. There’s so many of them. Nestled next to each other. Buried semi-in, semi-out of the ground. She touches them, her fingers brushing over their shells, as if she knows what’s going to happen to them. What’ll happen to them in the future. A smile lights her lips, because she does know that they’ll explode up soon. Like trees. Like wildfire.

    By April URL on 06.25.2012

  16. I watched as she sprinkled the seeds on the ground, she couldnt see me, and she never would, not again. Not since the accident, she was getting over me, but i wasnt getting over her. Her golden hair flowed down her back, she was wearing joggerss and an old tee-shirt i’d seen her wear many times before. She is beautiful, she was mine.

    By mee123 on 06.25.2012

  17. Seeds, like what you grow plants and flowers from. Or like the ideas or friendships that you plant in other peoples minds. Its the cutest thing you ever said to me starting to bud into self-confidence. Its the goals i want to achieve that lead to my future. Its the thoughts and spirits of you that i try to keep alive.

    By fayte on 06.25.2012

  18. We planted the seeds in the garden. Waiting and hoping for their growth. Little sprouts of green came later. Followed by the fruits of the plants. Life and nourishment from such small things.

    By roseofwinter on 06.25.2012

  19. The starting point of all life, in a sense. Not all life may begin with seeds, some will argue, but in a sense can one not justify that all reproductive means are in one way or another a seed? This small seemingly irrelevant object in day to day life, often has its greater value over looked.

    By colton gross on 06.25.2012

  20. seeds grow into trees and then trees attract bees and then I collect the leaves

    By Nat on 06.25.2012

  21. “Ready?” she asked.

    “Ready,” agreed the boy.

    After taking a steadying breath the two children jumped from the branches. Branches flew past them as they fell, gravity taking hold and pulling them away from their safe haven. Green leaves were snatched up by the cold wind and seemed to dance in front of their faces.

    Just as Amaya began to wonder if their decent would last an eternity the ground came up to meet them. Shouts and footsteps surrounded them almost as soon as her feet touched the floor. She squeezed Leo’s hand in an attempt to reassure and lend him her strength.

    Leo glanced up while the army descended upon them. One hand was held by Amaya and the other held the seeds. Taking a breath the thew them into the air. Then sunlight broke the night in to a thousand little pieces that lay there; shattered like broken glass.

    By arulia on 06.25.2012

  22. seeds. Seeds are to be planted. they create many things, great and small. Seeds remind us that everything is a process. And that good things come in small packages. <3 Natalee B.

    By Natalee B. on 06.25.2012

  23. willow trees hung by
    regal regal necks ( was
    i a child once ) autumn
    flowers sprung by seed sprung
    by life and i
    have to wonder if the willow hung
    in me came from what they planted

    By eva on 06.25.2012

  24. The sunshine raced down from the clouds, beating my neck red as I hauled up weeds and crushed parasites between my fingernails. I stood and looked around me. Mine was the only white (but reddening) neck in sight. The rest were brown. And illegal. We worked side my side, fending off the same bugs and harvesting the same desire to get out of the sun and into the shade with a day’s pay in our holey pockets.

    By A.Taylor on 06.25.2012

  25. planted, slowly grow. the very first of life. life of thoughts, as well as physical matter. plant the seed in one’s mind

    By Max on 06.25.2012

  26. The seeds of doubt have been planted. Small packages of life just waiting to burst a grow. We must not let them take root, and thus destroy the ground completely. There are better things to grow.

    By Addie URL on 06.25.2012

  27. When all stories should begin with when my family brought home a poblano chili, all I could think about was the abundance of seeds it would bring me.
    I wanted a crop everlasting of seeds from a seedling, and I would flavour my dishes and add a certain zing to my life.

    By Joseph Marx on 06.25.2012

  28. Growth. New life. Planting with mom. With family. I was never very good at it, but i always admired that new life can grow from these tiny little bitty things, big trees and beautiful plants. Like how we grow from infants into adults, fully formed and unique and beautiful and requiring so much from life. They’re like us, they grow, they need nurturing, they’re terrifying sometimes.

    By Nellie Lovett on 06.25.2012

  29. Unknown, deep down in the loamy soil, potential unburdened by bias and expectation. A bit of water, some sun, and soon the potential takes form, the actual growth, actual life, actual victory. Breaking free into clean, fresh air. Away from home, frightening, but wonderful.

    By Emy on 06.25.2012

  30. He watched her as she dug a hole in the ground, placing the sunflower seeds carefully in it. She seemed happier than she’d been in a while.

    By Giuliana on 06.25.2012

  31. Her love was like the seeds sown in a flower garden. It grew, it took root, it blossomed, but then it came and went with the seasons. He could not seem to keep it.

    By Andrea on 06.25.2012

  32. Seeds makes me think of sperm. I don’t like that that was the first thing that came to my head because I’d like to believe that I think about more things than sex. I suppose I DO in fact think about more than sex. It is just that sex was the first thing I thought of. Although sperm does not mean sex they are linked.

    By David Frederick on 06.25.2012

  33. He planted seeds of jealousy in her mind. The rage, the hate, it all stemmed from the words and feelings he suggested. She lost control, and then he was the one she took it out on.

    By Andrea URL on 06.25.2012

  34. It was small.

    A tiny seed in your hands.

    This was it. This is what will change it all. And even though you’re not sure where to go from here, it’s a start.

    A new beginning.

    By cibby on 06.25.2012

  35. He planted the idea before he even knew fully what it meant. She accepted it readily; her mind was malleable at that young age. It took her years to fully develop it, however, long after he was dead and gone. She became the Nightmare.

    By Fred on 06.25.2012

  36. Seeds… They are planted to grow a whole new life. They make wonderful wonders.
    Seeds are planted inside all creatures from squirrels to humans. Seeds are planted from the time of the birth. Mental seeds… That grow all their life.

    By Abinaya on 06.26.2012