June 25th, 2012 | 283 Entries

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283 Entries for “soups”

  1. There are so many different soups in the world. So, so many. Tomato, vegetable, uh….. hmm. Sooooo many I can’t even name more than two. Sometimes homeless people enjoy soups. That’s why they have soup kitchens. I assume they know more about soup than I. I’m not homeless. Or am I…?

    By Silas Khanz on 06.26.2012

  2. Sometimes, love is like a big bowl of soup. It looks so delicious sitting there. Waiting for you to take the first bite. Steam rising off of it like clouds, so tempting. you pick up your spoon and dive right in, only to find that it burns you in the process.

    By Lexie on 06.26.2012

  3. I love soups. I cook many varietys and one soup in particular is my favortie to cook. My mother’s chicken soup! It’s loved by my family and neighbors and freinds. I think it’s because I make it with the loving memory of when my mom used to make it for me. It always made me feel better when I was sick, and having her in my mind while making it, pushes me to make it the best way I know how. I miss my mom, but at least I have this recipe to keep her with me!

    By Rosie on 06.26.2012