January 23rd, 2011 | 331 Entries

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331 Entries for “solved”

  1. Solved means that you have found the solution to the problem. Like you have solved the problem. It is a very common word.

    By devin21 URL on 01.24.2011

  2. i solved a problem in math today. it was a really hard one i had to multiply my answer 2 times!! i really liked that problem though.:)

    By chase Curell URL on 01.24.2011

  3. figured out

    By josh on 01.24.2011

  4. solved is to get something figerd out

    By delgean URL on 01.24.2011

  5. Math is full of mysteries. Many have been solved, but the answers only lead to more questions. Setting myself puzzles and seeking the answers is my path toward discovery. Although nothing earth-shattering has been revealed, this approach helps me to understand the connections within the elegant subject.

    By Mitch Holmes URL on 01.24.2011

  6. I solved a mystery the other day it was very fun. we saw this dude stealling we had to figure out his name and we did, It was so fun.

    By Sam tate URL on 01.24.2011

  7. the problem was solved
    she did a subtraction
    the issues were gone
    just like the attraction
    the pages were blank
    the pencil was cracked
    her body just sank
    the books were all packed

    By roya on 01.24.2011

  8. n you have 2+2 than u have to solve the equation and u can make it fun by puting a rythm or jus put a sentence.

    By anacaa URL on 01.24.2011

  9. i tried to finish a test but i couldn’t solve this one question but finally i solved it.

    By ruger on 01.24.2011

  10. fighting never solved anything. but many things are solved through words not actions.

    By nick URL on 01.24.2011

  11. we had a problem solved in my house. a young boy got caught on a fence and we helped him off so we could be happy. thats how to solve a problem

    By chase Curell URL on 01.24.2011

  12. Today in math i solved a hard problem. It wasn’t that difficult but i solved it just fine.

    By josh crean on 01.24.2011

  13. The solution arrived at came in an instant. There had been much deliberation but in the end it just jumped out as obvious. There was no mystery to it.

    By Kathleen Irvine on 01.24.2011

  14. A problem but not a life,
    solved a life

    A long came salve
    I loved


    By Jim Kinloch URL on 01.24.2011

  15. i soved a problem in math. the probelm was 2+2 it was the hardest thing for me. but the answer turned out to be 4. it was fun but hard. i had lotz of fun.

    By Anacaaa URL on 01.24.2011

  16. all my problems never seem to solve themselves, i hate that about my life. i cant help making bad decisions… i just do. i need to change this or else ill never be happy. Alot like right now.

    By Daisy on 01.24.2011

  17. I solved the algorithm for love, and it was to never love at all. Sometimes the solution isn’t as satisfying as working out the problem.

    By Ann on 01.24.2011

  18. I had a hard problem in math today and i FINALLY got it solved the right way!! I kept doing it and doing was fun but it was hard

    By Brittany URL on 01.24.2011

  19. problems of every kind in every shere of life and sometimes even beyond ordinary parametors of it as it may be possible.

    By bdithole on 01.24.2011

  20. Puzzle solved. One of the best feelings in the world, and great for the ego and your self esteem when you’re feeling down. Except when it takes you twice as long as everyone else…

    By stephanie URL on 01.24.2011

  21. It was an intriguing and perplexing conundrum that faced us as we transitioned into the new century. While a great many questions have been solved there are far more decisions that need addressing.

    By BWoolley URL on 01.24.2011

  22. I solved the puzzle of her heart. It was simple, really. All I had to do was listen. I hadn’t need offer a word of advice or encouragement. I just sat there and listened while she poured her heart out for me, until she realized what she had given me.

    By ben URL on 01.24.2011

  23. Holmes was sure that the riddle had been solved. But he was too late to save Watson.

    Years later – when he sat at the table with Elizabeth – he cried.

    That was the day he received the text message from Watson’s brother.

    By Mike on 01.24.2011

  24. I think I need to stop doing this at random times during the day. This is the same word as yesterday afternoon. I think I need to solve the problem of writing after the same word two days in a row by figuring out what time they usually change the word and only write after that time, or only before it. Whichever works best.

    Yes, this is a problem that is not yet solved, yet. Hopefully, it will be soon. :)

    By AG Stewart URL on 01.24.2011

  25. Problem solved is the first thing that came into my head when I saw this word. Solved is a positive word because it implies that a problem has been taken care of and is no longer an issue.

    By Patty URL on 01.24.2011

  26. solved are all my problems, stains diappear when I use a solvent. Some people drink solvent but I just like my little life to be solved: questions , problems and all. Solved in one sitting!!! Hallo little solver. Thankyou for solving my life. Solved. All sewn up! Hooray !

    By hannah andhardt on 01.24.2011

  27. Is anything ever really solved in life? People’s problems? People’s hardships? People’s lost loves? Unsolved mysteries? Problematic lifelong questions? I don’t think so.

    By Alexandrea Johns URL on 01.24.2011

  28. Solved. They told me the mystery of my sister’s murder would be solved, but it never was. The killer was still out there somewhere, looking for one more person to murder. They’ll never know that the true murderer has been staring at them all the while. I cleaned my knife of my sibling’s blood and smiled. No, this murder would never be solved.

    By Kate on 01.24.2011

  29. Problems are never solved to me. And even if they are there is always a new problem that will arise and you are back to being stressed and not knowing what do. Unfortunately that is what life is like its about endless problems having to be solved.

    By Laura on 01.24.2011

  30. I finally solved my problems yesterday, by cleaning off my desk. I had put off cleaning this desk for some time, but now that it is finally finished I can breath a sigh of relief and carry on with my work.

    By Vincent on 01.24.2011

  31. I do not understand how they solved that problem.
    It is a mystery to me.
    I am glad they finally did.
    ’cause it benefits me.
    Don’t let them tell you otherwise.

    By vince URL on 01.24.2011

  32. mathematics ,physics, every time we have to solve problems. if we solved successfully we used to get immense satisfaction

    By Tanuja Rampure on 01.24.2011

  33. “Problem solved!” he declared, brandishing the red wire from the explosive. However, barely two seconds later his triumphant grin vanished as frantic beeping filled the tiny room in which we had been locked. The timer was counting down at twice it’s speed.
    “Problem NOT solved,” I grumbled.

    By Rachael on 01.24.2011

  34. It was a difficult clue that had left her cold. She looked again and some bit of heat inside her was pushing its way to the top of her head when she read it for a seventy second time. She had it right in there, but it just wouldn’t emerge. She would love that solved clue like the one from last week, but nothing would crack out of her brain except a warm buzz of knowledge that she knew what it was, but couldn’t express it.

    By Lenni URL on 01.24.2011

  35. I think of all the problems I have and how I would love to have them solved. I think of my past, my loved ones who left me. I think of the sun and I think of my father. I think of how I messed things up so bad in the past, and how I try so hard to do them right in the present, but things don’t really seem to work out.. I wonder if many people hate me?

    By Joy on 01.24.2011

  36. past tense, resolution, a problem that is now an achievement. The size of the problem is equal in the light of this one word- solved. Epic or minute, it is no longer in existence.

    By brigitte on 01.24.2011

  37. Es gibt keine Lösung. Keine eindeutige jedenfalls. Jede Lösung ist irgendwie trüb. Zumindest wenn man sie mit genügend großer Auflösung betrachtet. Da schwimmen Partikel drin. Schwebstoffe nennt man sie. Nein, nicht SchweDstoffe. Schwebstoffe, das heißt sie fliegen im Zeitlupentempo durch die Brühe.

    By Lisa URL on 01.24.2011

  38. so i went on a trip around the usa with the intent to become whole the only problem i have had in my life……it has become solved^^ and i find that the world has so many problems, can i solve all those?

    By victor vargas on 01.24.2011

  39. I’m falling through thecracks in the old paved street
    that can’t be cleansed by any amou t of rain
    and the way the blisters fester on my feet
    will show no mercy to any amount of pain

    the winding road stretches beyond my vision
    never ending grey with the shock of the dull yellow lines
    in the middle of the road, it’s only division
    I stumble down the lane that rules my mind

    I thirst for a stop sign blazing silver and red
    the unrelentless wind that the road grinds in my eyes doesn’t bring tears
    they ran dry the day I lost my head
    on this road that one can be lost on years

    alone on the back of the grey surpentine beast
    where people have walked around a whole earths revolve
    they can lose them selves or their minds at least
    they can lose humanity, starved from dreams unsolved

    By Ellen on 01.24.2011

  40. That’s it solved! She put her pen down and looked around at her classmates with a smug expression unaware of the glares she was getting from the back row.
    “Finished already Patricia? said the teacher suprised.

    By mariesdaly on 01.24.2011