January 23rd, 2011 | 331 Entries

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331 Entries for “solved”

  1. i solved a problem in math class last week!i like solving math problems at school and my house i guess.

    by kimmy411 on 01.24.2011
  2. i solved a problem yesturday fora lady and her cats!:0

  3. i solved the problem! i am going to pay what i owe, and get legitimate cable. no scams. for the first time EVER!

  4. Finally the Rubix Cube was finished. She sat back in the chair and let it rest in her lap. Gazing down at her accomplishment she was struck by a sadness at how dismal and ordinary the plastic cube now looked with its regimented coloured sides.

    by Fi on 01.24.2011
  5. my heart is a puzzle you cannot solve. i just wish i had another day. i just wish this were something i could solve. i would go back if there were a way.

  6. Hay no problema. It’s been solved. I’m loving life, could you say the same? Come on up and see me – we can jabber in Spanglish about our President and his Brazilian problem. No tengo una problema – it’s been solved.

  7. the word solved to me is that you did it right or acomplished something.

  8. Every day I wish for

  9. i solved the problem.
    no i didn’t.
    i never do
    just keep on truckin’,
    that’s what i always say
    there’s never any going back
    i know.
    but that’s why i love it.
    never turn back,
    never regret
    but always remember

    by Panda on 01.24.2011
  10. Problem solved. That’s what she said to me, like it had been some minor issue about where to go for dinner or what shoes to wear. As far as I was concerned the problem would never be solved unless she proved she loved me and divorced him. This wasn’t just a relationship she was denying, it was a way of life.

    by Sophie on 01.24.2011
  11. answer solution Knowing what the answer is. Something that is figured out.

    by Ramone on 01.24.2011
  12. ıt ıs the biggest problem that we solved is being wrong humans in all over the world. We see that we are trying to be the wrong persons and even if we know that we are doing mıstakes we keep doing it beceuase we thing it ıs goıng to be beneficial for us.

    by Fuad on 01.24.2011
  13. figure out problem, complete, finished, done, to know the answer

    by Marianne Hicks on 01.24.2011
  14. I wish – the word conjures up the trivia of family life which, collectively, succeeds on feeling like a Problem. If each incident is taken separately (one daughter with baby and broken arm, another about to have twins) I can cope. But collectively – it needs solving!

  15. he solved the math problem. he solved the problem. He solved the paper.It was solved. The sound problem was solved.

  16. Pleasing hormones trickled through the skin of my arms. A nearly audible *click* rang in my mind. My stomach settled. I wanted to jump, and proclaim my victory.

  17. when you hey solve a problem your having. coming up with an answer

    by Ellie.Lunte on 01.24.2011
  18. To do something and finish it. It is done. You find out something that was hard to find out.

    by Rochelle Scott on 01.24.2011
  19. I solved a problem in math and it was hard. bcause i SOLVED it it was okay. I love the word solve. its a fun word, solve is. i love solving solving is fun. so solve away!

    by Taylor Kennedy on 01.24.2011
  20. a thing that gets answered. something that you do to answer a question or problem.

    by Sarah on 01.24.2011
  21. When you have figured out a problem. you know the answer to whatever you were trying to find

    by chris on 01.24.2011
  22. Rarely is anything truly solved. A solution tends to invite new formulae, new problems, new dilemmas which we demand our full energy to deal with. A solution is thus often the problem.

  23. the problem everyone had was solved the time had come to work it out it was hard but we gave it our all and solved the problem!!!

  24. the problem everyone had was solved the time had come to work it out it was hard but we gave it our all and solved the problem!!!it was fun!!!!

  25. The finger joint protruded a grizzly white against the soot where it lay. For an instant, hesitation swept over Detective Skidmore, but nevertheless, he plucked it up with his gloved hand. This was it.

  26. solved remindes me of problems. it makes me think of math or mysteries. when i solve something it makes me feel better or good.

  27. You’re a problem that needs to be solved, frantically.

  28. In math class today we solved a really hard math question. It took us a long time to solve it. My math teacher wouldn’t tell us the answer. We had to figure it out on our own. It was very difficult to solve.

  29. I have trouble solving problems but, I have solved quite a few. It’s very important to think about it in your mind and just solve them. I love Emilee Hellerud! <3

  30. I have solved many problems before,but this one is extremely hard and seems almost impossible to figure out.

  31. solved is something u can solve something like a case and try to solve it

  32. I solved my problem the easy way. Instead of tackling homework the hard way, I set my phone timer for 6 minutes then worked fast and furiously for 6 minutes. Those 6 minutes so energized me that I finished it all in 6 minute increments.

    by Leah Mathews on 01.24.2011
  33. “Solved.” In some far corner of my mind I know that this means it should be over, but nothing is ever really “solved” when you think it is.
    I don’t like surprises.

  34. What do you think I should try to move next professor ? I ask trying to figure out the maze of hieroglyphic problems on the illegible dusty room in side of the conservatory,we will solved this mystery .

    by Linda Berryman on 01.24.2011
  35. Aha! The mystery is over. I have solved the crime. I now know who put the peanut butter and jelly sandwich face down on the carpet! They will now get down and SCRUB!

    by rebecca on 01.24.2011
  36. Some problems have proved that cannot solve in short time. but sometimes they’re randomly solved.

  37. In the foggy recesses of my mind, I remember solving this problem before. I would have hoped that the answer would bob to the surface of my consciousness, however it had sank like a stone, never to come back.

  38. i solved a riddle, i also solved a murder, i have solve the mystery! you solved the crime

    by ena coleman on 01.24.2011
  39. “Problem solved” .. magic to my ears should my husband say this today. Our central heating is on the blink and it is freezing! I remember when I was really young going to bed in a dressing gown to make sure I stayed warm all during the night. This is like a step back in time, no wonder people died younger years ago, heat is such a luxury – I feel old and tired without it – please bring back my central heating system!! NOW!!

  40. the problem by finding beautiful Sam and taking Sam into the bedroom and undressing Sam and pressing Sam down on the bed, like usual, pronouns excluded because you’re not telling who or what it is and that’s how it wants to be treated you know, try handcuffs next time if the problem isn’t solved after all