January 24th, 2011 | 356 Entries

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356 Entries for “rocket”

  1. Rocket is one weird word. I mean rocket has so many different meanings. She rocketed across the room, rockets in outerspace. How much different times are from long ago. Parents would complain about us “rocketing off the chairs,” or somethi- wait the word just changed?! Now it’s basement?! I’m not doing that! See Ya!

  2. Here i go again
    up and up
    away away
    from everything that holds me there
    not where
    i want to be.

    by on 01.25.2011
  3. rockets are pretty cool i guess they are really big and they are the things that did get us into space i didn t really see what the point was of making of them

  4. a big shop thing that goes into to space to take people to planets to explore and to go into space to look for living life and to look for more planets.

  5. rockets are an experiment al thing only scientist use this i think only trainies use this like atsronots or

  6. The first thing that comes to mind when i hear the word rocket are astronauts. I once had to do a report on astronauts. I had to do a lot of research.(:

  7. ‘Ya mad rocket!’ , thats what we would say back at primary school. Certain ways of speaking change when you get older I suppose, I wouldnt call any of mymates a ‘rocket’ these days, they would probably laugh there ass’s off if I did!

  8. As a raw food vegan, rocket forms an important part of my diet. I don’t eat much lettuce, preferring the darker greens, spinach, watercress and my favourite lambs lettuce, all packed with vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll.

  9. Sometimes I think that love could be a rocket. Fast, quick and bursting with light!

    by Roanna on 01.25.2011
  10. sex don’t care about god
    i just write don’t think
    anybody hme
    sorry sorry im really wery sorry
    you don’t care about ass
    lols placebo

    by slaw on 01.25.2011
  11. well i live in houston so my first thought was to go to the basketball team, but i’m more of a mavs fan. the other sports reference i can think of is the shamed roger clemens, who also oddly enough, applied his craft in the houston area. this word evokes more tangible images, although i’m surprised that i didn’t go to a more ‘fast’ descriptive line of thinking.

    by dandan on 01.25.2011
  12. Rocket soaring
    His white tail
    Dividing air
    Like it is a blackboard
    Onwards to its destination


    Houston, GO GO GO

    Are we there yet?

    by Amy on 01.25.2011
  13. His head shot up in the air like a rocket, but instead of flames, blood and spinal fluid left a trail.
    “Jerk” said the 15 year old to the decapitated body, while his fellow classmates sat stunned splattered with gore.

  14. I decided I would build myself a rocket. It wouldn’t take to long would it? Even if it did should that matter?

  15. Mocka-Mocka was a little man with a large rocket. Day in and day out he prepped his rocket, waiting for the day to arrive when he would finally be ready to blast off. When it came, the skies were gray and the rain poured down, as if to try and block his ascent.

    He loaded into the cockpit, buckled his seat belt and pressed “START”. With a poof he was off into the sky.

  16. A rocket is a curious device. It is perhaps the most advance of all human inventions and is beautiful in it’s purpose – that is, to explore the stars. A rocket to the moon, I wouldn’t mind that. A rocket to kill my enemies, I take that to my fancy also.

    by benben on 01.25.2011
  17. I saw a rocket today & wanted to ride on it. I thought about all the time as a kid that I played with rockets and it made me sad that I was older. The fact that I getting older, not the fact that I was older.

  18. Most people seem to think that rockets run on fuel, but they don’t. They run on something much more satisfying than that. They run on dreams. Dreams are meant to soar you see, and this is what makes them the best “fuel” for rockets. Rockets are launched and reach distances and destinations in parallel value to the dreams that were placed in them.

  19. space shuttle battling elton john in the middle of a yellow brick road. Could you ever be so alone and up so high. When time doesn’t matter nearly as much because you travel through space so fluently; just ask einstein’s twin… He would know if we weren’t already dead.

    by John on 01.25.2011
  20. rocks r cool i guess i dont reely know but ya some r culerful.

  21. The Space Shuttle has three detaching rockets it uses to get into orbit. It’s got three more permanently attached and used for propulsion, steering, reentry, and landing.

  22. Fly off into the unknown.
    Go further than you’ve ever gone, see things you’ve never seen.
    The ultimate adventure.
    Scary, thrilling, and well worth the risk.
    If only for the ability to say you’ve done it.

  23. No matter where we go in our life, we are always propelling steadily forward, on our own rocket. This rocket does not stop since time does not stop. We should go head first with grace and love and a smile. Never let the speed scare you, embrace it. Love like a rocket, hard and fast.

    by Allison Keough on 01.25.2011
  24. fiies into space. every boy loves it. would love to see one one day. no boundaries. type of salad my mother eats but I hate. strangely phallic, emblematic of anything?

    by Elisa on 01.25.2011
  25. I’ve never fired one of those fake rockets before. I think i’d be too afraid as to where it would land. I think i’d be afraid to kill a mocking bird by accident.

    by Sheena Phillips on 01.25.2011
  26. Prices of essential goods are skyrocketing; corruption is skyrocketing; in short, everyday life itself is a rocket.

    by sankar on 01.25.2011
  27. i like rockets they are so cool aqnd they explode and make cool colars ythey remind me of fireworks and theyare fun to play with

  28. Rockets are awesome. They can be fun for most people. it can go fast when there is wind.

  29. rockets remind e of aliens big green ugly things except rockets are not ugly just bigger then me it is sad i love rockets.

  30. rockets are fast they goto the moon they carry astronauts and can go varry fast are very fast fast as a horse

  31. Ireally like rockets because they can be any color. They can be red they can be blue or even green. i love them.

  32. rockets are what i think of when i think of the moon like when armstrong went to the moon. he was like one step for man one giant leap for man kind. that would be really cool to fly in a rocket.

  33. rockets remind me off shooting stars for some reason. Whenever i see a shooting star i think of how Neil Armstong landed on the moon. Rockets are a advanced technology.

  34. its nice

  35. A spaceship.

  36. Rockets are awesome. I WOuld love to go up in space in a rocket and see the moon and stars and everthing.

    by on 01.25.2011