May 9th, 2013 | 193 Entries

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193 Entries for “soap”

  1. Soap makes a wonderful gift, perhaps, sudsy and bubbly and maybe rough and full of sand…wait, no, unless the recipient is super manly and likes it rough. Slippery and multi-colored and smelling of spring and fruit and promise. Yes. Soap makes a good gift.

    By Ara on 05.10.2013

  2. Soap makes people clean, unfortunately not everybody has access to soap which is just depressing. Of course I’m referring to people in developing countries who might not need soap as a priority, but would still be kind of nice to have. Any kind of soap will suffice.

    By Alex URL on 05.10.2013

  3. Smooth and slippery, suds washed over her as water poured down to rinse them off. She always felt so wonderful after taking a bath, standing in the stream, feeling the current rub against her and take away all of the grime while it cleaned the soapweed from her as well.

    By Serryphae URL on 05.10.2013

  4. Soap tastes bad. I remember eating it when I was four in the bathtub. It tasted bitter. I remember when I used to take baths when I was a kid and my grandma would sing to me in her chair from the open door. She’d sing “Singing in the bathtub, Whoohoo!” I don’t know where she got that from.

    By Lana URL on 05.10.2013

  5. And the usual coating of grime washed off my soul like the residue of cheap soap from my bathtub; just like momma said, “all it takes is a little elbow grease.” Now the sliding feeling, much like the slipping of soap from my wet palm, accosts me and leaves me ubtundent.

    By AlexP on 05.10.2013

  6. the soap fell as she was lathering herself. self-consciously, she picked it up, knowing her new boyfriend was in the bathroom brushing his teeth and most definitely watching her through the clear shower curtain. she blushed. but, she enjoyed giving him a show.

    By l on 05.10.2013

  7. Soap makes the stink palpable (sometimes)

    By Harold. way on 05.10.2013

  8. Soapy, bubbles! Getting clean. Stingy eyes… Water! Ouch! DON’T drop it! Or drop it… whatever… Nice smells! Feeling fresh! Squeaky clean! Dove? What! Ramble ramble….

    By Cassie-drew on 05.10.2013

  9. The present was a bar of soap. “Um…thanks,” I murmured. I wasn’t really thankful at all, though. It was just a bar of soap shaped like a frog…what was so special about that?

    By Isis on 05.10.2013

  10. The word soap means a cleansing agent, you all know that. Ironically, it also means money offered as bribe! Needless to say, it also refers to the tv serials that are just too “clean” in the thoughts and actions that they telecast.

    By Arunima Datta on 05.10.2013

  11. on the tv and in my bathroom
    made of fat or fruit or oil
    bubbling boiling brewing spoiling
    scented like a new day
    dries you up but wets you down
    in every home in every time
    clean your act
    clean your language
    clean your face

    By Missy on 05.10.2013

  12. soap you wash your hands with and it make things clean. soa

    By Surf on 05.10.2013

  13. soap you wash your hands with and it make things clean. you can use it for almost any

    By Surf on 05.10.2013

  14. Soap.
    That scent that I crave.
    I find myself daydreaming about that scent.
    Oh, your soap.
    It’s helped me cope with you being gone.
    Can you keep a secret?
    I use it when I miss you.

    By Nicola URL on 05.10.2013

  15. Running down that chiseled body,
    Soap in hand.
    The scent drifting over to where I lay on the bed.
    I could lay here forever.
    Just breathing you in.
    I shall not drift back off to sleep as you get ready for work.
    I need this.
    I need you.
    And your scent of soap, wafting over to my safe Haven.

    By Nicola URL on 05.10.2013

  16. lathering and releasing drips of bubbles

    By emma on 05.10.2013

  17. soap is great soap is fun. wash your hands with soap.

    By Surf on 05.10.2013

  18. Soap,
    Bubbling on my butt
    I should mention I’m in a bubble bath.
    Not just obsessed with soap bubbles.
    Although, while we’re on the topic…

    By Nicola URL on 05.10.2013

  19. I step out of the bath every mornig, into the mirror’s eye, and I’m clean, I’m clean of the tiny molecules of dust and dead skin that shroud me, but every morning I remember that soap doesn’t wash away scars. My head is thick, my eyes are bright, and I’m sighing in a way that I haven’t quite figured out the meaning of, happy or sad… and the scars, it’s clear they aren’t going anywhere.

    By Saudade on 05.10.2013

  20. the slippery soap slipped from her supple hands and splashed into the sink.

    By Bobbi B on 05.10.2013

  21. This I did yesterday. Still the last object I used. Homemade. Lathers like a charm. Imperfectly shaped, lumpy at the corners. Still four more bars to go. Will last a while.

    By Natalie on 05.10.2013

  22. When we used to shower together, our bodies in its natural state, it was the happiest moment of my life. There were no shenanigans…just two people getting clean. You would grab my cucumber soap and lather yourself. When we got out, and we were dried, and I would sit in your v-neck that went down to my thighs and you would sit in your Calvin Klein underwear. We would lay on the couch, facing the huge window. The feeling of being twenty-four stories up was enthrilling. We would watch the Chicago traffic below, people who were heartbroken or who were in love like us…I would lay my head in the nook of your neck, smelling the scent of cucumber soap on your skin.

    By Chris on 05.10.2013


    … soap.

    By Morgan Hendrickson on 05.10.2013

  24. her mother had told her that some things were considered life essentials, no matter how rich or how poor a person, no matter their faith or their politics or their education. soap, she said, with a flourish, was one of these unsung treasures. and the selling of it was a booming business. Melise and her mother, alone for near a decade now since her father had gone to war and not returned, kept themselves afloat and comfortable by producing (at impressive rates) tiny bars of soap: colorful, scented, cut into shapes like seashells and flowers, engraved with names. Soap with tiny bright beads inside them, soap that could be molded and shaped like clay, soap that could soothe minor aches and calm the mind. the two of them were industrious and self-sufficient. Melise and her mother needed no one, until the day Melise came home to find a body facedown in a pool of lye. Melise did not need to turn the body over to recognize her mother.

    By mira URL on 05.10.2013

  25. Just need one. But I don’t use those. Body wash. That’s where it’s at. So sudsy. Not slippy. Put it on my loofah, can’t do that with a bar as easily. I need some of this after the bar last night.

    By Dustyn Deerman URL on 05.10.2013

  26. White bubbles with oil rainbow surfaces. Cleaning away our grime and our fears. Is that so? Is fear a thing that can just be washed away? Can insecurities be disinfected? What is a soap for the soul. A chance for us to start again with a fresh feeling of clarity.

    By Eric Herlihy URL on 05.10.2013

  27. bubbles gonna be floating all over and rays of light through them are magical.

    By mehdi on 05.10.2013

  28. Soap on a rope is the first thing that comes to mind. What inventors will concoct to be the first at something… Sort of like writers do to be the first to say something that hasn’t been said. But is there really anything?

    By Erin on 05.10.2013

  29. Soap is for dirty people. Every time I see a dirty looking person, I always want to give them a bar to wash themselves down. One day, there was a guy that looked really rough. So, I gave him a bar. Then he proceeded to take the bar and place it on my head. What I had was a dirty mind.

    By Tinea on 05.10.2013

  30. I hate the taste of soap. I once said the “f” word when I was about five years old, and my mother washed my mouth out with soap. I can still taste the bitter, sharpness of the soap and feel myself gagging as I tried not to swallow the hideous stuff.

    By Fulton URL on 05.10.2013

  31. Soap on a rope—It wasn’t my favorite Christmas gift. However, it always reminded me that the thought is what counts. So what was the thought? Was it that I was somehow soiled and needed better hygiene?

    By mathispayne on 05.10.2013

  32. cleanse me,
    of my sins,
    my past.
    cleanse me,
    with your holy soap,
    clear my hands,
    make me a man again.

    By Tayler Moore on 05.10.2013

  33. If only soap could wash away all of the stains…the ones deep inside…the ones you can’t see but you can feel. And when you compare the stains on your clothes to the stains on your heart, suddenly, you realize that maybe the laundry isn’t the most important thing you could be doing today. I’m not against hygiene…I’m just sayin’. Why can’t they make heart soap? I would buy that. Everyone would buy that. Why? Because other people throw dirt on your heart far more often than they throw dirt on your clothes.

    By Sabrina on 05.10.2013