May 9th, 2013 | 193 Entries

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193 Entries for “soap”

  1. shampoo gets all the glory, but soap does all the dirty work. Goes all the places no other cleanser wants to go. And I’m not just talking about bath soap. You want that two month old casserole clean? Dish soap.

    By Warren on 05.09.2013

  2. I spread the soap suds all over my tired and aching body. I had done a lot of work that day. From going back and forth to the office to doing household chores. My whole body was sore and the hot water felt so good on my joints and muscles.

    By Gilltyascharged on 05.09.2013

  3. Wash away those problems, wash away those dreams, scrub away your sins and lather away your problems, simple soap is but the fountain of life.

    By Dale on 05.09.2013

  4. Soap gets you clean. It takes your dirty body from smelly to smelling wonderful. Soap is slippery, foamy, and slimy. It slips through your fingers effortlessly, slamming onto the hard shower floor with a loud bang.

    By Erica on 05.09.2013

  5. There wasn’t any soap in the shower, so I merely washed myself with the putrid lavender shampoo. The picture on the front featured a woman running through a waist-deep field of the purple flowers, arms flung out and carefree. I took a sniff of the contents, and immediately my eyes began to itch. It had most definitely been abandoned in there for a reason.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.09.2013

  6. Fragrance. Smells. Memories. A lost time. Cheap brands found in hospitals and other places you’d rather not be. That one type that your friend always uses, and that you wish you had. Soap has become an accessory almost. I don’t think many people actually end up washing their hands properly nowadays, myself included.

    By Natalie URL on 05.09.2013

  7. bar
    hand towel
    behind the ears

    By joan on 05.09.2013

  8. I washed my body with the soap and it slipped out of my hand as I got close to my face. I reached down to grab it but it kept sliding away from me. It just wasn’t my day. My dog didn’t want to be around me, neither did my cat… and now the soap didn’t either. What a pity.

    By Kendra on 05.09.2013

  9. Soap is the cleanser, but what makes it clean itself? There is nothing to clean the soap. It gives, but never takes. The most charitable of amenities. Soap can never be washed of itself, but will always wash others.

    By Nic on 05.09.2013

  10. (so ap)propriately inappropriate.

    By nytrist URL on 05.09.2013

  11. We had a hand. He had a back. Simply as stable knees, I watered down his drink. Then he snored. I thought to myself and said outloud, I think I like him better before.

    By bee on 05.09.2013

  12. soap is cool it makes me feel clean and nice. I like using nice smelling soaps. Yup. whoo thats all I can think of for soap. Yup soap is pretty great. Whoo. I don’t know what this is about. But yea, soap is cool and I like using them. I think everyone should use them

    By Kimi on 05.09.2013

  13. Soap is an outstanding thing that is present in our world today. It contains chemicals that react with water in order to rid off the bacteria that is found in our bodies. Without soap, a lot of people will have trouble finding a suitable substitute to keeping our bodies healthy and free of bacteria that is found vastly in our world today. We, as producers and consumers, could also use soap for profit.

    By Chet on 05.09.2013

  14. use for many different things…cleaning, cleansing, cheap to make…can supply to man, the world should have soap for everyone is mass production. an easy and accessible item that is a basic right to life along with water.

    By andy on 05.10.2013

  15. In the shower, for those brief moments I am cleansed. Soapy water accumulates around the drain, with all my sins and sufferings. For a few minutes, I am free and pure and perfect.

    By Ethan LaSalle on 05.10.2013

  16. so i sit sadly
    staring at silhouettes seeking softness
    a shadow of a thought
    as we turned
    to astound
    that we create
    the rope a dope
    the soap, we spoke
    becuase that’s what couples do
    share things
    even though it’s kind of gross
    that’s love, yes
    that’s what we’ve become
    just right then before we fall asleep
    good night
    pleasant dreams
    don’t sleep too long.

    By Matty M. on 05.10.2013

  17. When I was in kindergarten, we were all taking showers and a boy yelled out, “There isn’t anymore soup.” And everyone went quiet trying to figure out why anyone would need soup in a toilet. Turns out, he had mispronounced “soap”. We all had a good laugh because of that. ^_^

    By Stephanie Jennifer on 05.10.2013

  18. How can people nowadays still use these huge bars of solid soap ? So difficult to hold, so slippery when wet, and so heavy you could break a toe if you let it go… Give shower gel a chance !

    By odhran on 05.10.2013

  19. soap is slick. ooz-y, bubbly, clean-y. what is there to say about it? not much. it’s quite a wonderful invention. i don’t know… you’d be stinky without it. that’s not pleasant at all.

    By C on 05.10.2013

  20. I finish scrubbing the soap off my hands, dreading leaving the privacy of the bathroom. What must they think of me now that they know the truth? I open the bathroom door, without my wig on.
    Clapping is the only noise I hear.

    By Aka on 05.10.2013

  21. Soap is one of those inventions that you can really put your hands in the air and say wow! This gift to mankind is something that is worth shouting about. What would you do without a bar of soap after a week of confinement.

    By victor URL on 05.10.2013

  22. I use soap. More often, I use bodywash. I really only use soap to wash my hands. And even then it’s not generally a bar of soap. Dove soap bars are usually the best.

    By Matthew on 05.10.2013

  23. Slippery and white

    It is my only means of cleanliness tonight

    Let the water run down

    Let my soarness and sweat drown

    By Cody Silveira on 05.10.2013

  24. bubbles, bath, clean, shower, hands, rinse, wash, car wash, dirty, cleanliness,

    By Kayleigh URL on 05.10.2013

  25. It is used in the shower. It can be in the form of a bar or in a bottle. It can come in many different scents that vary from flowers to fruit. Also it can be in different colors. It can be slippery and fall out of your hands.

    By Ashlee on 05.10.2013

  26. rinsing you from my body, my guilt will drain into the plumbing
    i cannot get the bitter taste of you out of my mouth, your sting from my eyes.

    By shewhohears on 05.10.2013

  27. I turned the faucet on as hot as i could. I waited. Impatiently. I needed to wash my hands. I could practically feel the microscopic germs eating away at my skin, infecting and destroying every precious skin cell. I lathered on one, two, three pumps on anti-bacterial soap.

    By Katie Rose on 05.10.2013

  28. I step in the shower water pouring down filling the room with steam. As I step in and my body warms I grab the soap, which slips out of my hand to the floor of the shower. I bend down to get the bar and fall hitting my head on the floor and passing out.

    By KS URL on 05.10.2013

  29. i like taking showers. I use soap to clean my body. I like body soaps that sell good. In the kitchen my mom has soap at the sink so we can clean our hands. She usually buys the lemon sented soap or the foaming soap. i like going to bed bath and beyond because they have a lot of soap.

    By AC URL on 05.10.2013

  30. I use this almost everyday, i say almost because i dont always take a shower im being honest. its not disgusting its just some days if i dont do much i dont need a shower. anyway my mom buys dove soap, its green and and i like the soap. what really gets me mad is when i get in the shower and there is no soap left, im already wet and i have to now get out and get another one.

    By Tyler Kosiktrg on 05.10.2013

  31. I really don’t’ know what soap is….why do we use it? it seems like a pointless substance of nothing…and what is with cow poop….isn’t soap from cow linings or something weird…soap is such a weird word too….it sounds like a row boat and poop but a sock and soup….soup, I like soup.

    By Heather on 05.10.2013

  32. Soap is the easiest way to clean yourself. It is delightful, often fragrant and does it’s job. Which is more than I can say for myself. All in all, this is a fun exercise. Even if it started with soap. And i don’t have much to say on soap. Really.

    By Robbie John on 05.10.2013

  33. I tried to wash away my worries. I got into the shower, picked up the soap, and my mind wandered. I thought about endless possibilities in the shower. I thought about my past, my present, my future. It was the only place I felt at peace. I could think about all these things without feeling out in the open. I was alone, enclosed. As I continued to think, I soaked up the warm water. Alone at last.

    By Amanda on 05.10.2013

  34. I love soap. It cleans you daily to make you spiffy. There is soap everywhere, in the shower, by the sink, in the kitchen. Without soap we would be spreading sickness everywhere. Soap is probably one of the best ideas that does not get as much attention as it should. It keeps every one of us safe from nasty bacteria. There are so many smells and scents.

    By TF on 05.10.2013

  35. Don’t drop the soap is a common term used in prisons. Can you imagine being in jail and someone wanting you as their bitch? Its like that part in Austin powers when there in the jail and there are two guys dressed as women with mops on their heads.

    By Lindsey on 05.10.2013

  36. soap. soap. soap. soap. soap. soap. soap. soap. soap. soap.

    By ilikesoap URL on 05.10.2013

  37. prison! Soap happens in prison. It also happens in fight club. Ergo, prison = fight club. clean, clean fun. let’s go to jail.

    By what on 05.10.2013

  38. I took the bar in my hand. It was green and smelled of pine needles and lemon, it smelled fresh. I sat up and took my dripping black bottomed foot in my left hand and scrubbed my foot with the soap with the other. How did my feet get to black you ask, well, that’s another story.

    By Amanda on 05.10.2013

  39. soap is sometimes smelly but sometimes odorless and sometimes its extremely cleansing i guess its always cleansing but its sometimes like anti bacterial like detol or whatever it’s called. i like liquid soap because its more fun and doesnt make your skin all squeeky and hard which i dont like about

    By samwow on 05.10.2013

  40. Clean and smooth. It smelled like my auntie and her lake house, the one with the porch and the quiet, sleepy dog out front. She would come out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on her apron, trying to figure out what she was going to do next. She would call our names, each with more demanding spirit than the last and tell us that we had to come to the kitchen or else our dessert would be sent to the dogs.

    By emily on 05.10.2013