May 10th, 2013 | 156 Entries

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156 Entries for “loom”

  1. it creeps in
    the giant shadow of our
    a time of light and
    star-gazed love
    now swallowed by the
    leering beast of

    By Charlotte URL on 05.11.2013

  2. In a tower, in a castle, on a hill, there was a loom. Everyone knew why it was there–the old story, of the girl who could spin gold, had spread like wildfire. Years later, it hadn’t quite died out–girls far and wide were tested in schools; “do you have the power?” “Is it you?” “Look at her hair, if it’s not her, I’ll skin myself.”

    By T. Ramachandran on 05.11.2013

  3. is a tree that dances all the time and when people come and touch the loom they dance forever and cant stop anymore, and when other people come, all people fall in love with him/her and his/her dancing, so that in the end(of course there is no end) all people are fallen in love with each other

    By sabina URL on 05.11.2013

  4. This thought always seem to loom deep within my mind.

    By A False Terl URL on 05.11.2013

  5. Danger was just around the corner in the alleyway.I had my gun drawn.

    By A False Terl URL on 05.11.2013

  6. An invention for an old time. No one I know uses one nowadays. I have always wanted to feel the strings between my fingers, and touch the wood of the structure. There’s one thing about buying clothes from the shops, but completely another to make something of your own. It always makes a difference.

    By Natalie URL on 05.11.2013

  7. Moon, mool, loom. no can’t stop because if something looms over you, then it will be like a fingernail growing back crooked. And looming, what does that actually look like anyway? Like a shadow that drenches you because the sun is hidden, soapy and ink like, or like a dodge man in a coat, pointy 40’s hat and crooked finger directed at you, saying, it’s your fault, it’s your fault, it’s your fault.

    By nytrist URL on 05.11.2013

  8. I loomed over the body of my dead brother, unable to speak. Why did he have to leave so early? He was twenty-one. He was the only idol I had in this god-forbidden world. I just have to put my head up high and

    By Austin Edington on 05.11.2013

  9. An ominous cloud looms in the distant, silently promising a tempest for the coming night. Hours later the terrifying boom of thunder wakes me from a fitful sleep.

    By JP West URL on 05.11.2013

  10. My eyes squint against the sun as I place a figure looming in the distance: wiry, skeletal, a simple face. A figure I recognise. Wielding a lit cigarette raised to chapped lips, taking a long drag and exhaling a murky cover of smoke, doubling as a source of concealment.
    Our teacher runs up to you and tells you to put it out and you walk back and you catch your reflection in the gleam of my glasses and wink.

    By EloquentSmoker URL on 05.11.2013

  11. The dark highway sped by his car as he raced along the forest. He was still miles from his destination, and there was much to do upon his arrival. The trees loomed out above the road, seeming almost to reach into his thoughts and pull from him the anxiety he held.

    By Elijah URL on 05.11.2013

  12. today feels sad and over lacking
    need a broom to sweep the corner
    and the problems i have been facing
    no room
    its just loom

    By Diesel McClain URL on 05.11.2013

  13. everyday im shadowed by the problems i seem to pay for
    that I didnt cause because i was your loss
    and now I weeping on the floor
    time to shine settle the score
    dont forget my game
    Loom leads me to fame

    By Diesel McClain URL on 05.11.2013

  14. The rain thundered on my skin with unrelenting force, seeping into my clothes and tangling my hair. It only obscured my vision even more, with my glasses lost on the gravel and the darkness hanging overhead. The house loomed in front of me, looking every bit as uninviting as it had the night before, and the night before that; heavy blackout curtains hung closed in every window and dirt had begun to turn the once white bricks to a ghastly grey.

    Gulping down the familiar unsettled feeling, I wiped the make-up running under my eyes away and pushed the dark locks of hair from my face, taking strong steps to try and make myself feel braver. As always, the door creaked open when I reached the ornate porch, and I looked into the dusk shrouded corridor with a feeling of dread.

    By Rachel URL on 05.11.2013

  15. Danger loomed as I continued trudging forward. My steps hastened and I started running. I didn’t know why. I didn’t have a reason. I just kept running, kept moving forward. It was too late to turn back.

    I had fallen in love with her.

    By Nyan on 05.11.2013

  16. he loomed over her dead body at the crime scene. something called to him, he didn’t know what. but he had a feeling he knew her. the sight of her reminded him of his mother’s unfortunate death

    By Chelsea URL on 05.11.2013

  17. I felt tired. I loomed over my bed as the clock stroke 1am. Part of me told myself I need to get some rest. The other part me didn’t. I felt sick. Disgusted with my actions. How could I have done that to him. Why? What was my motive?

    By Chelsea URL on 05.11.2013

  18. darkness seems to be every where, just looming over head ready to strike at any moment.

    By sarah on 05.11.2013

  19. i’m not actually sure what loom is but i’m sure it’s quite an interesting word. so yesterday i put clothes on my dog and took a bunch of pictures of her. it was really hilarious. i also had a bad day yesterday so that helped a lot. okay so i’m not sure when this’ll end… but bye!

    By Alyssa M on 05.11.2013

  20. sewing in downtown London fat people get clothes that aren’t quite they’re sizes and they get upset because of how badly and tightly these newly knit and loomed clothes fit them. This causes large riots of very large people who attack Parliament. They get funky with it and decide that this is all too exhausting

    By Travis on 05.11.2013

  21. the darkness loomed in the atmosphere. His eyes were piercing her soul and left a mark that she couldn’t erase form her skin, leaving a sinking feeling

    By AnnaLeBelle on 05.11.2013

  22. it’s a shadow, a spirit that hovers above me, its unfinished business preventing it from fleeting into the atmosphere, into the ether…

    By sonicspider on 05.11.2013

  23. When darkness and sadness looms over you, just know that I’ll always be here for you.

    By Nyan on 05.11.2013

  24. Spin me a web of tales and fortunes
    From the loom of fate and time,
    Build me a dream to set my sights on
    From a place filled with guile and rhyme,
    Let me embrace the stars during the day
    And say goodnight to the dawn,
    The night is the blackness and light of my soul,
    It keeps me journeying on.

    By Siege URL on 05.11.2013

  25. Its what people make rugs out of right? Though it kind of sounds horrible to. Fear is looming over me. It hurts my mind and my eyes. The exams are looming over me. Oh no.

    By Eleanna on 05.11.2013

  26. the dark goblet underneath the water gleamed in the moonlight. He stood on the bridge and wondered how many other men carrying burdens upon their shoulders had started at that goblet before him.

    By Eden Leslie on 05.11.2013

  27. there was something in the loom. It was magic and the fabrics that it brought together made the person they were built for succeed. This was a magical loom that had no limits and only one price. Shame.

    By Shannon on 05.11.2013

  28. the sunflower did not know of
    anything but the sun
    it spent all its time looking up
    at greatness
    satisfied, if not happy.

    it could not see its leaves withering,
    the aphids gnawing
    at its underbellies; it could not hear
    the footsteps of its gardener
    brandishing shears.

    it could not feel its brethren getting cut
    at the ankles,
    betrayed and bouqueted.

    it never found out that the sun
    was no savior,
    that bright things were full of cowardice,
    having never been in the dark.
    it did not know it had been left
    for dead.

    i did not want to know.
    i did not want to know.

    By h. b. URL on 05.11.2013

  29. Derek loomed over Maria’s shoulder, watching the computer screen flash in horrid colors. The news was streaming and they were watching the coverage of the shooting down the street. The family that lived there was the nicest ever. Maria could not remember many times the mother

    By skullsareredandblue URL on 05.11.2013

  30. the loom was broken, broken into pieces. the shattered wood was thrown about the floor in an uneven pattern, like a child had just thrown a tantrum. it was the remains of a family, the remains of what had been clumsily sewn together. the loom was irreparable, and so were they.

    By Ella on 05.11.2013

  31. everything I look at and walk through, its just a daze. a loom. a foggy world. i cant see, i cant feel anything, its a very weird sensation. i cant breathe almost. its too much. oh my gosh, im suffocating, its collapsing around me. its taking me from this world. i cant,
    i cant do it, im dying. im done. im leaving. this loom, this fog, this room of nothing is engulfing me. its almost done. one more second, oh my god. im dead.

    By Manon L. URL on 05.11.2013

  32. The looming, ominous shadow kept the children in a constant state of shock. They knew not what to do, or how to behave. All they knew was that they were scared; nobody was going to save them.

    By Niki Wezensky on 05.11.2013

  33. i have no idea what that word means… i’m spanish. sounds like something cows do but backwards, like… MOO!… and then someone shuts the cow’s mouth with his hand and there comes the L.

    By San Bridges on 05.11.2013

  34. looming over me, the fear of it
    the fear of discrimination
    the fear of judgment
    walking up those stairs,
    is my heart beating from the walk or the fear?
    the pressure that looms
    like a dark shadow over my head

    By miranda-rosa on 05.11.2013

  35. what does loom mean? i’ve never heard this word before in my life. it’s mool backwards. although, i dont think mool is a word. I will use this sometime on scrabble in the near future once i know what it means. I’m guessing it has something to do with wool. or the moon. but backwards…… ish. please describe to me what this word, “loom” means.

    By Leah on 05.11.2013

  36. I took a deep breath and looked up at the tower looming over me. Vines crawled up the sides, drilling holes into the already weary stone that constructed the tower, and I could see birds’ nests nestled among the hungry vegetation. A small smile touched my lips for a moment; those birds must feel like the Gods of the world, looking over the entire valley from their small perches.

    By Evelynn URL on 05.11.2013