May 8th, 2013 | 190 Entries

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190 Entries for “simplify”

  1. for a while now i’ve been trying to cut things out of my life, to take time on the weekend to lay in the sun. it hasn’t gone so well. i always find a way to pack more into the down time. maybe it’s better that way. maybe it’s what i actually want.

    By nathan carson URL on 05.09.2013

  2. It wasn’t enough just to simplify. I found there were many more things involved.

    By gary on 05.09.2013

  3. Making your life more manageable. Finding joy in simple things. Knowing that money doesn’t buy happiness. Finding the core.

    By Angela on 05.09.2013

  4. Break down
    Make it easier for you,
    I’ll simplify my 6 by two
    into three
    three left and three to go
    really fast and super slow
    on the way to see the show
    but i simply dont have
    any tickets.

    By Colton Adrian URL on 05.09.2013

  5. it would help if you simplify your statement. i’m not sure what you mean. in fact, i often have trouble understanding the complex string of words that often spout out of your mouth. is that for the sake of seeming intelligent? or are you just trying to stump me?

    By l on 05.09.2013

  6. Simplify, he says, and the world sighs around him. The muzziness fades. The static clears. He watches the universe rearrange itself atom by atom–a restless shifting, a rebuilding, a restarting. Simplified. The new lines and colours excite him.

    By Zee URL on 05.09.2013

  7. simple, basic, root, to make it easy for someone to understand about it. In maths it means less that what you have, diversion.

    By Eve on 05.09.2013

  8. He couldn’t really think about the enormity of the situation. He just had to strip it down, simplify it so that he could push the concept through his brain. His coffin shone in the bright sunlight, and he was just glad that he couldn’t see his pale face inside.

    By Maddy URL on 05.09.2013

  9. The thoughts racing through Saralie’s head screamed for her to count (count, count), check (is the burner on? is the burner on? is the burner on?), clean (1, 2, 3 types of disinfectant on the bathroom vanity). Repeat, repeat, repeat. Her therapist told her to meditate, to simplify her mind. As if it could be so simple (simple, simple).

    By Kate Lapin URL on 05.09.2013

  10. I wish life can be simplified. I wish my life was be simplified to the life of a duck in a pond. Or a child’s life up to the age of 6 or 7. Why don’t people simplify their lives and not take offense to everything? Let go, it’s healthier. Simplify.

    By Rasha O'Connell on 05.09.2013

  11. It’s life. It’s everything I do and seek to create. Items are things made of matter, personless, with no traits to actually attribute to them. They are things. Things add up in our lives physically, maybe we have a place to put them. Things add up emotionally and we falsely believe they are important.

    By Josh URL on 05.09.2013

  12. Simplify, easier said than done. The complications of everyday life are what makes our life so rich and full. Sure we complain, there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it. But to simplify, to do less and complain less, would cause us to miss out on too much. To simplify or not to simplify?

    By JP West URL on 05.09.2013

  13. take me and undo me. arrest me, break me, redo me. fix, mix, get in the kicks. allow, disavow, give me the bow and arrow to hit my target.

    By lee on 05.09.2013

  14. To minimalise. We need simplification in our lives. We do. Our lives are so complicated by minor issues and arguments and other relationships that we don’t stop and think about things that are simple. things that are right in front of us the whole time.

    By Nergiz on 05.09.2013

  15. John killed his wife to simplify his life. at least that’s what he told the police.
    He said:
    “From decorating the livingroom to love making., everything just had to be perfect to please her!” His face tightened in angre. His voice was firm and loud.
    “could’t you had just left her? maybe get a divorce?” the intterogating officer. Fitz Newman asked.
    Fitz’s pale face was even more colorless. He studied John intently.
    It just didn’t add up. Fitz thought. But he did remeber the body of Monika Bayers. There she was sitting on the sofa when the police arrived. her long, thick hair was the first thing which had caught Fitz’s attention. He would never forget that look or rather, the lack of it on her face. Her face was bent forward. there was an old landline telephone sitting contently on her lap. John had simpy come up from behindand strangled her.
    her eyes were bulging, not so much as in horror, but rather as if she was surprised that this was the end. This was Fitz’s greatest fear, dying when you didn’t see it coming. Dying

    By sandra y. lowe URL on 05.09.2013

  16. we need to simplify our lives. strip back the layers of superficiality, complexity, technology and all the other ie’s that make shit complicated. It’s time to put our feet up and greet our toes with the wonderment of a newborn child. It’s time to simplify, wonder and marvel at the space beneath our nose.

    By Amy on 05.09.2013

  17. I wish that I could simplify my life. My mind is always filled with so many wonders, struggles, frustrations, questions. I wish that I could take all of those pieces and cut them down. I know that all of these unsimplified parts of my life will grow to a greater outcome, but how do I get there?

    By Malary Ruesch on 05.09.2013

  18. Simplify is a very difficul skill. Many of mexican people construct a very ellaborated situations.
    for example we give a lot of explanations when we fail

    By can on 05.09.2013

  19. “I don’t get it!” I exclaim into the darkness, it makes no sense. I don’t want to be alone anymore. I want someone else here to tell me what to do, to simplify things for me. It’s his fault, all his fault

    By Ella-Belle URL on 05.09.2013

  20. We need to simplify life and try to get in touch with our inner spirit!

    By Momo URL on 05.09.2013

  21. To simply my life, I have lowered the amount of clutter, the amount of things I have around me. I find that I am happier with fewer things, happier to the point that I declutter more and give things away almost every month. I would love to live in a house where I could simplify the whole place by making it cleaner, with more space unencumbered by stuff.

    By Kea Giles URL on 05.09.2013

  22. The teacher wanted his student to simplify his story to the class, so it will be easier for the class to understand.

    By Connor Dillon on 05.09.2013

  23. you hate me
    less than i
    hate myself.

    i consider that
    a victory,

    By h. b. URL on 05.09.2013

  24. retract, react, simply
    Indeed the words suck the complexity from the sight,
    but within the cradle of little words lies the demon of oblivion.
    Forgetfulness crouches in the cavity of letters.
    The loss of textual memory gives way to the universe of this, that and the other.
    Simplify the core, and the extremities of your reality will follow.

    By koolaiddx URL on 05.09.2013

  25. Shrink until there is a mere speck. Microwave an empty bag of chips. Chop, divide, eat – get rid of all unnecessary things. Don’t bare so much to the extent that you can’t fully appreciate what it is that you have.

    By Dan Appel on 05.09.2013

  26. I just want to simplify my life. Get rid of all of the things that I don’t need. I collect dozens of things – anime DVDs, manga, stickers, stuffed animals and the list goes on. When I die, I know no one is going to want to pick up the pieces I leave behind. It’ll just be a mess. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but in this case, my treasure is just going to be one big trash pile. Things do not make people happy, despite the illusions money brings us. As a result, I can’t understand people who tell me they wish to be buried with their possessions like some egotistical pharaoh.

    By Sarah-chan URL on 05.09.2013

  27. Simplify mean to put something into better terms, for example it’s hard to simplify a relationships, because relationships aren’t exactly simple.

    By Taylor P on 05.09.2013

  28. I wish I could break down my body to the very last cell of my being. I would abandon my electricty, my indoor plumping, and my fridge for a chance at living on my own. Just me, my axe, and my gun. I would grow, or kill, my food. I want to simply, live as man was intended to…Without help, without influence…Simple.

    By Chris on 05.09.2013

  29. I wish eveything could be simple. I want a simple life, a simple job and a simple me. But will I be happy with just simple.

    By Shanna URL on 05.09.2013

  30. To simplify something, it has to be made so that a child could comprehend it. Most things in life are not simple though, they are complex and confusing, and hard to understand. That is why children are the most pure things in the universe, because to them everything must be simple. The older we get, the more envious we become of that need, and the more complicated things become as we reach out towards that basic, uncomplicated life. As age and simplicity push away from one another human nature is to draw them back together until we no longer feel the need to search for answers, seek quiet happiness, and live our lives without burden. Finally, at the end of our lives, we find this simple quiet we’ve been searching for our whole lives, in a velvet casket and six feet of earth.

    By Jessica Thorncroft URL on 05.09.2013