June 2nd, 2014 | 191 Entries

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191 Entries for “sly”

  1. She was as sly as a fox. She went into the house and killed him, so quickly and quietly that no one in the house had heard anything and were still sleeping soundly.

    By Hyo Lim on 06.03.2014

  2. The sly fox slunk along the dark alleyway. It was searching for its dinner. Anything would do. It spied a tiny mouse, scuttling along further ahead, and it carefully pattered forward, ready to strike. Unfortunately for the fox, a cat pounced from out of nowhere, carrying the mouse away with one swipe.

    By MissKerryH on 06.03.2014

  3. Sly as the fox, fast as the wind, he stole the treasure and fled from the country.

    By Sheryar on 06.03.2014

  4. she had a very sly attitude towards everyone. Nobody knows why, but we all think that it’s just the way she is. She’s a mysterious person, she likes tricking people and can be very sneaky and likes to lie. I can tell when she lies to the teachers and the other students too.

    By sorfina on 06.03.2014

  5. A sly smile spread across Deshi’s face, his almond eyes glittering with mischief.
    “What’s the matter?” He asked, tossing the younger boy a brick, “never broke a window before?”
    “N-not on purpose.” Bo whimpered, clumsily catching it in both arms.
    “Well get a move on, we haven’t got all night.” Deshi smirked, crossing both arms against his chest and leaning nonchalantly against the building. He watched Bo gulp, steeling himself. Deshi almost felt bad for the Fledgling. Almost. He hadn’t been shown any mercy during the Trials and neither would Bo. The Flock was only as strong as the Hawks. And to become a Hawk you had to-
    “Break the damn window, Bo.”

    By Andi URL on 06.03.2014

  6. Slim shady and sly stone, ad rock and jimmy the j sid, sexy beast and dash, they all came around and rubbed the earth on their fists, metal rings dangling from their arched brows.

    By Zahra Aamer on 06.03.2014

  7. he was very sly
    so sly she didn’t notice
    he stole her heart completely with no warning
    swept in, stole, and left
    and the worst part was that she didn’t even know if he loved her when he stole it
    or if it was out of boredom

    By Brittany on 06.03.2014

  8. The fox is regarded as the slyest creature, but that is not true. The fish is honestly the slyest of them all. He tricks us into thinking he’s dumb. All he does is “blub”. But what is he really thinking about? Mass murder.

    By Isabelle on 06.03.2014

  9. If you wouldn’t be so sly, I would not have said: “BYE”!

    By Krys on 06.03.2014

  10. he smiled at me with his grin and I knew I would never leave that bedside. I knew that even if I wanted to I wouldn’t. Because something snuck in behind desire and hooked me for good. Something he set loose with that smile.

    By Nicole on 06.03.2014

  11. You devil you
    sliding around the corner
    creeping past my inner defenses
    always looking for a week point
    not shy, not reluctant just coming at me
    from a different angle

    By James Foster URL on 06.03.2014

  12. Just a slip of the hand and a strategic swipe down the back. She was all his, smiling an electric white. “Man…” gasped Freddie in admiration. “Joe-Joe is just one sly mother fucker.”

    By asavas on 06.03.2014

  13. Sly…

    At first I thought this was “seriously” I hate it when people text you shortened forms of words that just look stupid.


    By Klynn on 06.03.2014

  14. She gave him a sly look. He didn’t know what she could possibly be trying to tell him. He’d never been able to read people’s faces. He wanted to help, but what on earth did that look mean?

    By Caysee URL on 06.03.2014

  15. Sly delusions of grandeur. Deceitful in the way they make you feel whole. Complete. A total package. But if you were complete, perfect even, why would you need such day dreams? Wake up. Clap, clap. The illusion of power and perfection is not your throne.

    By Intuition on 06.03.2014

  16. Everybody is, when one needs to be. They drop the gowns of fairness and bring out the selfish dominants from themselves. But me? I’m dumb, never sly. But better for sure.

    By Ammar on 06.04.2014

  17. oh oh – too early again! Already covered sly……….

    By Alexandra on 06.04.2014

  18. I share my pain in the slyest of ways. Deep between the one-liners I hide the fullest meanings.

    By t URL on 06.04.2014

  19. She was sly as a fox, and I was hooked and just could not break the circle of bondage that sought to destroy me.

    By victor URL on 06.04.2014

  20. On dangerous night of fox’s flight, hounds boomed for hunter’s light.
    Sly was the fox, weaving and leaping, leaving trails of deceit.
    “Hounds gone mad!” Bellowed the Irish lad, as he chased the culprit of the seven dead hens.
    Around circles and circles the hounds had led, the poor Irish lad, almost losing his head.
    Victorious; the sly fox pranced in pride, his den he had found: now to abide, safety found once again under the treacherous sky.

    By Jose on 06.04.2014

  21. He was sly as a fox. He was attempting to lure me in, but I wasn’t going to have it. Suddenly, he swept me up with his light, tan arms. The urge was just too great. I gave in, and was immediately loved, loved by someone I had known for not even two minutes.

    By Scmidaldhaven Guptra III on 06.04.2014

  22. She was a sly girl, but not in the way you would expect. Many people called her sly like a fox but I new that wasn’t entirely accurate. She was sly like something else, like that little kid I met at my nephews birthday party. “What is your name?” He asked me. “Steven” I told him. “But how do you know?”

    She was sly like that kid.

    By vince URL on 06.04.2014

  23. The sly fox went to the little piggy and stole his apples. The piggy was in aw seeing the fox do such a think. The piggy notified the local forest rangers and they handled the situation judicially. The fox was sentenced to a thirty year jail penalty and was banished from the forest. The pig lived happily ever after knowing that he wouldn’t have to face the horrible fears of being a victim again.

    By Harrison Menaker on 06.04.2014

  24. Well I guess I can do this, she thought. In her clutch, she felt for the taser. After sticking her head around the corner and seeing his back disappear through the door, however, her confidence wavered. He was so far ahead of her and she was in heels. God dammit, she thought, of all the days to wear heels.

    By Beka URL on 06.04.2014

  25. She was not being herself. She was sneaking around teh corner to find out what was actually happening down the hall. All she could hear was yelling and slamming of doors. When she looked around the corner, she was caught by a teacher, THe teacehrws

    By Stephanie on 06.04.2014

  26. Sly poured himself another orange juice. It tasted like morning, curtains closed, and oatmeal on the stove, bubbling up. It tasted like Callie was still here, moving about the kitchen, telling him to drink his o.j.

    It tasted like days that would never come again. He shoved it off the table and let the glass break.

    By RS Bohn URL on 06.04.2014

  27. The sly cat lurked in the corner of the dark alleyway. It was fierce when it came to stealing food from dumpsters, as it was thin as a fence, yet it was soft and generous when people where around, probably trying to convince them to bring him home.

    By lizzie URL on 06.04.2014

  28. The fox runs in the forest, searching for prey. Being very quiet and sly.

    By Jared G on 06.04.2014

  29. The was a fox. He was a very smart fox. This fox was able to creep along the bushes with out being seen. He had no obstacles. He scared little girls by stealing their candy and out-clevered bears by jumping behinds them; they always jumped out of their skin.

    By Allie D on 06.04.2014

  30. Sneaky, sly, careful. Like a fox, she convinced her parents to take her to six flags with her friend.

    By Ava Cison URL on 06.04.2014

  31. Matt is super sly. One day he slyed his way out of a sly situation. What he did was beautiful. He out slyed the sly snake of sly woods. He slyed him out of the woods and now Matt Lezzzottte now lives in the woods.

    By David on 06.04.2014

  32. On the very north side of the swamp, where the grass never grows, was a sly eel. Slippery like a wet cold piece of ice.

    By Maddie A. on 06.04.2014

  33. The hunter is hunted
    the killer is killed
    the thief is stolen from

    By Alex on 06.04.2014

  34. The fox saw a bunny it was hopping with joy. When ever the fox came by the bunny he was not safe. The foxes nickname was sly fox. He was a sneaky fox he could get anything in his sight. He would eat it and know one would see.

    By Rachel Beck on 06.04.2014

  35. He moved quickly. Very deliberately. Almost too quick. He slipped into the crack. He attempted to find the place. The place where it all began.

    He saw the people that committed the atrocity. They were heartless, evil killers. The boy hated this.

    By Alex B on 06.04.2014

  36. The sly creature sneaked slowly into the real world.
    Sly is the sheer awesomeness of movement and thought.
    Sly is ultimately triumphant.

    By Gab on 06.04.2014

  37. you could never trust him. never. he could use your skepticism against you. and your openness, and your trust and your love. a card up every sleeve and pant leg. why we even wanted to be with him again was a mystery.

    By Lee on 06.04.2014

  38. eyes darting from one side to the other, wild, a circus to watch, but not able to watch anything themselves, as the world going by was too much to observe when trying to hide from it. It was a crime, there was no shying from that. Being invisible the only option.

    By Daisy King on 06.04.2014

  39. Lou Helerii tidak akan pernah bisa diam-diam menyelinap keluar dari Kabin Hermes lagi. Terlebih ketika di tengah perjalanan Turner selalu mencegahnya, menggenggam tangannya lalu menyeret dara Helerii itu menuju Puncak Zeus untuk menatap bintang bersama.

    By manda on 06.04.2014

  40. This is the same word as yesterday. It was a word that I am thinking about later. I went grocery shopping and I left the heavy water bottles under my cart meaning to tell the lady I had them but then forgot when it got to my turn. After paying and heading to my car I noticed them. I could have went back but chose not to. It has been eating me away ever since.

    By shellan on 06.04.2014