June 1st, 2014 | 94 Entries

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94 Entries for “gamer”

  1. “It’s just a game,” she said glaring straight into (and through) my eyes, i couldn’t believe it. she was here falling away in my arms, and i was crying

    By kani on 06.02.2014

  2. he was a gamer
    she was a lover of books
    they both loved each other
    more than their first loves of things which they never thought anybody could make them feel differently perfect in a different stream of conciousness
    feel as perfect as they did laying next to each other on the grass, looking at the clouds hidden identities
    she read with him
    and he gamed with her
    taught her all of his favourite songs, too
    and she taught him hers
    it was a beautiful thing
    such a beautiful thing
    they held each others hands
    lightly across each others fingers they would skim
    skim like the pages in her book
    and it was nothing like they have ever known before

    By Brittany on 06.02.2014

  3. What can really be said about him. He lived at home, with his mother, and he was a self proclaimed gamer. She had a simple 3 strike system and with that simple sentence he was out. But was he really, could she make an exception?

    By felicia on 06.02.2014

  4. Dark room, bright screen.
    Shouts ensue, yet there’s no response.
    Many frown upon them,
    but it seems they’re the only ones happy.

    By Lexi on 06.02.2014

  5. “I am game,” VanDyne said. “I am far gamer than you. I am the gamest man I know, and I will whup your ass at this game. Just name the time and the place and the game, and I will bring the beers and I will whup your ass, Stern.”

    By mrsmig on 06.02.2014

  6. an oblivion of wasted time and forgotten hours. no track of time, who cares. i think this is a stupid word. Why don’t

    By Kayla on 06.02.2014

  7. He laughed at her and caught sight of two bluebirds flying down the road beside them outside the bistro. She asked him if he played many games. No, he said. Did she? Her smile was treacherous and lovely.

    By DMM URL on 06.02.2014

  8. My boyfriend is a gamer. I don’t really get it, but he is so adorable when he plays video games. Sometimes I watch, if the game isn’t too scary. Right now he’s obsessed with Batman Arkham City; I like to watch him play. But sometimes I get sad, because him and all his friends have a bunch of inside jokes and stories that revolve around videos games, and then I’m always left out because I don’t understand what they’re talking about.

    By Annick on 06.02.2014

  9. Ugh. I wish he would pay attention to me instead of that goddamn computer all the time. This is why I’m banging someone else. Someone who knows what he’s doing, to boot. Poor thing has no idea, sitting in the glow of his computer screen like he has me back.

    By April on 06.02.2014

  10. I grew up on Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, Gameboy. I grew up playing Super Mario bros. Pyro, Halo, Pokemon. I’ve put in hours and hours of my time on video games; it’s practically in my nature.

    So how come I wasn’t able to realize that you were playing me?

    By Andrea on 06.02.2014

  11. She was a gamer. A full out gamer. She loved Call of Duty, Skyrim- anything. It didn’t matter to her what others thought. She didn’t care about them at all, because she had her games to console her. After school, on the weekends, she played video games all the time.

    By Sara on 06.02.2014

  12. The dice roll and she moves her game piece. “Your move,” she says.
    “Can we play something else?” I ask.
    “You asked to play, don’t stop just because you’re losing.”

    By Peter Wester on 06.02.2014

  13. “I’m calculating coordinates right now,” Rory announces, attacking the keyboard, his eyes alight from the monitor. The screens around us shift and brighten as if on they’re own, displaying maps with red dots and series of encryption codes I don’t have the time to even absorb before they are processed by Rory. Carrie comes up close to me and hisses, “He’s really good with computers, huh?” I suppress a laugh for the sake of his focus. “One of the best,” I whisper back.

    “So…he wasn’t joking- like trying to impress me or something?” I push away Will’s words of a dumb blonde quickly from my mind. “Um…no- I mean, yes. He has.”

    There’s a ping and we all look up. “I got it a hit!” Rory beams, swiveling around in his chair. “Not your ordinary gamer-boy,” Rory tilts his head forward, eyeing her above his rectangular glasses.

    By Alibay on 06.02.2014

  14. “I’ll show you.” And she does, all but wrenching the DS from his grip and breezing through the first few menus until she finally reaches the character slots. “Okay, now you pick.” Kageyama hasn’t moved his hands since she pulled it away, so the device fits nicely in his hold again. The space between his brows immediately scrunches. “I can chose anyone, right?”

    “Yeah, but don’t pick her.” A chubby finger pokes the corner of the screen. “I’m always her!”

    “Natsu!” Hinata scowls from behind the couch. “Let Kageyama pick whoever he wants…”

    “Not my princess!”

    “I doubt he wants to be a princess, okay?”

    “You never know! Maybe he does!”

    Kageyama doesn’t choke at that. Instead he focuses on the screen and makes a off-handed choice. “Okay, I picked.”

    Natsu inspects his selection and makes a pinched face. “He stiiinks, why him? Well, it’s okay, it’s your first time!”

    Hinata definitely chokes behind him. “Y-Yeah, Kageyama, it’s your first time-”

    Natsu sits back and watches things unfold- that being a pillow flying across the room, and her dumb big brother attempting to dodge it.

    By kristen on 06.02.2014